Bob Marley Locs: Caring for Your Locs Like Bob Marley Did

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Bob Marley Locs Caring for Your Locs Like Bob Marley Did

Bob Marley’s music and his signature dreadlocks have inspired countless style enthusiasts and fans around the world. Many people aspire to keep their locks healthy and strong, while also trying to achieve the same iconic look as Bob Marley.

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However, to achieve this, it’s crucial to draw inspiration from Bob Marley’s method of hair growth and care.

The Jamaican Musician, Bob Marley, may have passed away over four decades ago, but his cultural impact and musical legacy remain a source of inspiration to people all over the world. 

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One notable aspect of Bob Marley is that he maintained an extraordinary mane of iconic dreadlocks. They were a symbol of his Rastafarian faith and his African heritage.

Marley chose not to cut his hair throughout his life, and as a result, his natural dreadlocks became an emblem of his music and his easy going attitude to life.

In this article, you’ll discover the tips and techniques of cultivating and caring for locs like Bob Marley, so you can achieve a powerful and legendary look. 

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The Bob Marley’s Way: What You Need to Know About Locs 

Locs are also called dreadlocks. It’s a hairstyle that involves letting your hair grow naturally into rope-like strands that are long and intertwined together. 

Bob Marley Locs

The term” dreadlocks” was negatively used by colonizers to describe the hair of enslaved Africans. Meanwhile, it’s also used to refer to the Rastafarian style of locs that Bob Marley made famous. 

As legendary as locs may look, they are not nurtured simply by never washing or cutting one’s hair, as some people may think. According to Tariq Howes, a Cardiff-based expert barber, Bob Marley’s locks were not achieved overnight, but rather through a long process of growing, twisting, and allowing the hair to naturally mature over time.

Before locs are fully formed, they go through five growth phases. Let’s talk briefly about each phase.

What Are the 5 Growth Phases of Locs

Before we begin, it’s important to note that there are different ways to start dreadlocks. However, the method commonly used in the Rastafarian lifestyle is the free-form method that requires little to no manipulation.

Bob Marley Locs 2

The free-form method does not involve any starter methods such as two-strand twists, braids, wrapping, or backcombing. 

Regardless of how they are started, dreadlocks typically go through the same growth phases, which involve changes in density, weight, and length. They include: 

1. The Baby Phase 

The initial stage of locs, also known as the baby phase or starter phase, begins from the day you first twist your hair and lasts up to six months. During this phase, the locs are small in size, with clean and clear partings.

2. The Budding Phase

The budding phase starts immediately after the baby phase which is around the 6th-month mark. At this point, your locs start to puff up and the parting lines become less visible, which may require retwisting.

3. The Teenage Phase

After a year, the teenage phase begins. It’s referred to as such because it mimics the carefree nature of a typical human teenager. Although it’s also known as the ugly phase, as the locs tend to appear puffier than before, it’s possible to enhance their appearance with the use of hair accessories.

4. The Mature Phase 

In the maturity phase, your locs will continue to increase in length, density, and firmness between 15 to 18 months into the journey. They will naturally take on a new shape, so you don’t have to retwist them as frequently.

5. The Elder Phase

After eight months, the elder phase, also known as the rooted or adult phase, sets in. During this stage, the locs are of equal length and are more weighty. 

The Natural Way: Caring for Your Locs with Bob Marley-Inspired Techniques 

Proper maintenance is key to keeping dreadlocks clean and healthy. Neglecting to take care of them can result in a buildup of lint, dandruff, and product residue, which can be disastrous to your scalp. 

Bob Marley Locs 3

Additionally, improper care can lead to breakage and damage to your locs. By following the techniques inspired by Bob Marley, you’ll be amazed at how good your dreadlocks can look and feel.

Get healthy, hair just like Bob Marley.

1. Cleanse Regularly

Taking care of your dreadlocks is crucial to keeping them healthy and clean. Bob Marley’s hair care routine highlights the importance of washing your locs regularly. This involves using a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt and product buildup while preserving moisture.

When washing your locs, gently squeeze out the water and either sit under a hooded dryer or blow dry on a low heat setting to avoid damage. 

Depending on your hair type, washing every two to three weeks is recommended to keep your locs clean and healthy. And don’t worry, washing won’t cause your locs to unravel.

2. Keep Locs Moisturized 

If you want to keep your locs looking and feeling healthy, moisturize them. One way to do this is by using a specialized dread and conditioning spray, which can help to replenish moisture and prevent dryness. 

Alternatively, you can massage a moisturizing hair oil or cream into your scalp and hair, which will help to lock in moisture and promote healthy growth. 

Many natural oils, such as coconut and olive oil, are also great options for moisturizing your locs and are favored by Rastafarians like Bob Marley.

3. Protect From Damage 

It’s advisable to refrain from tight hairstyles and unnecessary pulling or tugging to prevent any damage. Bob Marley himself was known to take great care of his locs and was often seen wearing a head wrap to protect them. In the same manner, make use of a satin or silk scarf while sleeping to prevent breakage and friction. 

4. Be Mindful of Product Usage 

If you want to keep your dreadlocks healthy, it’s better to use natural hair products that don’t have chemicals in them. This way, you can avoid any buildup or residue that can harm your locs in the long run.

This was a big deal for Bob Marley, who was known for his Rastafarian beliefs and used natural products to care for his famous dreadlocks.

5. Retwist and Maintain 

It’s common for loose hair to develop at the roots as they continue to grow. To address this and maintain the neat appearance of your locs, use dread wax to roll the hair at the roots in a clockwise direction and tighten them up. 

This can make your locs look tidy and well-groomed. Bob Marley was known for his well-kept and maintained dreadlocks, and this technique may have been part of his routine.

6. Trim as Needed

You can decide to cut your locs to a desired length or keep them as long as Bob Marley’s. Also, trim them occasionally to keep them looking neat and healthy.

It’s Your Turn to rock the Bo Marley Locs

In conclusion, taking care of your locs requires effort and commitment. From the teen phase to the adult phase, your locs will go through various changes that demand different methods of care. 

It’s important to keep your hair and scalp clean, moisturized, and protected from damage. Using natural hair products and avoiding excessive manipulation can also help maintain the health of your dreadlocks.

Now, are you ready to start taking better care of your dreadlocks like the legend Bob Marley did?

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