How To Wrap Locs at Night to Have Good Sleep

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How To Wrap Locs at Night to Have Good Sleep

To get a good night’s sleep while in dread, you would need to wrap it all properly. Do go that you could decide to wrap it bun or ponytail manner with a silk scarf or for short dreads you could use a durag.

For maintenance of your locs and comfort as well, silky scarfs, bonnets, and Durags are your best options for wrapping locs at night. Dreadlocks are not like your natural hair, braids, or any other hairstyle. This is why proper wrapping of locs before going to bed is encouraged.

Now, let’s help you with the best wrapping ideas for your locs!

How to Wrap Your Locs at Night

If you just got your locs new, wrapping it at night is a great start to healthier locs. You don’t want to wake up to a frizzled bunch of dry locks. So, here are tips to keep handy when wrapping your locs.

1. Wrap With a Silky Scarf

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For proper sustenance of your locs, they should stay moist at all times, particularly an oily kind of moist. And ‘silk’ is the most recommended type of scarf for this purpose. Here’s why.

To retain that moisture, silk is the best wrap as it is not absorbent. Using a cotton or woolen covering easily sucks up this hair oil leaving your locs dry, but this isn’t the case for a silk scarf.

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And trust me, the last thing you want to do is wear locs on a dry scalp. So, stick with a silk scarf or hair tie. They come in various sizes and beautiful colors. Just get one big enough to cover your locs. 

2. Wrap with a Durag

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To begin with, here’s what a Durag looks like. Quite a familiar right? 

Durags are great for wrapping dreads especially if you’re bad at tying and knotting scarves. A Durag as you can see is structured like a cap in front with ropes for tightening it at the back. 

For proper covering, Durags would go with short locks. All the same, it can still protect your locs while you have a good night’s sleep. Also, it prevents your locs from losing their original shape. It keeps it straight up.

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For the record, it is a great combo with locs which means that it doesn’t just guarantee the comfort and preservation of your locs, you also sleep pretty as well.

3. Pack it all up in a Bun or Ponytail

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This is another fancy way of wrapping your locs. It is a better preference if you need your locs continually exposed to air. It can also suffice if you feel uncomfortable wearing either a bonnet or scarf. 

You can also utilize this option if your locs are lengthy to an extent that they can be gathered up. This is because the goal is that it is neatly and properly kept to last longer.

Here’s another thing to take note of while going for this option, Avoid holding the locs too tightly together. This is a no-no for wrapping locs. Holding it tightly can lead to breakage which isn’t a brace for locs.

4. Use Silky textured bedding

Locs and cotton aren’t compatible at all. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen whitish or other colored excesses on locs which are referred to as lint. Those are a result of its contact with any wooly or cotton material.

So, as you rock your new locs, don’t forget to change your beddings which includes your pillowcase and bed sheets. Your pillowcase most especially should be silk since that’s where you majorly place your head.

Also, this is necessary for times when you may want to sleep with your locs packed in a bun or ponytail.

How to Tie up Short Dreads at Night

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In the earlier phase, your locs are still tender and require the best care you can offer, and one of the best care for short locs is retaining their moisture. This means that you’d have to always cover your locs before sleeping.

At this stage, it is easy for your locs to get loosened, and sleeping with it while it is uncovered makes it a lot easier. Since your locs are still short, you should wear mostly bonnets and Durags.

So, here’s a helpful tip for you:

  • Before going to bed, applying a good quantity of moisturizing cream is highly recommended for locs. However, it should be applied so often, once a week should do, or you could apply it when you get dry.
  • Never wrap your short locs when they are wet! You don’t want to wake up to smelly company. Dry them out before wrapping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Durag or Bonnet better for dreads?

Durags and Bonnets are both good for wrapping locs. You get to know which is better based on what feels more comfortable for you. And this depends on the length of your locs also. 
For instance, bonnets are preferable for lengthy locs, and shorts as well. But Durags are best for short or medium-length locs because it is not big enough to wrap lengthy locs up. 

What happens when you sleep without a Durag over your locs?

When you sleep off without a durag, you
expose your locs to harsh surfaces which may lead to thinning and breakage.
What’s more, your locs can get dry. And this dryness causes your loc to lose its shine. So, do well to sleep with your locs neatly covered.

Does sleeping with your Durag help your locs grow?

It sure does! This is because the moisture which your locs sustain helps in its speedy growth. At least 20%-30% of your loc growth is sponsored by wrapping it 

What is the white stuff in my Locs?

The white stuff on locs? That should be lint. Lint is a fuzzy or as you’ve observed, white stuff that clings to your locs whenever it comes in contact with cotton or any other fabric that sheds itself. 
This is why you should cover your locs when necessary, and also wash as often as possible. To stop the attachment of the “white stuff”  on your locs, you’d have to change your hair wrap and beddings to either silk or satin, and also avoid contact with cotton-like materials.

It’s Your Turn

When you cover your dreads before sleeping, your locs aren’t just prevented from falling all over your face while you sleep, its moisture is preserved too! This in turn makes your locs last longer. You don’t have to bother about the hair wrap to go with it. Just make do with whatever covers it properly.

 Although, you have the option of scarves, bonnets, and Durags which come in various fancy styles and colors. So, here is a quick question for you, which would you prefer for wrapping your locs at night?

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