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Welcome to Blackshome, your path to discovering the vibrant tapestry of black culture and identity. In the spirit of love, empathy and curiosity we’ve created a haven for discovery, understanding, and the celebration of black communities around the globe.
Our mission is as clear as it is profound: to uncover and share the rich layers of what makes black people tick.

With a keen eye and an open heart, we delve into the traditions, innovations, and soul-stirring narratives that define and distinguish black culture. From the textured stories behind every artistic expression to the scientific breakthroughs and entrepreneurial ventures that propel us forward, Blackshome is the place where curiosity meets knowledge.

At the heart of Blackshome is a story of awakening. Birthed from a fiery debate between our founders, Ben and Nana, over the intentions behind a seemingly simple question – whether a genuine question asked by a friend from another race was borne out of sheer curiosity or much talked about systematic racism. Blackshome transcended from a single moment of uncertainty to a movement.

It’s a movement where questions are not just asked but thoroughly explored; where perceived differences become shared understandings; where ‘why’ is not met with judgment but with the rich tapestry of facts and experiences.
And Yes we also have a rich resipotory of awesome black hair inspiration and content just for you.

Got questions?

How do you see your personal journey and experiences reflected in the mission and work of Blackshome? Personal Journey Reflection: My experiences mirrors Blackshome’s in the way a river reflects the sky—constantly moving, filled with depth, and reflecting the changes in the world above. It’s personal, it’s collective, and above all, it’s a testament to the power of asking questions and the relentless pursuit of answers.
What is/are the most impactful story or article that has been featured on Blackshome, and why did it resonate with you personally? Impactful Stories and Personal Resonance: The most impactful story? It’s like choosing a favorite star in the cosmos. But a couple that stands out strangly is the tale of the so-called “fuller lips”, “big butts & penises”. Sound stereotypical and sensitive but those are the tough questions nobody is ready to address – that’s why we do. Check out our FAQ page for more questions.
What is the vision for the future of Blackshome, and how do you plan to evolve the platform to meet the changing needs and interests of your audience? Vision and Evolution: Looking ahead, Blackshome will continue to evolve like a story unfolding. We’re charting a course towards interactive media, deep-dive documentaries, and partnerships that can amplify our reach and impact. The future is a resource for everything black people for all curious minds.
How do you navigate the ethical considerations of representing a diverse group while also maintaining a cohesive voice for the platform? Ethical Representation and Voice: As a team, we navigate the ethical maze with a compass set to authenticity and inclusivity. Blackshome’s voice is a brutal but empathetic one seeking walk the talk and say it as it is. No fluff. No nonsense. No BS.
How does Blackshome balance search engine optimization with the need to provide deep, meaningful, and sometimes complex narratives about black experiences? SEO and Complex Narratives: Tough one and we agree. SEO is a tool, not a master. At Blackshome, we wield it to guide readers through our digital doors, but once inside, it’s the power of story, the richness of detail, and the depth of insight that keeps them returning. Our narratives are a thought-process where complexity is a feature, not a bug.
What measures does Blackshome take to stay updated with the latest research and developments in areas pertinent to black history, culture, and societal contributions? Staying Updated with Research and Developments: To stay on the cutting edge, Blackshome cultivates a learning process of knowledge, constantly evolving with the latest research, trends, and voices that are shaping the global black narrative. We’re perpetual students, always listening, always learning.
How does Blackshome ensure the accuracy and trustworthiness of the information it provides, especially in a digital age where misinformation can be widespread? Ensuring Accuracy and Trustworthiness: At Blackshome, truth isn’t just a principle; it’s our currency. In an age rife with misinformation, we fortify our fortress of facts with rigorous research, peer reviews, and a commitment to journalistic integrity that’s as unshakeable as it is necessary.
What have been some of the most surprising or enlightening findings you’ve come across regarding black culture during your research for Blackshome? Surprising Findings: I’ve stumbled upon revelations that could fill novels, but one stands out: the sheer magnitude of diverse views and thoughts of people. Looks lik everybody has an opinion about everything – some are purely bourne of hatred but the curious one’s surprises me everytime to be honest. What a worls we live in.
Could you give an example of a misconception about black culture that Blackshome has addressed and how you approached it? Addressing Misconceptions: Misconceptions are like shadows—cast by the light of truth but distorted. Take, for example, the myth of “big black dick” and other physical atrributes to “black-on-black crimes” a media darling. Blackshome dissects such narratives with surgical precision, laying bare the facts, context, and history, all while dispelling the darkness with the luminescence of understanding.
How does Blackshome approach discussions around sensitive topics such as racism and social justice without alienating parts of its audience? Approaching Sensitive Topics: There you go – sensitive topics, Blackshome excels, balancing the need for raw honesty with the respect due to diverse perspectives. We’re not in the business of alienation; we’re in the art of education, wrapping hard truths in narratives that reach out and touch the soul without burning bridges.
In what ways does Blackshome engage with its readership to foster a community around the content you produce? Community Engagement: Blackshome isn’t just a destination; it’s a gathering, a place where dialogue is as rich as our history. We stoke the flames of conversation through an interactive comments area, social media engagements, and the time-honored tradition of storytelling, ensuring every voice is not only heard but felt. we are looking at interective forums as our next step to give a vioce to the voiceless. Watch out for our forum links.
How do you source the experts and contributors for your articles, and what qualifications do they have to speak on issues related to black culture and experiences? Sourcing Experts and Contributors: Our contributors are the lifeblood of Blackshome, each a connoisseur of their craft, be it academia, hair styling, or the intricate ballet of social activism. They are vetted not just for their credentials, which are stellar, but for their lived experiences—the irreplaceable expertise that only life can bestow.
Can you elaborate on the range of topics Blackshome covers and how you decide on which areas to focus on or highlight? Content-Specific Questions: Our main focus is and has always been to answer questions about black people from whoever has one. However, our black hair content is doing so well now and we are looking at expanding into other black related trends and the necssities of everyday life.

Our Team


We are Humans.

Who are we?

We are the chroniclers of truths, the curators of facts, and the bridgemakers between diverse worlds. Our expertise is drawn from the lived experiences of our diverse team, enriched by the scholarship and passion of subject matter experts. Celestine is a Trichologist, Angesome a Humanitarian Health Officer, Lovelace is into Biomedical Science and Data Scientist, Sedi a Journalist, Faith an Economist, among others. With a relentless commitment to integrity and accuracy, we’ve built a platform that stands as a beacon of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Blackshome is more than a resource; it is a community echoing the vibrant pulse of black life.

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It’s a place that invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty of blackness, to understand its nuances, and to recognize its influence. Our tagline, “Don’t judge. Be curious! Find out the amazing reasons why black people do what they do,” is a clarion call to all who seek to embrace diversity and to revel in the collective humanity that binds us.

Join us on this journey. Engage with our stories, deepen your understanding through our articles, and let your curiosity about black culture bloom into informed, heartfelt knowledge. Because at Blackshome, every question is an opportunity to connect, every answer a chance to grow. Welcome home.

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