Lil Wayne dreads: Its Evolution and How-to Get Same Dreadlocks!

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Lil Wayne dreads Its Evolution and How-to Guide for Same Dreadlocks!

Fellas! What brought you here? Love for Lil Wayne or his stylish dreadlocks? Let’s get down to the details of Lil Wayne’s dreads – from his locs type, its evolution, and how to take care of them if you’re lucky to get one. 

So if you are finding inspiration to upgrade your dreadlocks, this article is for you.

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The American rapper, the heartthrob of many, Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr, famous as Lil Wayne, is currently the top-class rapper in the industry. We 90s kids can proudly say that we have grown up listening to his impeccable songs, and seeing him changing his hair from straight braids to deadlocks and now freeform has been a thrill for a lifetime.

Lil Wayne dreads

The shiny, thick, long, and voluminous locks of Lil Wayne are genuinely to die for.

It won’t be a bluff if I say Lil Wayne is not only worldwide famous for his music but his unique style. 

What a sensation he is! Ahh

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Lil Wayne “Carter Jr” Hair And Dreadlocks Type

Just like any other creator, Lil Wayne has experimented with various things. He is lucky that whatever he does becomes a trend and stays in the market for a long time. 

When the star stepped into the pop industry, he had flat, long hair that wasn’t even dyed and treated. Lil Wayne usually had long black braids throughout his early years, then he switched towards deadlocks and now free-form dreads. 

In general, the big worm star has a 4B hair texture range with loose to moderate tight locs in a freeform manner. The dreads are completely bleached with a rough and curly texture. Lil Wayne wears a lot of hats and headbands to cover his baldness.

Yes, you read it right. The star, once known for his trendy hair setting, now has extremely thin dreads with baldness issues. Baldness may also be due to a lot of color treatment (bleach) and continuous twisting and retwisting. 

It is evident that Wayne doesn’t spend his million dollars on his hair as they look as if no maintenance has been done for a long time.

Evolution Of Lil Wayne Dreadlocks

Over 22 years, it is safe to say that Lil Wayne has changed a lot. There has been much new upkeep that Wayne has made part of style now. Be it his deadlocks, tattoos, bread to no bread.


When Lil Wayne entered the industry, he had braids, but soon he changed into free-form dreads. Fully healthy, youthful, black, and bouncy dreads were fusing into each other with no definite sections and hair partitioning.

The picture below indicates the early era of dreads forming.

Lil Wayne dreads


He had smaller loose dreads until 2004, and after then, the pictures show that he started to grow locs longer with little treatments as in snaps.

Lil Wayne dreads 1


Soon when 2007 started, Wayne got his dreadlocks done professionally. You can notice from the picture I have attached below that the dreads are fully grown and matured. 

They have a definite shape and volume. There is also the sign of hair sectioning and styling. Hair at this stage is not colored yet, so they still look healthy and fresh.

Lil Wayne dreads 2

2011 till late 2015

From 2011 till late 2015, Wayne had his career-best dreadlocks. Yes, I said it. I mean, look at the health and shine of these dreads. 

This picture is from 2014, where his locs appear healthy, still youthful, and hydrated. If we run down this look of Carter star, we can see long dreads longer than his shoulders. In size, it is still thick and voluminous. 

Lil Wayne dreads 3

Wayne was getting complete hair twisting and re-twisting throughout these years, due to which he started to face early baldness.

At the start of 2015, he slightly transitioned his dreads into Congo; that’s the combining 

of dreads. Now the look is more of a free-form stage.


2017 is a sad year known for Dwayne Jr. Due to continuous twisting, the dreads started to shred apart and finally caused major baldness issues. This is the same year when he got his hair bleached.

Lil Wayne dreads 4


Lil Wayne hasn’t changed his hair after his poor hair structure. The picture below is from 2021, where you can see how bad they are now. Currently, Wayne has free-form styled bleached dreads transitioning into Congo locs. He is facing extreme dreads thinning and patchy hair these days.

Lil Wayne dreads 5

How To Get Dreads Like Lil Wayne In No Time?

If you are someone who keeps coloring, twisting, and transitioning your locs now and then, read this part carefully because achieving dreadlocks similar to Lil Wayne is only possible if you take care of your hair throughout.

Here are 5 easy ways that you can follow to make your dreadlock last longer and healthy.

Lil Wayne dreads 6

1. Clean Your Scalp Weekly!

The first trick is weekly scalp cleaning! 

Many people think that washing your hair once or twice a week might ruin your locs, but in reality, it saves you from many future miseries. Cleaning your scalp with mild to moderate shampoo once or twice a week reduces the chances of dandruff and itchy scalp to a greater extent.

It also helps minimize the chance of bacterial and fungal infections and bad smells. It is advised to use a sulfate-free shampoo that suits your hair type.

2. Conditioning Is Important!

After washing, conditioning your dreads is also essential in hair care. People often comment on our dread’s texture and that they look rough, dry, and less attractive. 

Get out of such an awkward situation instantly by bringing conditioner to your dreadlock washing routine.

It nourishes your scalp as well as gives your dreads a new and fresh life. Although some people complain about the lack of proper locking ability of hair after using conditioner, If you are someone who faces similar issues, don’t apply conditioner on the length, but a scalp massage can do wonders and won’t hurt your hair styling.

3. Silk Pillow Cover

A silk pillowcase and bed sheet set is the third way to keep your locs healthy. Yes, you read it right! 

Silk pillow covers are known to do magic on your dreads; they are softer than any material you can find for your favorite pillow. Silk pillowcases protect your hair and prevent breakage all the time without even making it a big deal. 

Silk cover never develops lint, which means no dirt and filth buildup on your dreads. Your dreadlocks will always feel healthy and fresh. 

It is advised to secure your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet when you are about to sleep as it will also help your baby hair and keep locs in place even during sleep.

4. Squeezing Out Water

After washing, i.e., drying your dreadlocks is also very important. Experts suggest squeezing out water from hair is highly significant.

Start by squeezing water off the tips, then take a few locs and compress them (gently) until all excess water is out. Initiate this process from the scalp and go to lengths. 

Once all the water is removed, secure your hair in a microfiber cloth as it protects against hair breakage, and trust me, it is more than just an ordinary towel.

This method will help you minimize the chance of mold and dust accumulation in your dreads, and it will help you keep your dreadlocks healthy.

5. Dreads Styling Products

And lastly, dreads styling products!

You can use many products available on the market to style your locs properly. Be it hair wax, hair spray, gel, or any moisturizing cream; you must read its ingredients first as it can save you from future issues.

Always check if styling products have natural ingredients added, increasing the chance of having thick, manageable, and healthy dreadlocks.

Having dreads like Lil Wayne isn’t just a dream anymore; if you strictly follow these 5 tips, I can guarantee your dreadlocks will look just like him, even more, healthy and shiny. 

Maintaining Deadlocks Is An Art 

Lil Wayne dreads 7

Let me tell you, straight maintaining your hair like celebrities take a lot of effort and time. When it comes to maintaining dreadlocks story is no different. Keeping them hydrated, fresh, and healthy to shiny and thick requires much attention.

Always wash your locs once or twice weekly to free them from dust and mud particles. Using good quality products also affects the overall health of dreads. It is advised to air dry your hair after washing and conditioning.

Experts suggest the limited use of styling products and irons because they can cause hair damage and thin dreads. To reduce the chance of early hair breakage, switch to lock wrapping as it can help you locs dreads efficiently and in less time.

Lastly, do not use excessive bleach on your dreads. For those who don’t know, bleaching your hair can result in hair falling, thinning, dry and dull hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did Lil Wayne start his dreads?

Although when you look at the old pictures of carter Jr from 2001, you can prominently see his little dreads. They were thick and dark, but no prominent sections were made.

What type of dreadlocks does Lil Wayne have?

Currently, Lil Wayne has free-form bleached dreadlocks that are now transitioning into Congo dreads fusing 3 to 4 dreads. His fresh style shows that Lil Wayne might return to dreads with no section.

How to keep dreadlocks healthy?

There isn’t any rocket science that is involved in keeping dreadlocks healthy. All you have to do is wash them properly, condition them, reduce the use of style products, and secure them with a silk scarf.

What are freeform dreads?

Freeform dreads indicate from their name that they are the free living babies formed organically. Freeform dreads don’t require using any styling products, manipulation, or continuous twisting during their formation. They are easy to carry and require little to no labor.

How many times has Lil Wayne gotten a haircut?

You will be surprised to know that superstar has never gotten his idealist haircut. Yes, you read it right! MTV News also confirms this news like many other prominent media channels.


Now, It’s Your Turn!

Whether you are new or old to the dreadlocks world, this article will help you in many places. To get dreadlocks like Lil Wayne, you need patience because, even in his 37th year, Carter Jr has transitioned a lot in dreadlocks styling. Get to know what suits your personality and then go with the flow because once you are in, you are really in. 

Have faith and take care of locs appropriately to make them last longer and healthier.

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