The Classic Shirley Temple Curls: Among Best Black Hairstyles!

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The Classic Shirley Temple Curls

Shirley Temple Curls are undoubtedly among the most iconic hairstyles in the world, especially among black people. They are made famous by the charming child actress Shirley Temple, who has been popular since the Great Depression.  

If I simply say, Shirley Temple Curls are spiral tight curls that are rather regular in length and fall between the face and shoulders. Straws, stretching, and heating rods can easily help you achieve this classic hairdo. Whatever tools you use, they will always give you a classic Shirley Temple vibe.

Classic Shirley Temple Curls

Wanna know more?

I got you! After months of digging, I collected some legit information about Shirley Temple Curls and also some ways of achieving it. So, let’s keep the ball rolling!

A Quick Overview Of Classic Shirley Temple Curls

Classic Shirley Temple Curls

Shirley Temple Black, the dimpled curly-haired scene-stealer, immediately charmed hearts. 

Nobody will ever fail to notice her contagious grin, cheeky personality, and, of course, signature curly hair. Her tightly coiled curls are famous and continue to inspire countless hairstyles today. Her lovely, bouncy hair exuded an extravagantly joyful and hopeful vibe.

Shirley Temple curls are timeless, and the best thing is that they are easy to achieve without the use of a wig or weave.

They are traditionally approximately the size of a marker pen or larger, however, there are numerous new variants on the look. Shirley Temple curls are now available in a variety of sizes.

Initially, perm rods were probably used to produce curls on the hair of medium length. This style began with very damp hair for the curls, yet that doesn’t imply you would have to do the same. There are multiple ways to achieve this classic curly look!

Interesting Facts About Shirley Temple Curls

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  • Shirley Temple‘s mother developed her signature look by curling her straight into 56-pin curls.
  • While some people like to use heat to get classic Shirley Temple curls, this style may be achieved without using any heat at all.
  • Shirley Temple curls help African American women to reduce frizz and give controlled curls to their hair.
  • The only issue with Shirley Temple curls is that they don’t last long. Curls frequently fall out within the first few days or before the wash.
  • This style can be used to merge two hair types or to add temporary curls to relax hair, and it is also a great alternative to Bantu Knots.

How To Get The Perfect Classic Shirley Temple Curls

Classic Shirley Temple Curls 2

Although there are many methods to achieve Shirley Temple curls, you might need some practice for getting on-point Shirley curls. 

However, if you follow the step-by-step procedures with the right supplies, you may end up with pretty good results on the first go. 

Follow me…

Things You’ll Need

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Bring out your pen and paper and note down the following things you will be needing for having this curly head. Don’t miss any!

  1. Shampoo – You’ll have to invest in a good shampoo, specifically for thick hair. If you are already using one that suits your hair. Ignore this point!  
  2. Leave-in conditioner – If you want your curls soft and manageable, leave-in conditioner is a must for you. Get one with vitamin E and Caffeine. These ingredients help in keeping your hair detangled.
  3. Twisting Cream – A curl cream is a hair styling product whose main purpose is to assist define your natural curls. This allows you to move your comb or fingers through your natural hair without breaking it.
  4. Wide and narrow-toothed comb – You will be needing both. Narrow-toothed for sectioning and neatness of curls. Wide-toothed comb for casual combing of curls.
  5. Bobby pins – This offers everything that you need to create salon-quality hair at home! Get high-secured and tight bobby pins that don’t slip off.
  6. Curling rod – A curling rod with a 0.5 to 1-inch diameter is ideal for having Classic Shirley Temple Curls.
  7. Perm rods (for heatless method) – The quantity of perm rods depends on the number of curls you want. Since we are doing Shirley curls (56 curls), you might need 15 to 25 perm rods.
  8. Blow dryer – Invest in a quality blow dryer with a diffuser to be on the safe side when you are having curls.

Steps You Have To Follow

Now it’s time to begin the process…

However keep in mind, you can’t jump directly into curling your hair strands.

Prepping your hair before doing any hairdo is necessary. Make sure you don’t have any products (chemicals) on your head or unwashed because if your hair is excessively dry and dull, your curls will lack their signature elegance and bounce.

Step 1: Clean Your Scalp

Start by applying the moisture-rich sulfate-free shampoo. It helps to cleanse your hair and scalp without removing any natural oils, preventing them from being dry.

 Keep in mind to avoid sulfate shampoos because you need moisture here not dryness and dullness.

If your hair is too dirty you can wash them twice with a gentle shampoo.

Step 3: Do Deep Conditioning

Distribute conditioner evenly to your hair and leave it in for the amount of time specified on the packaging of the conditioner bottle.

Conditioning your hair after shampooing can help it retain nutrients and moisture. It’s critical to provide moisture to your natural hair if it’s curly, coily, or kinky.

If your hair is extremely dehydrated, or as we are having winter, you can use a good quality deep conditioner and let it sit on for at least 15 minutes. To increase the penetration of the conditioner, you can use a shower cap or sit under a hooded dryer.

Step 4: Comb Your Hair Thoroughly

It’s time to comb your hair thoroughly. If your conditioner is of the highest quality and is slippery, this is the most perfect time to detangle your hair. 

However, if your conditioner is not detangling-friendly, you can use a detangling product, but I would recommend you use a wide-tooth comb to eliminate tangles and knots from your hair.

 A narrow-tooth comb may be excessively harsh on your hair and can increase the likelihood of hair breakage and damage, so use a wide-toothed comb. After thorough detangling, you can rinse the conditioner out of your hair properly.

Step 5: Divide In Equal Section

If you want this process to be as smooth as possible, section your hair with perfect neatness. You have to part your hair into 4 or 5 equal portions using your fingers or a comb, and then secure each section with bobby pins or any hair clip.

Step 6: Moisture With A Styling Cream

Moisturize your hair before doing the final step of Shirley Temple curls. Take a good amount of styling cream and apply it on one section from tip to end since Shirley’s curls begin from the root and end on the tips. 

You have to make sure that all of your hair strands are coated perfectly with the cream. Don’t apply too much product as it may feel greasy after some.

Step 7: Twirl Your Hair

Using a narrow-toothed comb, pick up one to two-inch sections of hair (making sure the hair is still damp with styling cream). Twirl it all the way to the tip of the hair follicle. You also can coil around your finger, however, I think the hair curls better with a comb. This technique should be repeated all across your hair.

Step 8: Blow Dry With A Diffuser

Lift a portion of your hair into the diffuser, then use a moderate heat setting on your hair dryer. Excessive heat will destroy the curls and too much airflow can cause colds to seem frizzy. 

Dry your hair from tips to roots (it’s a vice versa method). It’s like pushing your hair from tip to root. You may also turn your head upside down to add volume to the roots and dry stuff to reach areas like the back of your neck and the middle of your head.

Some Other Quick Methods Of Having Shirley Temple Curls

Classic Shirley Temple Curls 1

Method 1: Classic Shirley Temples Curls With Heating Rod

If you want your Classic Shirley Temple curls to be more long-lasting then the heating rod approach is the ideal approach.

In this method, everything remains the same till the application of styling cream.

After that…

Grab a curling rod of .5 inches in diameter. This one is just beyond exception. You have to apply the flat-wrapped technique for more toned curls and volume. 

Clamp the curling rod down towards the roots, then wrap strands around the barrel away from your face. Hold for 10 seconds, release, and allow to sit, then repeat on the remaining sections of the hair.

Keep in mind, for classic Shirley Temple curls, you have to take a smaller strand of your hair at a time. Wider sections of hair won’t work!

Method 2: Classic Shirley Temple Curls By Heatless Method

Classic Shirley Temple Curls 4

The Second alternative to getting Shirley Temple curls is perm rods.

Perm rods can be used instead of a curling iron if you want to. To achieve Shirley Temple curls, using perm rods can take lengthy airtime than other methods, but can last a lot longer.

  • Do sectioning of your hair. Take smaller sections, the smaller the sections, the tighter the curls.
  • Twist your hair, using a twisting or styling cream because it will not let your hair lose its curls soon. If you do twisting with only water, there is a considerable probability your hair may revert.
  • Wrap your hair around the perm rod. To get the spiral appearance, repeatedly rotate the perm rod around your hair.
  • Close the perm rod when you reach the roots of your hair.
  • Do this step on every section of your hair.
  • Allow your hair to dry. You can also sleep overnight or sit under a hooded dryer. It depends on your availability of time.
  • Never unwrap if your hair is still wet.
  • When your hair is completely dry, remove each foam rod, carefully and finger-comb your hair, if desired.

How To Maintain Classic Shirley Temple Curls?

Classic Shirley Temple Curls 5

I’m quite certain you wish your look to be as long-lasting as feasible.

To reduce frizz, keep your hands away from your hair. Each bedtime, cover your hair with a silk cap. A big cap will work best because it will not smudge your curls.

As required, lightly spritz your hair with oil. It’s recommended not to spray your hair too frequently, since this might cause curls to fall out or make it seem oily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many curls did Shirley Temple have in her hair?

Shirley Temple always has 56 curls.

How do you get Shirley temple curls?

Shirley Temple Curls can be achieved with a variety of methods. One of the most used methods is to tightly wrap smaller sections of your hair on perm rods and sleep overnight. You have to make sure you tie them from root to tip and unwrap it when completely dry. 

What should I avoid for curly hair?

Keep your hands and combs away from hair or else you’ll lose the elegance of curls. Every night, sleep with a silk cap.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Now you know almost everything about Shirley Temple curls. This is one of the most classic yet iconic black hairstyles. If you are really inspired by this hairdo you can get one by using any of the above methods. However, I would recommend you go with the heatless method or method with less heat (the diffuser one). So, when you are trying to get a look like Shirley?

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