How To Get Dreads Like NBA YoungBoy Whether You’re Black or White!

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NBA Youngboy

So you want to know how to get dreads like NBA YoungBoy? Come with me.

NBA YoungBoy is an American rapper known for his distinguishing dreadlocks look. He has recorded eight popular independent mixtapes and his outfits and haircuts, like many rappers, are constantly a sizzling topic.

How To Get Dreads Like NBA YoungBoy

Throughout his career, he alternated between the short buzz cut and the Afro, but in recent years, he has hugged dreadlocks. The distinctiveness of his semi-freeform dreads piqued the interest of rappers and fans alike, provoking many to wonder how to get dreadlocks like NBA YoungBoy.

Fortunately for you, this piece will guide and help you with exactly that.

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Why Are NBA YoungBoy Dreads So Trendy?

NBA YoungBoy Dreads

NBA YoungBoy has become a sensation due to his attitude, profession, and hairstyle. Too many rappers and fans favor dreadlocks, YoungBoy stands out due to his type of hair and dreads. Various hairstyles have appeared on a lot of NBA albums. With the release of his new album comes the unveiling of a new hairdo. 

As a reason, they are held in grade. He frequently wears his hair in dreads to parties and other special events. He made a handful of recordings with this. It’s one of the most stylish NBA YoungBoy hairstyles. 

And since black men enjoy curly hairdo dreadlocks that are fashionable they are mad about NBA YoungBoy dreads. They keep following him and watch out for what he is doing with his grades and how they are evolving. No matter if you’re black or white the dreadlocks like NBA YoungBoy can go on your head and you can see them confidently. 

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Type Of Dreads NBA YoungBoy Has

How To Get Dreads Like NBA YoungBoy Whether Youre Black or White 1

1. 4C Hair Type

Type 4C hair like this one on Amazon is excellent for NBA YoungBoy dreadlocks. This is his hair type, and it features a tightly coiled structure that is suitable for creating freeform dreads.

Let me clarify to you what a 4C hair type looks like…

NBA YoungBoy Dreads 1

This hair type has a little definition and is shrinking. Your strands will be extremely delicate since they will be closely coiled. The hair is shaped like the letter Z. The unusual curl pattern of type 4 hair contributes to its volume. 4c hair grows horizontally and does not fall down until it is very, super long. Getting a lock of 4c hair to its full length will reveal that it doubles in length.

Despite their rich volume, 4c hair strands are extremely brittle and prone to breakage, roughness, and frizz. This is due in part to the difficulty of transmitting natural oils from root to tip in 4c hair’s curly strands.

2. Free Form Dreads

So, yeah, YoungBoy has Free Form dreads in his 4C hair type. Just an amazing combo! 

NBA YoungBoy Dreads 3

While there are several techniques to loc your hair, freeform dreads can provide you with the real appearance you’ve always desired. This style allows your hair to grow naturally and uninhibitedly. Each segment of hair begins as a single twist/braid and then develops its own style. 

LyVar, the senior stylist of DevaCurl Salon, claims that “with freeform locs, your dreads form spontaneously. That means you don’t have to do anything to your hair—just let the locs live their finest lives and grow naturally.”

The amazing part about these dreads is that they look excellent in a variety of textures and lengths and can be dressed to your liking. Wear them up for a rebellious and effortlessly chic appearance that’s perfect for grocery shopping. Or, leave them down to highlight your style.

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Products You Need To Get NBA Like Dreads

MBA Youngboy’s hair color is 4c. As a result, he has an extremely tight textured look, which is ideal for dreadlocks. I see his dreads moving closer to his face. That appears to be how his hair grows.

 With the correct method and things, you can also get it from the ease of your own home. Let me tell you what you’ll be needing. Make a list!

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1, Hair Sponge

The hair sponge is a type of tool with structured holes and ridges that will provide your natural hair with the ideal curls or twists while dreading. 

2. Moisturizer

You need to get oils in the name of moisturizer or a moisturizer which has argan or coconut oil. These oils are great for NBA Youngboy dreadlocks. 

The antioxidants in Argan oil restore the damage. It moreover produces a minor amount of residual, which keeps the dreads lustrous and sleek.

Coconut oil, on the other side, absorbs the dreads.  It includes minerals and nutrients that aid in the prevention of split ends and splitting.

3. Hair Spray

Hair spray is a must-have item if you want to create NBA Youngboy dreads since it aids to maintain hair volume. It keeps dreadlocks flexible, minimizing the likelihood of hair breakage.

Process To Follow

Finally, it’s time to begin the process…

Step 1: Wash And Dry Your Hair

We would like to begin with freshly washed and clean hair, so use a high-quality replenishing shampoo that really doesn’t leave any trace.

Use no conditioner; conditioners are meant to protect hair from tangling, which is the absolute reverse of what we wish for. Moisturizing oil is fine if your hair requires it! You will then completely dry your hair. Begin by wrapping your hair in a cotton towel to soak excess moisture from your hair.

If you use a hairdryer, you should frequently move it between portions of your hair to avoid mistakenly “breading” any of the hair.

It is important to note that hair especially 4c hair is at its weakest when wet and rubbing or twisting your hair when wet may increase the chances of hair breakage and tangles.

Celestine – Trichologist

Step 2: Rub And Twist Your Hair

If you’re discouraged after reading somewhere that it might take up to two years to get your locs, we have a fix for you. Some people are prepared to wait months or even years for their freeform dreads to finish, but some are not.  There is a method to hurry things along. It entails massaging the hair with a hair sponge.

Next comes twisting…

While twisting the hair, choose whether twisting direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) is the most comfortable for you. Keeping the initial direction is critical to a good twisting, since altering directions midway would result in unraveling dreads.

Undesired knots, hair breakage or irregular or untidy dreads.

Celestine – Trichologist

The best part? Massaging the hair also promotes hair development by improving blood flow on the scalp.

Step 3: Part Your Locs

When twisting, be sure there is no lock mix at the root. Individual locks must be separated from one another to obtain the NBA Youngboy dread look. This may be accomplished by actively parting the locks at the base weekly.

Step 4: Apply Hair Spray

After twisting, you can apply hair spray for better binding and tightening. It will keep the hair twisted for a long time period especially if your natural hair type is not tightly coiled.

Maintenance Of NBA YoungBoy Dreads

NBA YoungBoy Dreads 4

Reduce styling and alteration to enable healthy dread growth and development. This also aids in the prevention of bald spots. The excessive styling would actually hinder the growth process, prompting the locks to flatten.

LyVar, the DevaCurl stylist, recommends washing and conditioning your hair once or twice a week with a mild, sulfate-free product, then letting your locs air-dry or sitting under a hooded dryer.

Moreover, do loc wrapping and basing. These are minor grooming procedures that must be incorporated into your dreadlock regimen, sometimes. They serve to speed up the locking process and maintain the locks healthy and sturdy, lowering the likelihood of them breaking.

Tips To Remember When Doing NBA YoungBoy Dreads

  • Begin by washing and drying your hair. Use no conditioner before beginning your locs.
  • You can also use a tam hat for even free-form dreads development.
  • For the first 12 weeks, it’s a common rule to wash 1 to 2 times each week.
  • When beginning,  don’t separate or comb it, and you’ll have a stunning head of freeform dreads in no time.

Can Other Hair Types Get NBA-Like Dreads?

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Curlier hair types will usually loc faster than those who have a looser curl form.

Sure, you can achieve a similar look to NBA by using a hair sponge to define the parts and aid in the locking process. If you don’t brush or comb your hair, dreadlocks will form spontaneously.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get free-form dreads?

1. Wash and dry your hair using a microfiber towel or a hair dryer.
2. Do rubbing with a hair sponge
3. Twist a smaller portion of your hair, without using any hair product
4. Let your hair naturally take shape

How long does it take for dreads to grow?

It takes one to two years to completely have a good dread look. The process will be quicker if your hair type is already tightly coiled or curled.

What are semi-free form dreads?

Semi-Freeform is a loc-maintenance technique that combines the practice of free-forming or letting your locs develop naturally without modification, with palm-rolling.

Can hair dread itself?

Clean, dry hair will dread on its own!!! That implies that the only thing you need to do to obtain dreads is to twist, twist and twist… That’s all! 

What is the benefits of free-form dreads?

Free-form dreads require minimal effort to maintain. They require fewer products and time to install as well.

Can free-form dreads damage your hair?

No, free-form locs will rarely damage your hair as there is no tension applied on the locs during installation and the locs do not need retwisting which is where most manipulation and tension come from when it comes to locs.

Are free-form dread protective hairstyles?

Yes! Free-form dreads are considered a protective hairstyle as they require little manipulation thus protecting the hair from damage.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

NBA Youngboy has gorgeous dreads, which I attribute to the sponge process and his curl pattern. 

As previously said, he has thick and robust dreadlocks. All that is required is patience, dedication, and the proper hair type. Let your hair grow 3-4 inches long to achieve the NBA Youngboy dreads look. Your dread will thrive after you employ a limited amount of products in your hair. Moisture your freeform locs with natural oils, and cleaning will keep your dreadlocks clean. Make sure to use a shampoo that leaves no residue. 

So, when are you going to try the above NBA YoungBoy-like dreads procedure?

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