Celestine Muthoni Gitau

Certified Trichologist
Hair Care - Trichology
Hair Transplant
Trichology tutor


Experienced Trichologist and Registered Nurse: With a decade of medical practice, including 7 years of specialized trichology practice, Celestine Gitau is a leading expert in the field. Keynote Speaker: Invited to prestigious conferences to speak on the management of scalp conditions, particularly on Afro-ethnic hair. Medical Researcher: Actively involved in groundbreaking research on the prevalence of various hair and scalp conditions in people of color. Consultant for Hair Product Companies: Provides expert consultation for various hair product companies, specializing in hair and scalp health. Certified Professional: Holds a prestigious Trichologist certification with the International Association of Trichologists. Published Authority: Contributed to the International Hair Authority and featured on SheFinds, FoxNews, Sleepopolis, Vegamour blog. Educational Leader: Trichology Tutor, Hair Consultant, and Surgical Officer in a Hair Transplant Clinic. Cultural Empowerment: Focused on enlightening people, especially those of color, on maintaining healthy hair, addressing scalp ailments, and debunking hair loss misconceptions. Passionate Researcher: Actively engaged in hair research, with a specific focus on the Afro ethnic community, exploring ways to manage and prevent hair loss. Diagnosis and Treatment Expert: Offers personalized diagnosis and treatment plans for hair and scalp ailments, combining medical and trichological expertise. Diverse Interests: Enjoys reading, taking long drives, and cherishing moments with family. Passionate Writer: Dedicated to educating people of color on preventive measures for hair loss and scalp conditions, providing individual-based solutions.


Celestine Gitau's passion for writing transcends her professional achievements. Her writing is a powerful tool for education, specifically tailored to empower people of color in their hair care journeys. Preventive Education: Celestine's writing focuses on enlightening readers about preventive measures for hair loss and scalp conditions. Her articles serve as a comprehensive guide, empowering individuals to proactively care for their hair and scalp. Individual-Based Solutions: Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, Celestine's writing goes beyond generic advice. She provides tailored solutions, acknowledging the diversity of hair types within the community she serves. have been quoted and featured on SheFinds, Vegamour blog, yahoo.com, New York Post, CurrentBody and Fox News commenting on hair and scalp health topics.


Celestine's educational journey, marked by as a Certified Trichologist from the International Association of Trichologist, is the foundation for her expertise in both nursing and trichology.

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Celestine Gitau's dedication to education through writing underscores her commitment to empowering people of color in their hair care journeys. Her articles, rooted in knowledge and empathy, bridge the gap between information and actionable solutions. Celestine's writing not only informs but inspires a community to embrace their unique hair textures with confidence and vitality.

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