21 Must-Know Hair Trends for Black Women That Will Be Big this Year

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Lots of lengthy, glamorous, yet simple hairstyles last year. Some of which we’ve just not had enough of. For black women, versatility in hairstyles is a major attraction.

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So, what hairstyles are in for our brown skin ladies this year? Those you’d find on every red carpet, wedding ceremony, Instagram reel, TikTok video, etc. Some of these hairstyles are not new on the scene but are revamped to suit this new year’s black woman.

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There are others that we’ve rocked so well, but can’t get enough of which are still coming back this year. It’s not just about newness, but comfort, beauty, and style. To let you in on the best of the best hairstyles, here are this years trends!

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1. Knotless Braids

ContentSingle image 24

Knotless braids were a trend two years ago, are still a trend today, and will still stay through 2023. It’s just so simple and fabulous and loved by the black community.

Here’s another catch, knotless braids are made in different styles to suit your style. Check out Beyonce and Rihanna on it.

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2. Pixie Cuts

ContentSingle image 25

Pixie Cuts are surely ruling this season, and even after. Though it was formerly seen majorly on white women until the likes of Keke Palmer dared the style. Round and oval face-shaped black ladies look the best on pixie Cuts.

Pixie Cuts is worth every strand of hair loss in its making. It is a great way to wear your younger self again. There are several ways to wear pixie cuts which makes them super stylish and beautiful to wear.

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3. Lengthy Box Braids With Curly Ends

ContentSingle image 26

For this box braid, it is, the longer, the more stylish. Most black women seem to not have enough of this style which is why it will trend as much as it did last year.

Some of these braids can go far down to the knee. I guess we love it that way.

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4. Short Bohemian Braids 

ContentSingle image 27 1

Bohemian braids can either be a box or knotless, the difference is the tiny curls that accompany the braids. Since short is trendy this season, most black women are going for shoulder-length boho braids.

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5. Blunt Cuts

ContentSingle image 30

This near-shoulder length hairstyle gives a casual, yet edgy look to your face. Black women wear this look using hair extensions. So, there’s no need to stretch and cut your hair unless you’ve got the guts anyway. It’ll still look great!

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6. Colored Box Braids

ContentSingle image 29

Black is always more beautiful on colored hair. This trend seems to be winning the hearts of black women lately. The poppy look of red, pink, and ombre box braids adds to the glow of brown skin.

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7. Twin Cornrows 

ContentSingle image 31

Cornrows never fade for the black woman. It only evolves. The twin cornrows are a trendy fashion statement for black women and are one you should look forward to in 2023. Here’s a description for twin cornrows in three words; simple, classy, and stylish.

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8. Asymmetric Bob

ContentSingle image 32

Asymmetric Bob was Rihanna’s signature look, and she still wears it now and again, but it just doesn’t lose its shine and glamor. This uneven Bob length hairstyle is a sure comeback style this year. You wouldn’t be out of place wearing this to any event this year. 

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9. Blonde Afro Curls

ContentSingle image 33

The beauty and uniqueness of a black woman’s hair are its tight curls. Thanks to the creativity of our hairstylists, Afro curls are now worn proudly. A major Afro curl style that looks so fine on black women is the blonde with darker roots. 

This trend just came on board, and lots of black women just can’t be grateful enough for the privilege of natural curls to rock it this season. For this style, the hair is dyed a few inches from the root of the hair to the tip.

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10. Faux Locs

ContentSingle image 34

Faux locs came into the fashion scene last year and received massive patronage from the black community and why not? It made us look our best. It was new but easy to embrace, and I think it’s going nowhere this year either. It’s here to stay I guess.

It is now styled with colorful threads, and bands, for a playful and casual look.

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11. Colored Haircut styles

ContentSingle image 35

Did I forget to mention that most black ladies are giving up their long hair for shorter ones?

Yeah! That’s a major trend this year, but not your usual low cut. Nah! This haircut style comes with colored toppings of gray, red, blonde, etc. It is easy to wear, and it also makes you look five years younger. 

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12. Boho Knotless Braids

ContentSingle image 36

The boho and bohemian knotless braids are the same. The former just sounds easy for some and is now preferred by all. So, we all call it Boho now. So, boho came in, showing us a better way to wear the famous knotless braids— with curls!

Now, not at the end, but along the sides making it look like a whole bunch of curls. It is seeing us through 2023!

13. Puffy Ponytails

ContentSingle image 37

It’s massive, it’s stylish, and it is dramatic! Never have a black lady worn ponytails better. You can wear this to any red carpet-event, to class, and even to that birthday pool party!

With a pair of sunglasses on, you’re set for any stage!

14. Curly Mohawks

ContentSingle image 38

Curly  Mohawks are a kind of pixie cut. The major difference is that the amount of hair in a curly mohawk is more compared to a pixie cut. It sits beautifully on black women’s hair.

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15. Jumbo Box braids

ContentSingle image 39

You don’t have to stay in the hairstylist’s place for the whole day to look great. For jumbo box braids, it is, the fatter, the better. 

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16. Buzz Cuts

ContentSingle image 40

As daring as a buzz cut you may say. But, it is worth the dare if you ask me. Buzz Cuts are the best way to grow much more healthy hair. Buzz Cuts is the barber’s way of attracting female clients too because more black ladies seem to be going for this style.

17. Dreadlocks

ContentSingle image 41

Just as braids never fade for the black woman, dreadlocks do not either. The great thing is that locks are now made into extensions. This means that you can wear dreads, and not tamper with your hair. 

Artificial locks are super trendy this season. It comes in various lengths, sizes, and colors, but still has its natural look.

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18. Gelled-up updos

ContentSingle image 43

Gelled-up updos with extensions at the end are one of the hairstyle trends for this year. Though it is just tightly held up, the different choices of extensions to use at the end give you a different look all the time. 

19. Braids with curls

ContentSingle image 44

What a great way to wear curls even with afro-textured hair. This hairstyle is a half braid, and half bouncy curls type. This braids ad you can see from the image gives you a natural look though made with extensions.

It looks fabulous when complemented with gold-colored beads. This is a style you should try out this year.

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20. Beads on Braids

ContentSingle image 45

Beads on braids is a reinvented style from the 70s. It came back bolder, and better. Beads on braids don’t seem to fade as they are used to complement different braid styles. 

From cornrows to Ghana braids, knotless braids, and Bantu knots.

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21. Blown-out Afro

ContentSingle image 46

The black woman has come to realize how beautiful her hair looks when combed all out. Either combed backward or held up in a bandana. 

This style reveals the volume and length of your natural hair which always looks so beautiful. It is a great hairstyle to wear to the beach.

There you have it…

Which among our top 21 hairstyles do you see yourself wearing either now or anytime during the year?

Do you think you can pull off the dary buzz cut? Remember that trend is what you’re comfortable and confident in. Just ensure you go for what looks best on you!

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