The Evolution of Fade Mohawk Dreads + Examples

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The Evolution of Fade Mohawk Dreads + Examples

Fade Mohawk Dreads are adaptable, with a variety of designs to create a one-of-a-kind look. Mohawk fade with dreads is a dynamic yet less bulky hairdo. 

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However, keep in mind, the key distinction between the Mohawk fade and the conventional Mohawk is the former’s high side fade so the haircut is less intense, yet the stark contrast remains. Despite the wide range of shapes and sizes, Mohawk dreads with a fade don’t feel burdensome since the sides are shaved in a dwindling manner. Isn’t it cool?

Evolution of Fade Mohawk Dreads 3

So, if you are interested to dig out about fade mohawk dreads, let’s check out how it all started and some trendy examples you can try out yourself. 

Evolution of Fade Mohawk Dreads

Fade Mohawk Dreads

Will you believe me when I say that people from World War II used to have this type of hairstyle?

The faded or shaved side with a strong head on top is everything to die for. Mohawk is an ancient hairdo that people still carry with a lot of courage and excitement.

But Mohawk hair fashion was first seen in millennia. The Clonycavan man of the 2000s carried this hair with a center slit. 

Herodotus claimed that the Macai, a northern Libyan tribe, “shave their hair so as to leave tufts, letting the middle of their hair grow long, but round this on all sides, shaving it close to the skin.

Another piece of evidence comes from Pawnee people who used to reside in Nebraska- northern Kansas used this hairstyle as their standard physical look.

16TH Century

Fade Mohawk Dreads 10

Mohawk haircut is also seen in the times of World War II. When going to war, 16th-century Ukrainian people would shave their heads, leaving a long central strip or styling it into freeform dreadlocks.

This haircut was known as an Oseledets or Chupryna and was often braided or tied in a topknot. It is now similar to the Mohawk cut that goes great with a little fade on the sides well.

Every decade brings different versions of this style. From completely shaving off the sides of a light fade or simply fussing Mohawk cut with dreadlocks. People from time to time bring back this hairstyle just the way they want to.

If we compare the Mohawk style from the 70s or 80s, it is entirely different now.

Late 2000s Era

Fade Mohawk Dreads 11

Mohawk became a trend in the late 2000s, from straight hair to curly hair, many people carried this look. The arrival of faded Mohawk dreads is quite interesting since electric trimmers were on the back of this design. Just set the trimmer and get a fade on the sides. 

It was the prime time of changes as people mixed dreadlocks with Mohawk Fade. Now people with thick and voluminous hair could experiment with their hair happily.

This was the same year when people styled Fade Mohawk Dreads with tattoos and cuts. Many people bleached their hair from the front and started carrying long hair in ponytails.

2010 – 2016

Fade Mohawk Dreads 12

In 2015 the trend of highlights and ombre Fade Mohawk Dreads was in full swing. If you ask me, this was the finest transition that Mohawk lovers did. It multiplied the overall look of the dreadlocks and the Mohawk combination.

The style of beard mixing with haircut was also started in the same era people were going crazy about it. Many influencers and rappers flaunted this look and established the heights of hair fashion.

2018 – till now

Fade Mohawk Dreads 9

These 2 styles are worth all the changes and transitions. They are quite literally not coming slow. 

It’s still trending this year too!

8 Most Edgy Fade Mohawk Dreads 

Mohawk cut never goes off style! 

Fusion of dreadlocks with a Mohawk always sets new bars in hair fashion. 

To help you choose which one suits your hair best, Here are some trendy Fade Mohawk looks that are mixed with dreads.

1. Braided Mohawk

Fade Mohawk Dreads 1

Starting with the trendy fusion of two gorgeous hairdos in one. Braids almost always go great with dreadlocks.

If you are looking for something new and stylish this braided Mohawk has to be your avatar. This hairstyle doesn’t restrict you from anything. As long as you have shoulder-length hair, you are good to go.

Carrying this dreadlock style is easy. All you have to do is indulge braids into your Mohawk haircut – be it French braids or cornrows. 


2. Ombre Fade Mohawk

Fade Mohawk Dreads 2

Ombre is one of the latest Mohawk styles guys are still experimenting with. Basically in an ombre Mohawk, one adds highlights to their haircut.

The key point here is to choose something that brings out your natural hair color as well as your facial features. How about ash gray or lilac gray?

It is trending in the hairdo industry these days. Gray color in general is the choice of many trendsetters when it comes to highlights. 

Carry a messy yet stylish faded Mohawk haircut to Stan this look even more.

3. Long Fade Mohawk Dreads

Fade Mohawk Dreads 3

Ever heard of long hair don’t care? This hairstyle is exactly like this.

If you have past shoulder-length hair and you are not planning to chop them off anytime soon, bring this style in. For this hairstyle, your dreadlocks don’t have to go short plus it doesn’t require you to shave off the sides.

Simply get a Mohawk cut and let your dreads do their thing. You can either secure them in a bun, or ponytail or keep them open.

4. Short Fade Mohawk Dreads

Fade Mohawk Dreads 4

As you can guess from the name, people with short dreads can go great with this look and make it an icon. 

Long hair short hair- doesn’t matter. As long as you have wavy textured hair this style is for you. 

Start with a Mohawk haircut with one side faded and let your wavy hair do the rest. Its hands down the best vacation hair one can have.

5. Low Fade Mohawk

Fade Mohawk Dreads 5

Low Fade Mohawk Dreads are the most common hairdo when it comes to dreadlocks. As it is simple and best for those who just started their dreads journey. 

It can be styled in many ways. For starters, you can easily go with low fade edges with a low top. 

This hairdo can also become a style statement if you add a strong Mohawk top with faded sides. It is classy and doesn’t require much effort. 

Opt for a double part of artistic designs on the faded parts for a more aesthetic look.

6. Interlock Dread Mohawk

Fade Mohawk Dreads 6

If you are looking for something spicy to sparkle up your hair game then the interlock dread Mohawk will cut is for you. 

This hairdo is best for all formal and informal meetings with a cool, classy yet bold look.

Carrying this cut might be challenging as it has a clean shave side that requires regular trimming and shaving for a neat and clean look. 

The top and central slit of this hair have interlocking dreads that can be achieved by braiding 2-3 dreads together. This braided Mohawk look is everything that you want for your hair.

7. Undercut With Long Mohawk

Fade Mohawk Dreads 7

In the end, an undercut with a long Mohawk is to die for. 

For this hairdo, you don’t have to shave off your hair because a little fading on the sides does all the magic. 

It is best for days like no-haircut November as you don’t have to cut your long hair, instead just a little fade and a long Mohawk look is ready. 

Don’t forget to add accessories to your long dreadlocks.

8. Fade Dreads Ponytail

Fade Mohawk Dreads 8


If you have long dreadlocks, this hairdo is for you. 

Start by shaving the side off to give a faded look.

Then maintain the dreadlocks in a low ponytail or high bun for a neat and sporty look. Many global rappers and musicians carry this look and rock the stage. 

How To Maintain Your Dreadlocks With Mohawk Fusion?

As said earlier, dreadlocks are demanding; they require extra effort. 

Because of regular twisting, retwisting, and usage of styling products on a daily basis, the chances are that your healthy, thick, and shiny dreads might be just surviving.

To give them new life you have to invest a little bit of your time. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to keep your dreadlocks healthy for a long time.

1. Regular Washing

Trust me, It is just a bluff when someone says washing locs isn’t necessary.

Cleaning and clarifying your dreads and scalp is highly essential as it not only removes dust and grime but also secures you from infection and bacterial attacks. 

Make a routine of washing your dreadlocks once a week.

2. Pick Products Wisely

While you are excited to start a new product for your hair make sure you read the ingredients carefully before introducing it to your hair. 

Be it shampoo, conditioner, or any styling product it is essential to check the toxicity and its texture. It is advised to opt for residue-free products as they are light and good for your dreads.

3. Regular Shaving

When you mix your dreadlocks with a Fade Mohawk cut, it is necessary to maintain a shaving routine. The faded look or fully shaved side requires consistent attention and effort for a neat look.

4. Dry, Dry, and Dry

Another reason for ruined hair texture is securing wet hair in dreads or braids. 

Experts suggest drying your dreadlocks completely before twisting them up into another hairstyle. 

The worst part about damp hair is they become the reason for the terrible smell of locs which I don’t think any of us want. Right?

5. Moisture Control

Believe me, it is worse than dry and damaged locks. Moisture is the one thing that can maintain your hair health. 

When you lose it, you lose everything. It is the asset of your dreadlocks. To secure your hair and nourish them, you need conditioning creams and gels that can bring back your hair moisture and prevent them from shedding. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ideal length of hair to get a Mohawk haircut done? 

Ideally, It is best if the hair is around 4inches long from the root to the tip of the chin length. Although, getting a mohawk haircut done in short hair isn’t the most promising idea because you can style your hair in a braid or two for a better look. 

What is the outlook of a mohawk haircut?

Mohawk is an ancient hairstyle that represents a center slit with shaven sides around it. Usually, the middle section has thick, healthy, and long hair.  

Can I shampoo my dreadlocks? 

Well, it is recommended to avoid shampooing your dreadlocks during the first month. After that, you can wash your hair with 100% natural shampoo. As chemical shampoos can fuzz up or soften the dreads sometimes. 

What type of shampoo is best for a Mohawk cut? 

You don’t have to spend a hundred bucks on special shampoos, as some might work well and others don’t. Using a 100% natural, chemical-free shampoo made from herbs is suggested. 

Can I use hair oil or conditioner on my dreadlocks? 

No! You can’t use any oil or conditioner on your dreaded hair. Dreadlocks made with other methods can open after oiling or conditioning. This is not something you want.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Do you love playing with your hair? If yes, then the Faded Mohawk cut may be best for you. It gives you unlimited options for styling. 

All you need is a little bit of research and consistency to reach new heights of fashion.  

Mohawk is the advantage hairdo as it does nothing bad to your healthy, curly, bouncy, and shiny dreadlocks but brings you a new look with just a little fade or shave on the sides.

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