50 Mohawk Dreads Designs For The Fearless Fashionista

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15 Cool Mohawk Dreads Styles That Will Change How You See Locs Forever!

Dreads look attractive on black men, but when they fuse mohawk and dreads, it makes them stand out of the crowd. 

Since the release of the mohawk dreads style,  black men have kept experimenting with different styles. And that’s what this article is about. I brought you 50 superb mohawk dread styles for black men. All mohawk dreads styles are daring enough on their own, they have the potential to draw major attention to you.

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50 Mind-Blowing Mohawk Dreads Style

Mohawk dreadlock styles range in length from exceptionally long to extremely short and anything in between. Whether you’ve been wearing dreads for ages or are just starting out, these images are guaranteed to give you excellent mohawk dreadlock styling ideas. 

We’ll look at the various options you may wear mohawk dreadlocks hairstyles below. 


1. The Twist Or Double Twist DreadHawks

If this is your first time having mohawk dreads then a double twist or a short twist is a perfect beginning point. The hair is twisted in such a manner that it locks and the roots begin to dread.

By adding shaved mohawk sides to your dreads, you may start growing them without that odd-looking in-between stage.

The Twist Or Double Twist DreadHawks

2. Long Hair Mohawk Dreads

Dreads may be a little wild and chaotic if you have thick hair. If you want to minimize the volume while still flaunting a really stylish appearance, a long dreaded mohawk is a perfect option.

3. Short Locs On Mohawk

Get a short afro with a mohawk for a unique look. In the picture above, he has faded shaved sides behind his shorter dreadlocks, which he has fashioned out simply for a spidey look.

4. High Top Dreads Mohawk

High-top dreadlocks, or even undercut dreadlocks, are one of the greatest and coolest dreadlocks with mohawk types to have since they are easy to handle and manage.

5. Dyed Mohawk With Bun

This look is an example of how different details work together to produce a distinctive look. The blonde Mohawk dreads rests high on the back of the head, wonderfully contrasting with the black roots.

6. Criss Cross Dreads Mohawk

This style is ideal for any male who desires a fairly significant dreadlocks look, irrespective of length, thickness, or quality.

In the above picture, you can see how nicely he has shaved the sides and made a criss-cross braid on the center of the head. That’s pretty cool!

7. Tribal Mohawk Dreads

From children to teenagers, for formal and informal meetings, tribal mohawk dreads will never make you feel or seem unprepared in any manner, shape, or form.

8. Medium Locs With Undercut

Because of the trimming on the back and sides, the locs steal the show. Short dreads are often easier to manage for men than longer ones. 

9. Fire Flame Locs

Who said you could not have dye on your dreads? Obviously, you can!

If you’re looking for that “omg” effect, this is the way to be. With shaved sides and two bright colors on top of your head, anyone who doesn’t remark “good lord” must be bothered by something else.

10. Bulky Mohawk Dreads

Black males adore complex deadlock hairstyles that showcase their likes and convey their personalities. You can see this man has a very tight and clean hairdo.

11. Dread Mohawk With Shape-Up

This on-point haircut, also known as the shape up or edge up, is a fantastic look to pair with dreadlocks. It entails leveling the hairline and cutting sharp lines and complex edges into the hair all around the brow, temples, and back of the head.

12. Back V-shape Mohawk Dreads

Adding a v-shape to the hair at the back will allow you to tug it into a mohawk. Also, you may get the idea that this mohawk dread style can be done in short as well as medium dreadlocks.

13. Balance Mohawk Dreads

Try this hairdo for real rocker flair. This rock’n’roll look has bald sides and long flowing dreads that can be styled into a mohawk easily. These dreads are crazy—tie them or let them wave in the air!

14. The Labyrinth Mohawk Dreads

There is simply no other alternative when you decide to get this look. It should be done by an expert to avoid it seeming like a tangled mess of locs.

15. Two-Part Mohawk Dreads

No need to shave your sides for a mohawk; just tie them up in two-strand twists. Color a mix of loose strands of bright red to literally bring the entire appearance together.

16. The Twist of Double Twist

This mohawk dreads style is very simple and excellent for anyone who likes their dreads to be unique but also wants a more conservative look. 

17. Baby Dreads Twists Mohawk

Baby dreadlock twists add a more complex splash of appeal. Combined with a mohawk, it creates a highly distinct and enviable look.

Baby Dreads Twists Mohawk

18. Hedgehog Dreads Mohawk

This style bleeds uniqueness and ensures that anyone who has it has a fabulous experience.

19. 4 Tree Mohawk Dreads

Considering its complicated appearance, this is a very amazing option to maintain and provides a really distinctive look to a conventional dread.

20. Two-Strand Twists Ponytail With a Mohawk

A front and sides faded cut two-strand twist with a ponytail is not only a unique style but also keeps you free from any dreads hassle.

21. Pineapple Two Strand Twists Mohawk

This style is ideal for black men with small to medium dreads since it allows you to simply regulate and tame your locs while maintaining your edgy look.

22. Lizard Mohawk Dreads

This daring and avant-garde hairstyle is a stunning embodiment of self-expression and rebellion, allowing you to make a bold statement wherever you go.

23. Center Parted Short Dreads Mohawk

The Center-Parted Short Dreads Mohawk is both classic and modern, providing a new take on daring hairstyles.

24. Short Afro-Mohawk Dreads

The short afro mohawk dreads appeal to people with short dreadlocks and have a highly sharp yet distinctive look.

25. Classic Small Dreads Mohawk

The Classic Mohawk Dreads simply combine the famous mohawk style with the earthy appeal of dreadlocks.

26. Dip-Dyed Rough Mohawk Dreads

The dip-dyed coloring process with roughly trimmed sides is what really makes this style stand out. Try infusing vibrant colors into the tips of your dreadlocks to create a fascinating gradient look.

27. Joint Locs With Mohawk

With a dash of rebellious elegance, this design promises to revolutionize your sense of style.

28. Side Designed Mohawk With Two Strand Twists

Can you imagine how cool it will look when you have a combo of mohawk, two-strand twists, and a well-structured design on the sides? I must say, this is the deadliest style you should try

29. Spike Dreads Mohawk

Spike mohawk dreads sound like a unique and creative hairdo for black men, right? This composition adds a touch to your style that draws eyes.

30. Semi-Short Mohawk Dreads and Tramline

If you want to get on board with the trend, why not add some tramlines? You may give a definition to the Mohawk split by drawing precise tramlines around the edge.

31. All Back Thick Twists Mohawk Dreads

Here, a notable mohawk enhances impressively from the head, backed by finely crafted twists that drop down the back.

32. Flaming Locs Mohawk

Reveal your hot personality with this style. A very rebellious yet unique look to catch anyone’s attention.

33. Blazing Mohawk Afro

This style is perfect for those who embrace the extraordinary side of hairdos. The electrifying hairstyle strikes artistic expression.

34. Side Cornrows Mohawk

This innovative hairstyle is a blend of side cornrows and spiked locs. The style is as sophisticated as it is daring.

35. Black and Blonde Thin Locs Mohawk

The Black and Blonde Thick Locs Mohawk is a statement of uniqueness, reflecting the contrast between the deep depth of black and the captivating brightness of blonde.

36. Short Twists Mohawk

Short twists mohawk is perfect for those seeking a look that’s refined yet unique. If you are the one, consider it!

37. Oceanic Side Cornrows Mohawk

Want to make a splash in the world of style? This one’s for you. It will show your willingness to stand out.

38. Two Strand Twists All Back Mohawk

Here, the combination of the edgy mohawk and the texture of the two-strand twists creates a visually appealing balance.  A style for all!

39. Blonde Pineapple Two Strand Twist Mohawk

Pineapple two-strand twists are so famous among black men. Infusing it with a mohawk makes it more popular and out of the box. Why don’t you try it?

40. Thinnest Box Twists Mohawk

These ultra-thin box twists define the mohawk’s edges, producing a beautiful and refined look.

41. Mohawk Dreads With Beads and Tattoos

This is more than simply a style; it’s a work of art. The mohawk, dreadlocks, beads, and tattoos provide the only proof of who you are.

42. Blonde and Black Lybrinth Mohawk

This creative weave of textures and shades catches the eye and piques one’s interest. It serves as a reminder that your hair can be a canvas for your expression.

43. Medium Locs Light Fade Mohawk

If you work in a more selective environment where wearing dreads is still permitted, this is the ideal, subtle way to arrange your mohawk locks.

44. Thick Locs With Mohawk

Maintaining a thick loc-mohawk look is difficult. However, as one of the most popular mohawk dreadlock styles for black males, it’s an obvious winner.

45. Starter Locs V-Shaped Mohawk

Along with the shaved sides, the V-shaped starter locs at the back stand out. So, if you have starter locs, this style is a quick way to be a unique person.

46. Blonde Bun Two Strand Twist Mohawk

Some black men don’t like their locs to fall and fly and this style is specifically for them. A blonde bun on top with shaved sides is nothing but a comfortable yet stylish combo.

47. Front Fall Mohawk

Faded sides with small twists that are style-forward are one of the softer and more decent looks a black man can have. If you add ear studs and a tattoo, the look will become sexier.

48. Coiled Twisters Mohawk

Coiled locs never disappoint when it comes to texture. How can it be a bad choice when blended with an undercut? Anyone who takes on this style will slay!

49. Light Shaved Side and Top Bun Mohawk

Don’t like faded sides but still want a mohawk look? Check this out. The top bun with a lightly shaved side and back is not only a comfortable style but also one with low maintenance.

50. Red Spice Mohawk

A mohawk with red locs would be an unusual and daring hairdo. The central section will serve as the mohawk’s primary focus.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a mohawk haircut called now?

The mohawk hairstyle was invented when people started having their heads shaved from both sides. Nowadays, the mohawk is also known as Mohican.

Are mohawks in style in 2023?

Yes, mohawks hairstyles have been found as one of the trendy haircuts of 2023. In this, you will have to shave your head from the left and right sides only. The hair remains on the center top of the head.

What mohawks look good on shorter dreads?

High-top dreadlocks, or even undercut dreadlocks mohawk or one of the greatest and coolest mohawks dreads types to have when you have short dreads on your head.

Can long dreads get a mohawk?

Yes, long dreads can definitely flaunt a mohawk look. If you want to minimize the volume while still flaunting a really stylish appearance, a long dreaded mohawk is a perfect option. You can tie your dreads in a ponytail.

Is it necessary to get half bald for having a mohawk?

Shaving your head is the core ingredient of a mohawk haircut. However, it is not necessary to get bald completely, you can have a faded trim on the sides of your head.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Mohawk dreads style is taking its place in the top trending haircuts. You can also get one and stand out from the crowd. Due to its wide range of cool and fun hairdos, the mohawk dreads seem so attractive and unique. Do tell me are you getting one? Which one do you like the most? 

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