3 Strand Twist Dreads: The Ultimate How-to Guide!

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3 Strand Twist Dreads: The Ultimate How-to Guide!

A 3-strand twist is a popular African hairstyle that is made by wrapping three strands of hair around each other so that they look like a spiral of curly hair which can be converted into locks or dreads.

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Strand twists dreads are stylish smooth dreads that are not as fragile as regular twists, and they are not so hard to make if you have good instructions.

3 Strand Dreads 1

Read on to learn all about 3 strands twist dreads including how to make them.

Benefits Of Making 3 Strand Twist Dreads

Strand twists are better than plaits or braids because they give your hair a beautiful natural style while you wait for your dreads to grow. Braids, on the other hand, tend to look plain.

3 Strand Dreads

More smooth

One benefit of starting dreadlocks with strand twists is that they tend to dread more smoothly than braids, even though the twists are still visible in the finished dread, but this method gives more incredibly attractive dreadlocks.

Makes Dreads Faster

There’s no need to trim the “once-strand-twisted dread”, because it looks better as it is. Most people say that strand twists also turn into dreadlocks more quickly than braids because the hair is not held as firmly.

Gives longer dreads

Another benefit of making 3 strand twist dreads is that you can also manage the size of your hair depending upon the segment of your hair. Larger portions develop larger dreadlocks. It also keeps the hair from tangles an hair breakage.

Step By Step Guide To Make 3 Strand Dreads

What do you need?

  •   Dread Cream
  •   Your Clean Hair

41aTu+W6sfS. SL500
  • 100% ORGANIC

Step 1

First, divide the hair into sections with a comb or your fingers. The bigger the hair section is, the thicker your dreadlocks will form.  Keep the sections square so that the dreads don’t grow flat but round. As you go, use clips to hold the sections together.

Step 2

Divide each section of hair into two or three parts, depending on whether you want two or three-strand twist dreads. The only difference between two and three-strand twists is the “number of strands you are working with”.  

Before starting, apply dread cream on the hair while the strand of hair is being spun. Use enough cream so that each hair gets a little bit of cream along its length. It’s important to know that adding more cream doesn’t help in any other way. Resist the temptation to use more cream, even if it is smelling too good!

Step 3

Strand twist dreadlocks are made by twisting each hair strand in one direction and then wrapping it around the other strands in the opposite direction. The two different ways the twist goes push against each other, thereby assisting the strand twist to remain intact.

To make this clear, we will label each strand A, B, and C. The three strands need to be arranged in order from left to right.  So, try to keep the strands a few inches away from the root. You will maintain constant tension on them to prevent them from unwinding.

Begin with strand A and spin it twice to the left (counter-clockwise). Now, pass the strand over but not under the other two strands to the right side (near strand C). When you pass the strand over, it means that you are basically clockwise-twisting it around the other strands. Don’t worry if this makes little sense at the moment. It will shortly.

Step 4

Repeat the previous step using strand B. We now discover strand B on the far left after having just crossed strand A over and to the right. It should end up on the far right after a few counterclockwise rotations to the left and a pass over strands A and C. In simple words, we are proceeding in a similar way with strand B as we did with strand A earlier. 

Turn one strand counterclockwise and pass it over the others as you take each one in turn (clockwise).

Step 5

 As you continue in this pattern, a large, fat spiral of natural hair will start to form. Continue doing so until you reach the hair’s end. With a good, tight elastic hair, fasten the bottom strand twist. Finish out the remaining sections of the hair in the same manner.

Step 6

The twist strands will gradually loosen and the hair will start to lock. The length of your new strand growth will continue to increase as the hair develops. Additionally, you will be required to use clockwise rubbing to help this new growth lock up because you cannot strand twist it.

You can also retwist your hair, however, rubbing your hair clockwise usually produces dreadlocks more quickly than retwisting does.

Moreover, it’s important to know when they are first created, strand twists are not dreads. Although they are more resilient than ordinary twists and can resist activity and washing better, they are still somewhat delicate until they have fully locked.

This estimate is simply a rough guess and can range from two to six months. Locking times can vary depending on the type of hair and lifestyle factors like care and maintenance routine can be even more important.

Note: Another piece of advice is sticking to a set pattern will keep the direction consistent. The direction in which the hair grows should correspond with the direction of the “body of the twist”, not the direction of the strand’s twist. Clockwise (the orientation outlined in the instructions) is feasible over “Counter-Clockwise” because clockwise circular growth patterns are more prevalent. Therefore, this orientation is compatible with the natural direction of our hair (said to be 70% of us).

Now it is Your Turn

A 3-strand twist is a trending natural African hairstyle that is easy to make. Whether you want to make three-strand dreads or two-strand dreads, the method is similar. This hairstyle not only gives you a stylish look but it is more resilient and dreads also locs faster via this hairdo.

That is all for now.  Do share your comments if you have tried this style?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does It Take For 3 Strands Twist To Lock?

Even though they are tougher and can survive activity and washing better than normal twists, they are still somewhat fragile until they have fully locked. The time can be anything between two and six months, but this is merely an estimate.

What Is A Three-Strand Twist?

What exactly is a three-strand twist? A 3-strand twist is an alternative to a braid that includes winding three strands of hair around each other to create a spiral, curly appearance. A 3-strand twist can also be used to generate 3-strand twist locs and dreads if desired.

Does 3 strands twist dreads make your hair grow faster?

3 strand twists do not make the hair grow faster. How fast your hair grows is genetically predetermined. However, having your hair in 3 strand twists keeps the hair tacked in and prevents hair breakage which may help retain the length.

Can 3 strands twists dreads damage your hair?

3 strands twists do not damage your hair if done without applying too much tension or pulling especially along the hairline.

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