Goddess Braids with Curls: Everything you Need to Know!

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Goddess Braids with Curls: Everything you Need to Know!

Goddess braids beautiful hairstyles you have probably come across in recent times. Popular among the black community, women wear the hairstyle for its elegance, charm, beauty, fashion and as a protective method to their natural hair.

The most popular goddess braids are those with curls or wavy curls. Since you’re reading this, you might be planning to get goddess braids. If so, we assure you that you will love rocking your new hairstyle.

You might also be wondering if you can do your goddess braids at home. Of course! But doing it yourself can be stressful. We recommend going to a stylist.

Let me take you through the process.  

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What are Goddess Braids?

Goddess Braids with Curls

Goddess braids are a rare carefree soft style of traditional box braids that feature long, rope-like curly tendrils lying flat along the scalp.

With different hairstyles evolving, goddess braids are not limited to just cornrows and traditional box braids. There are crochet, faux and box braids.

Apart from offering an elegant, simple or casual look whatever you choose, goddess braids offer protection to your natural hair while it grows.

Best Goddess Braids Wigs to try

SOKU Goddess Faux Locs Braided Wigs

SOKU Goddess Faux Locs Braided Wigs

  • Premium Material: Made of low temperature synthetic fiber, soft faux locs braiding crochet hair locs. Lightweight for 350 grams, super soft and thickness hair which gives a very natural looking. Safe more time, easy to install for beginners
  • Length is 28 inches which is long enough for a dreadlock hairstyle with Swiss lace front from ear to ear, no itchy for skin. Perfect braided lace front wig for black women
  • The cap size is average size which can fit most of head sizes. Cap net is breathable and comfortable. There are 3 combs on the both sides and back to fasten the wig, 2 adjustable straps at the back of the wig
  • Easy to take care of: This Dreadlock Curly Afro Braided Wig has a super hair style memory effect, and the overall has a strong support and fluffy feeling. Shake the wig gently, then it will more fluffy
  • Various Wearing Occasion: Perfect for Daily, Concerts, Christmas Gifts, Theme Parties, Halloween, Costume Party or any other occasions that you want. You will get a realistic and natural looking with it, and brings you more charm and confidence
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Goddess Faux Locs Wigs

Goddess Faux Locs Wigs

  • Premium Material: Made of low temperature synthetic fiber, soft faux locs braiding crochet hair locs. Lightweight for 350 grams, super soft and thickness hair which gives a very natural looking. Safe more time, easy to install for beginners
  • Goddess Faux Locs Lace Wig: Length is 28 inches which is long enough for a dreadlock hairstyle with Swiss lace front from ear to ear, and baby hair around, gives this braided wig super natural looking. No itchy for skin
  • Average Size: The cap size is average which can fit most of head sizes. Cap net is breathable and comfortable. There are 3 clips/combs in the both sides and back to fasten the wig, 2 adjustable straps at the back of the wig. Easy for install
  • Easy to take care of: This Dreadlock Curly Braided Lace Front Wig has a super hair style memory effect, and the overall has a strong support and fluffy feeling. Shake the wig gently, then it will more fluffy
  • Various Wearing Occasion: Perfect for Daily, Concerts, Christmas Gifts, Theme Parties, Halloween, Costume Party or any other occasions that you want. You will get a realistic and natural looking with it, and brings you more charm and confidence
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S-noilite Dreadlock Wigs

S-noilite Dreadlock Wigs

  • Style:it is a 100% handmade dreadlock wig,faux locs crochet twist braided wig with curly ends,hold the texture well,the design is inspired by african styles,great for wig beginners and wigs hobbyist.
  • Feature:goddess curly faux locs wig,4x4" natural parting space,fully handmade glueless and lightweight,natural edges with baby hair make it looks more natural,more realistic braid wig helps you save money and time.
  • Material:high quality heat resistant synthetic hair,natural glossy,tangle free and light weight,you will feel like your own hair,the fashion braided wig for women ladies.
  • Cap size:cap circumference 21-23",which fits most head size. flexible mesh cap with a headband,combs and adjustable straps for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Occasions:fashion wavy curls faux locs crochet braided hair wig perfect for concerts,theme party,night out,weddings,dating,cosplay,costume and halloween party etc.
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Goddess Box Braided Wigs

Goddess Box Braided Wigs

  • 【Begginer Friendly Wig Wear & Go】Never Need Hours of Waiting to Style It, Glueless Cap Desigh Only take Few Seconds to Give You a Natural Braided Long Hair Looking.
  • 【Adjustable Size】Braided Wigs With Breathble and Soft Wig Cap Desighed with Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs, Ear to Ear 13.5”-13.75”, Front to Back 14”-14.5” Which Fits Most Head Size. The Strap Can Be Adjusted to Fit Your Head Size.
  • 【New Upgrade】Super Nutural Hairline No Baby Hair Needed.100% Fully Handmade Braided Glue-Less Super Lightweight Box Braided wigs for Black Women.
  • 【Material】 Made of Heat Resistant Fiber, All Braided Wigs Are Hand Braided By Professional Styling Designer, Desighed with Middle Part Fake Scalp and Frizzy Baby Hair Around The Edge, Tight and Looking Natural.
  • 【Package Included】 1 Braided Curly Ends Wig + 1 Pieces Stocking Wig Caps 1 Headband and 1 Random Free Gift. We Promise The Braided Wig Is High Quality,Fast delivery, Delivery Time is 1-2 Days. But If You Do Not Like It, Please Do Not Worry and Let Us Know. We Will Responsible for Those Low Probability Misfortune Orders, We Can Do Refund or Other Solution of You Prefer.
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AISI HAIR Black to Brown Box Braid Wigs

AISI HAIR Black to Brown Box Braid Wigs

  • 【About】Length 22 Inches, Weight 390+-5 g, Wig Cap: 21.5-23 Inches, Color: Black to Brown
  • 【Material】This crochet box braids wig adopts premium long lasting durable synthetic fiber, which can be heated up to 160℃ (320℉), no smell no shedding.
  • 【Wig Type】 This is a full wig with simulated scalp design, help you own a new hairstyle immediately instead of spending time to glue the wig, braid hair, or restyle.
  • 【Advantages】This beginner friendly box braids wig is easy installed, can be worn and take off very fast and convenient. It can be used for multiple occassions when you're working, studying, dating, and traveling...and etc.
  • 【Wig Maintenance】Please note the wig might be squeezed during the long term transportation. It's recommended to sort the hair first with your fingers or air cushion combs gentlely after receiving. You can also apply a mixture spray of water and conditioner to prevent tangles or statics. After using, please organize your wig and wrap with a net before storing it.
  • 【Cap Size】2 Adjustable Buckles can be adjusted cap to fit different head circumstances. 2 Clips help secure the wig not falling without glue! You can get a new look very simply and fast!
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How to make Goddess Braids with Curls?

Goddess Braids with Curls 1

To get started, you would have to assemble all the materials you need including;

1. Braiding hair

Depending on how big you want your goddess braids or how much natural hair you have, you’ll need about five to nine synthetic braiding hair. Now synthetic hair has rough ends, which aren’t easy to use in that state. So you have to feather the hair first.

You might have seen a hairstylist feathering synthetic hair for braids. The process is easy; here is a step by step guide below:

  • Remove the hair from the package taking off the rubber bands holding the bottom and center of hair together
  • Hold the bottom of the hair in one of your hands facing upwards
  • With your other hand, pull up small sections of hair continually  
  • When done, hold the hair at the center and use your other hand to figure comb the hair
  • You might also use a big wide comb to make it even
  • Additionally, you can rub a little amount of moisturizer in your palm and apply it on the synthetic hair. This would hold the hair together.
  • Once the ends are feathered and combed, it’s ready for installation! 

2. Wavy hair

Secondly, you’ll need wavy hair for the curls. Using a human hair braiding hair for your curls is highly recommended as it is softer and more relaxing. However, some people choose to use the same synthetic braiding hair but a different color for their curls.

3. Scissors

You’ll need scissors to trim the rough edges of the braids.

4. Styling gel

To hold and style your edges.

5. Butterfly clips

To hold your hair and braids together.

6. Sulfate-free shampoo

For washing your natural hair

7. Conditioner

To moisturize your hair. You can opt for a deep conditioner if you have super dry hair.

8. Wide toothed comb

To comb your hair and the braids

9. Rat tailed comb

To even out your hair for braiding.

10. Edge control

11. Hot water

12. Towels

Getting your hair ready

Goddess Braids with Curls 2

Getting goddess braids takes time to make. You would also want to keep it for a few weeks to two months too, for the beauty and glamor. As such it requires that you keep your natural hair clean and moisturized before you braid. To do this please;

  • Wash
  • Shampoo
  • Condition
  • Dry
  • Moisturize your hair.

When your hair is ready, divide it into four sections with your rat tail comb.

Secure three sections with the butterfly clip or rubber band, depending on what you have.

Do take your time while parting your natural hair into smaller sections for the braids. The smaller size you part depends on how big or small you want your goddess braids.

Installing your goddess braids- step by step guide

Goddess Braids with Curls 3

Now that your natural hair has been divided and you’ve parted out your first section, it’s time to get to braiding. Your stylist should follow the guidance below to install your braids: 

  • Rub some edge control on your first section.
  • Grab smaller braiding hair and hold it at the base of your natural hair. 
  • Using your natural hair as one of the three braiding sections, begin to three-strand braid, looping braiding hair around your natural hair and then continue weaving.
  • After you’ve braided down about an inch, grab a small amount of the wavy hair and join it with two of your braiding sections. 
  • After braiding down about a half-inch, pull one of the wavy sections outside of the braid. You can use a clip to keep the wavy hair out of the way. 
  • Continue braiding the hair down. Add more synthetic hair depending on how long you want your goddess braids.
  • When you get to where the extension hair meets the wavy hair, apply one drop of styling gel there and allow it to dry. The gel will keep the braid in place while the wavy hair remains loose.
  • Cut off any scraggly ends with scissors for a clean look. 
  • Repeat the process all over your head. 
  • Shape the ends of your hair with hair scissors

Making goddess curls with hot water setting

Another way to make curls in your goddess braids is through hot water setting. Unlike the curls, hot water setting makes the goddess braids relax and softer, making you show up in elegance.

To curl your goddess braids using hot water;

  • Twist two or more goddess braids from the center to the bottom into one braid
  • Repeat process until all braids are join to the other
  • Put water to the boil using a boiling kettle
  • That should take about 5-7 minutes
  • When the hot water is ready, pour it into a cylinder shaped like container, about 10 to 12 inches’ long
  • Sit back and relax backwards on a chair, with face facing slightly upward
  • Wrap a large cotton towel or washcloth around your neck from behind, like you do in the salon
  • Your stylist will deep the goddess braids in hot water from behind, leaving it to settle within a minute or two
  • Dry hair with towel
  • Unplait joined goddess braids
  • Style as desired
  • You can use styling gel to style the edges
  • There you have your relaxed curly goddess braids!

How long does it take to make goddess braids?

Goddess box braids installation can take anywhere from three hours to a day or longer. The actual installation time for you will depend on: 

  • How quickly your stylist can braid
  • Your desired braid length
  • The size of your head
  • How large you make your parts 

It’s advisable to take the day off for this hairstyle.

How to maintain goddess braids?

Goddess Braids with Curls 4

After going through all the trouble of installing goddess braids, you would definitely want to make the style last. Use the tips below to help you properly maintain your braids for weeks or a few months: 

1. Wrap them up at night with a silk/satin bonnet or scarf.

For maximum protection, use a hairnet on it after scarfing. This helps to minimize frizz and extend the life of the style. Going to beg without scarfing your goddess braids makes it dull after a few weeks.

2. Moisturize your scalp with oil.

 If you plan on wearing the style for longer than a month or so, you may notice that your scalp gets dry or itchy. Use a light oil to hydrate your scalp whenever necessary. Olive oil, sweet almost oil, or lavender oil are excellent for braids.

3. Avoid Swimming pool

If you cannot stay away from swimming for the time being while having goddess braids, make sure to dry your hair after with a hand dryer. Leaving it to dry takes longer and may smell.

Dos and don’ts of goddess braids

  • Do find ways to maintain the braids
  • Do be patients with the braiding process
  • Don’t braid too tight as it may hurt your scalp

Pros and cons


1. Long-term protective style.

Goddess braids are a long-term protective style that can last up to a couple of months. Once you reach the two-month mark, it’s time to take the style down, otherwise, your scalp begins to itch and smell.

2. Easy maintenance.

All you need to do to maintain the style is to oil it from time to time and cover it up at night. 


1. Stressful to install.

Some may find goddess braids very difficult to install as it takes time. To install it on yourself is even more stressful. 

2. Long installation time

Just like other braided styles, the installation time for goddess braids is relatively long. It can take six hours to braid.

3. Heaviness.

The synthetic hair used for the style has the potential to feel heavy and cause neck pain. It can also be damaging on your baby hairs and edges.

4. Styling Gel

Some styling gels cause your edges to break. Do limit its use as much as you can.

Exploring sister goddess braids hairstyles

1. Traditional Goddess locs

The traditional goddess locs installation method starts by first sectioning hair into a few sections then box braiding the hair. Loose, curly extensions are then added to the ends.

Then the braiding hair is wrapped around every box braid to create the goddess locs. This approach is time-consuming because, in addition to the box braiding, there are several steps to create the goddess locs.

2. Crochet goddess braids method

For crochet goddess braids, you can cornrow your natural hair towards the back, ensuring that the cornrows are smaller at the front for a neater look.

Then braid the faux locs beginning from the back of your neck to the top of your head. To conceal the gaps, add more locs to the center of your head.

Here is a video for more details

How to take down goddess braids

To remove the goddess braids, cut the plait about an inch below where your natural hair ends. The blunt cut will make the braids unravel. If you have longer natural hair, be careful how you cut your braids. Unplait to regain your natural hair.

Facts about Goddess braids

Goddess Braids with Curls 5

1. Protects your natural hair

Goddess braids are a great way to protect your hair from the wear and tear that is associated with constantly visiting the salon, perming and styling your hair.

2. Encourages hair growth

They offer the added benefit of encouraging length retention because the braided hair will not be bothered by repeated manipulation.

3. Protects your natural hair against harsh conditions

Additionally, it will not come into contact with surfaces such as cotton pillowcases or cloth car seats. Goddess braids also protect your hair against harsh weather conditions like harmattan or dry season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do goddess braids last?

How long goddess braids last is really up to you. From our experience, some women wear the style for only a few weeks up to a couple of months.
The real key is to make sure that you continue to maintain your natural hair, especially if you’ve decided to utilize weaved hair also.

Can you wash your goddess braids?

You can wash your braids every two to three weeks. If you’re not washing your hair and scalp, that means all of the buildups of products and dry skin just stay on your scalp, which can lead to flakes and itchiness. Use a hairdryer to dry hair after washing.

How long do goddess braids last?

You can expect your box braids to last a total of four to eight weeks without a touch-up. This is possible if maintenance is kept up including trimming away extension fly-aways, keeping edges smooth and hydrated, and ensuring your scalp health is in tip-top shape.

Why do my goddess braids inch?

Your scalp collects dead skin cells, sebum and dust, which then becomes trapped at the roots and needs to be cleared as it can cause itchiness,” says trichologist Anabel Kingsley.

Can braids damage my hair?

Ponytails and braids can cause hair to break, especially if your style is pulled tightly. Braiding or putting your hair in a ponytail when it’s wet can also cause damage sooner because wet hair is more fragile. Therefore, lose your braids at the scalp while braiding to prevent breakage.

How do I get my natural hair ready for goddess braids?

To prepare your hair for braids, I would suggest doing a strong protein treatment followed by a moisturizing one at least twice before even thinking about braiding your hair. You want to make sure your strands and scalp are clean before getting started. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove any excess product or residue.

 In a nutshell…

Goddess braids with curls are a beautiful protective style that is seen in almost two in five young women.

One of the main benefits of goddess braids is that they provide you with an opportunity to protect your hair while it grows. It is best to visit your stylist to install your braids as it takes time.

Preserve your goddess braids by wrapping them with a scarf before bedtime. Also, use hair oils to moisturize your scalp regularly to keep it from drying up.

Goddess braids are protective ways to grow your hair, keep natural hair from harsh weather and salon manipulations.

All the best in exploring goddess braids with curls.

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