Why Does Black People’s Hair Itch? Everything you Need to Know!

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"Why Does Black People’s Hair Itch? Everything you Need to Know!"

Itchy hairs can be quite uncomfortable, especially when it seems unending. An itchy hair can either be fueled by dandruff, hair lice, dirt, scabies, ringworm, or a reaction from a hair product (this includes hair cream, shampoo, and even hair dye.) Our hair reacts and responds differently. This is the reason you shouldn’t leave your hair to the care of your hairstylist alone.

First, let’s establish that an itchy scalp isn’t a dead end for your hair. The hair just like other parts of the body can act out in different ways, and for various reasons as well. Fortunately, our medical practitioners always have a remedy for most of these ailments.

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In recent times, dermatologists have discovered causes, symptoms, and cures for itchy scalps. We all experience itchy scalp at one point or the other, but then the intensity and level of discomfort differ between individuals. You’ll get to know more as you read on. 

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Possible Causes of an Itchy Scalp


An itchy scalp may not mean anything serious until it becomes usual. When it becomes constant, of course, there’s a background cause. An itchy scalp could sometimes be a major symptom of many hair diseases. No matter how careless you are with your hair, you definitely cannot ignore an itchy scalp!

First, you should know that whenever you feel your hair itching, there is always a reason for it. For one, it could be that your skin or scalp is reacting or responding to something. An itchy scalp is helpful because it draws your attention to something you may not detect ordinarily.

So, itchy scalps come as a kind of notification or alarm for an unforeseen effect. It is one of the ways your hair screams for help. Studies on this symptom revealed different causes. Some of these causes are;

1. Dandruff

You can just run a quick check for this right now by slightly scratching or hitting your hair. For accuracy, you may want to place a white paper below your hair as you scratch or hit it. When you do this and notice a dry whitish or brownish flaky skin fall off, then you probably are a victim of dandruff.

Now, dandruff has more than one cause. An oil scalp is one, genetic predisposition is another rare cause. But a major predominant cause is your scalp’s reaction or response to an overgrowth of Malassezia yeast. This overgrowth causes inflammation on your scalp which then provokes an itchy feeling.

But, hey! No worries! Fortunately, many over-the-counter prescriptions and home remedies can heal it in no time.

2. Head Lice

This is not a very friendly cause as many ladies freak out at any possibility of it. But then, it seems to be overhyped. It isn’t an end to your hair growth as most ladies think.

Head lice are sponsored by the presence of a parasite known as “lice”. If it finds its way into your hair, it lives there, and even begins to reproduce. Its movements and bites are what make your scalp itchy. 

Head lice are usually so comfortable in your hair shaft that they can stay as long as you accommodate them. They are quite hidden. So, you may need the assistance of a friend or your hairstylist to look out for them. A major sign is that the itch is usually more intense at the back of your ear and hair.

3. Allergic reactions

Your hair products are also major suspects for your itchy scalp. From your shampoo to hair cream, and even hair dye! This is why it is advised that you take proper care of your hair. Now, this is beyond washing it and applying hair cream.

Do you know your hair type? Have you observed your hair closely enough to know how it reacts to the products you introduce? Do you understand your hair needs? This is hair care. Not every product is good for your hair. 

An itchy scalp can be an allergic reaction to a common ingredient in Brown and black hair dye known as Para-phenylenediamine. There are shampoos that when not properly washed out can make your scalp itchy.

4. Sweat and Dirt

As mild as it sounds, it does influence itchy scalps too! Since our hair types differ, your hair type may get itchy when there’s sweat or dirt, but it may not be so with another.

Sweat on your scalp makes it oily and provokes an overgrowth of Malassezia. Wash your hair as often as 2-3 times monthly. 

What Happens When You Scratch Your Hair Constantly? 

Causes 1

You scratch your hair to ease the discomfort that comes with an itchy scalp, but that’s not good either for an already troubled scalp. When you scratch your scalp, you are not only weakening your hair follicle which can lead to hair loss, but you are also exposing your scalp to infections.

By constantly scratching your hair, you may injure yourself. This can be infected by a fungus that causes ringworm. So, you are getting your scalp into more trouble by scratching it. This is why you have to quickly address whatever provokes your itchy scalp.

Best Products and Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp in Black Hair? 

Causes 3

1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera has a strong moisturizing effect which is soothing and helpful for a dry scalp. 

2. Baking Soda and Olive Oil

You can say goodbye to Dandruff, ringworm, and other fungi hair infections. With baking soda and olive oil, your scalp is not just properly moisturized, but exfoliated from dry inflamed skin.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a highly antifungal repellant. Need quick relief from itchy scalp and inflammation, Apple Cider vinegar is reliable and soothing.

4. Onion Juice

This juice prevents and keeps the scalp infection free. It acts as a form of lubricant. Although, it is advised to apply in small portions, probably due to its smell.

There are other solutions such as peppermint oil, mashed banana, yogurt and egg, jojoba oil, etc. It’ll be better if you are guided in your use of these home remedies. Consult a dermatologist or seasoned hairstylist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does an itchy scalp mean hair growth?

Yeah…to an extent. An itchy scalp does accompany hair growth, but not without other supportive signs. Other signs that accompany itching during hair growth are dark spots, baby hair, or peach fuzz.
Otherwise, you may be infected with ringworm, psoriasis, head lice, or any other cause of an itchy scalp.

Is there a remedy for itching hair? 

Yes, lots of them! But not all is for you. This is why you need a prescription from your dermatologist or hair stylist on which works best for your hair. 

Does Dying Black hair cause it to itch?

 Yes, but not always. If you maintain a healthy scalp it shouldn’t, but if you leave your hair all by itself then it is bound to get itchy. Itchy hair caused by dye usually comes as a reaction from Para-phenylenediamine(PPD).

It’s Your Turn

Issues such as an itchy scalp can be permanently laid to rest when you begin to take good care of your hair. If you happen to have persisting itchy hair, I’ll advise you to relax and carefully run a self-check to know its cause. Or for extreme cases, you could visit a dermatologist.

Now that you know the likely causes of an itchy scalp, and all there’s to it. What’s your next step toward your hair care? 

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