Does Black People’s Hair Get Greasy? Everything you Need to Know!

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Does Black People's Hair Get Greasy? Everything you Need to Know!

Yes, black people’s hair does get greasy. But then, the extent of grease retained by your hair depends on your hair type. Some hair types are often greasier than others.

Black people’s hair is categorized into 4 main types, ranging from type 4A to 4C. These types of hair are known to lack natural oil, since they lack sufficient natural oil, they easily get dry making them prone to breakage. 

This reveals that the excess grease found in black people’s hair is often majorly sponsored by over usage of hair moisturizers. Hair oil and moisturizer are encouraged for black hair since on their own, they cannot produce the necessary quantity of oil needed to keep the hair healthy. 

However, while it is true that black hairs require sufficient oil for their overall health and growth, they shouldn’t be used excessively. This is because too much grease can be harmful and unhealthy for the scalp. In this article, we’d get to understand the black hair types and the best ways to maintain its moisture and grease.

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Effects of a Greasy Scalp

Does Black Peoples Hair Get Greasy

Before going into the effects of a greasy scalp on black people’s hair, let’s get a better understanding of what a greasy scalp is.

A greasy scalp is simply an excessively oily scalp. Here’s an analogy. The tongue, for instance, is always wet, but you’d agree with me that it does not drip saliva. It just stays wet constantly, it means it is rarely ever dry. In like manner, your hair is meant to sustain a certain degree of moisture but not more than needed.

Yes, your hair needs a certain amount of moisture to stay healthy, but then for different reasons, this oil is overproduced. And this is not considered good for the hair, when this happens we say that the scalp is greasy.  Side effects of a greasy scalp are usually itchiness and dandruff. 

Greasy hair also often looks dirty and unattractive. The reason for this is that the overproduced oil easily attracts dirt into the hair which eventually leads to infections in the scalp. So, whenever you discover that your hair gets dirty within a very short time, you may want to check for a greasy scalp.

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Causes of a Greasy Scalp in Black People’s Hair

Does Black Peoples Hair Get Greasy 1

Even as blacks, several factors provoke excessive buildup of Sebum(hair oil) on your hair making it greasy. You may ask; since black people’s hair type is prone to dryness, what then makes it greasy? 

To begin with, I would like you to know that not all black hair is prone to dryness because our hair type differs. This implies that being black isn’t a total exemption from a greasy scalp. So, you should look out for these factors daily as you groom your hair, to avoid a greasy scalp. Here are the majors;

1. Hair Care Products 

Just as you experience a greasy reaction from the scalp when there’s overproduction of oil in your scalp, the same happens when there’s an excessive application of oil to the hair too.

More so, greasy hair is not provoked by the constant application of hair oil alone, there are hair care products and moisturizers that can also cause a greasy scalp. For instance, there are Hair Gel, conditioners, and shampoos if not properly washed out of the hair can also make the scalp greasy.

2. Hereditary Predisposition 

Genetic factors also make hair greasiness possible in blacks. Hereditary predisposition implies that most women in a family experience greasy hair at intervals. But then, this does not negate the fact that other factors can contribute to it. 

So, you’ll need to be careful about your hair’s oil level. Although greasy hair is inherited, it can still be managed properly. A major trick for cleansing the hair of unwanted grease is by washing it. Ensure you wash your hair first before applying treatments on it.

3. Heat  

The weather conditions around black regions can be a major threat to your hair. Some people have observed that their hair gets easily greasy when the weather is heated up. 

This reveals that heat stands as a significant trigger to greasy hair. So to handle this, you’ll need to watch the kind of products you apply to it and wash your hair when needed to keep it more hydrated than greasy.

4. Constant Hair Wash

Hair wash is highly recommended for a healthy, and shiny scalp, but it should be done cautiously. Constant hair washing sends the wrong signal to your sebaceous gland. It tells it that your hair needs a constant supply of hair since it is being washed so often.

Based on the signs, the gland goes ahead to produce more oil than is needed for your hair and the healthiness of the scalp. This eventually leads to a greasy scalp. But here’s the simple remedy to this, wash your hair only when it is due to be washed. Not just when you feel like it.

4. Hair Type 

As blacks, our hair type is also a major cause of our greasy hair. Although the level of greasiness on black people’s hair isn’t alarming, it does get greasy especially when it’s not been washed for a while

How Often Should Black People Wash Their Greasy Hair? 

Does Black Peoples Hair Get Greasy 2

In a bid to teach you hygiene, you’ve probably been groomed by parents and well-wishers to keep all parts of your body clean. And so, there is usually the nudge to wash your black hair more often than required. But I’m sorry to tell you this, your black hair doesn’t consider this hygienic therapy.

This is why you are expected to give due attention to your hair. When you give due observation and proper care to your hair, you’ll get to know how best to handle your hair. And from the looks of things, you appear to be that by reading through this article.

Do you know that the way you wash your hair can either improve or damage your hair’s health? Your hair type should determine how you wash your hair. Type  A’s hair response to a weekly hair wash may not be the same as type B’s. 

So, here’s the rule; wash your hair as often as it gets dirty. Constant washing makes the scalp dry especially for black people. So, wash when necessary, like when you notice a greasy scalp. You should also use Moisturizing shampoos to prevent scalp dryness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Greasy hair good?

No, greasy hair isn’t good in any way. Yes, your hair needs oil to maintain its healthy state, keep its shine, and look attractive. But it doesn’t need to be greasy, since grease attracts dust and dirt.

Does Greasing Your Scalp Help in Hair Growth?

Oiling your hair once in a while is a great help for its health and speedy growth, but it shouldn’t be done excessively. Your hair only needs a certain amount of oil, so ensure it gets just that amount, and nothing more.

How Do You Know If You Have Greasy Hair?

When your hair is greasy, it usually has a kind of sticky feel. It also gives your hair a whitish dusty look which makes it appear dirty to all that see it. Also, there is an itchy sensation. A greasy scalp is usually itchy and discomforting, which may lead to an outbreak of dandruff.  

It’s Your Turn

Have you ever experienced a greasy scalp? Do you know a friend experiencing its symptoms?

Then, you might need to visit the salon for a hair wash, fortunately, it doesn’t cost much to be treated. Or you could decide to do a prop wash at home with good shampoo and conditioner.

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