Can Black People Use Dry Shampoo? Everything you Need to Know!

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Can Black People Use Dry Shampoo

You probably must have heard of dry shampoo or maybe you’ve not.  Well, dry shampoo is a special kind of shampoo that you can use on your hair without having to wash it off. If you’ve ever used a leave-in conditioner, then dry shampoo works the same way. 

Dry shampoo is formulated with certain nutrients that keep the scalp fresh and healthy, it leaves your hair oil-free and also serves as an agent against lice amongst its other benefits. And the best part is that you don’t have to do any washing. But then there are some cons to its usage which you will want to know about especially with black hair.

I didn’t know of dry shampoo not until recently. Once I did, I was eager to learn how it works and how suitable it was for blacks like me. I guess you are also as eager to know more about it as I was. Let’s get straight into it then.

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How Dry Shampoo Works On Black Hair 

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Dry shampoo is applied to the hair when it is dry, hence the name ‘dry shampoo’. You can apply it without a need to wash off your hair, unlike the regular wet shampoo. You can consider using it as a quick hair freshener, you just need to massage your hair while applying it to restore freshness to your hair 

Dry shampoo is a type of shampoo that reduces excess oil from your hair. It makes your hair look fresh and healthy even without washing it. The dry shampoo contains starch-based/alcohol ingredients and fragrance which leaves your hair renewed and nice. 

Engaging in workouts, chores, and other daily routines can spur sweat in your head. When it gets mixed with humid air, dust, and the oil produced by your hair, it tends to get messy. But with the help of a Dry shampoo, you can easily handle it, especially when you need to dash out of the house for an urgent assignment.

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How To Use The Dry Shampoo On Your Hair 

Here are helpful tips on how best to use dry shampoo:

Step 1:

It is advised to shake the shampoo bottle well before use, this will help a proper mixture of settling ingredients.

Step 2:

With the bottle of Shampoo, 6 inches away from the root of your hair, spray it directly into your hair till it gets to your roots 

Step 3:

Massage the shampoo with your fingers till it gets to all parts of your hair. 

Step 4:

If you happen to have a blow dryer, then you can use it to dry off the shampoo on your hair or scalp. 

Step 5:

Smoothen your hair properly. When using a comb, make sure to comb down instead of combing out. This will help keep the shampoo locked in your hair rather than the comb removing the shampoo. 

How Effective is Dry Shampoo On Black People’s Hair 

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Black people can use dry shampoo to get their hair fresh, clean, and revitalized. However, this is not a license to leave your hair unwashed for an extended period. 

Dry shampoo is more of a quick way to take excess oil off your hair. Here are more of the possible benefits of dry shampoo on your hair

  • It absorbs oil from your hair leaving your hair dry and fresh. 
  • It is a quick and convenient method of getting your hair clean without washing it.
  • It gives your hair a nice texture as well as adds volume to it.
  • It prevents early hair greying due to its fewer chemical components. 
  • It reduces the damage caused by heat on the hair. 
  • Natural-made dry shampoo reduces the risk of lice because it contains a herbicide known as diatomaceous earth.
  • Based on the formula used in producing it, dry shampoo enriches your hair with certain nutrients to keep it healthy. Some dry hair shampoos contain starch-based contents which can be an added advantage to your hair growth. 

Are There Any Downsides To Using Dry Shampoo regularly?

As much as dry shampoo gives you quick fresh hair alongside its other benefits, it also has its effects when you begin to use them regularly. Here are a few of them

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1. It does not remove dirt From the Hair properly.

The use of dry shampoo can make you so comfortable that you might forget to wash your hair regularly since the shampoo gives a clean feel. However, it doesn’t negate the place of washing the dirt off of your hair when needed.

2. It can lead to excess Dandruff in the Hair 

Dry shampoo is formulated to absorb the oil in your hair, when it does that your hair becomes dry. Now, if you begin to use dry shampoo more than necessary, you are prone to see Dandruff in your hair due to the dryness of your scalp.

3. It can cause an Itchy Scalp 

Excessive usage of dry shampoo can cause your scalp to itch. Dry shampoo does properly cleanse your hair of dirt. So accumulated dirt can cause a bacteria known as folliculitis, which can result in irritation and itching. 

4. It can lead to hair breakage 

Excess dryness in your scalp leaves the fibers of the hair weak, which eventually leads to hair breakage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Shampoo 

How Often Do You Use Dry Shampoo 

It is not advisable to use dry shampoo regularly because it can cause a dry scalp. Make use of the dry shampoo two times a week to get oil-free hair. While it may serve as a substitute for wet shampoo, it can never take its place. 

What Type Of Hair Types Are Good for Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo generally is good for every type of hair.  There is no peculiarity to the kind of hair or texture of hair to use dry shampoo on especially if you do not use it too often. However, you can use dry shampoo for thin,  curly, or wavy hair to give it a good volume.

Can You Ury Shampoo On Wet Hair?

It is advisable to use dry shampoo on Dry hair and not wet hair because the water on your hair can disintegrate the composition of the dry shampoo. 

How Long Can I Leave Dry  Shampoo in My Hair?

It is okay to keep Dry Shampoo for a couple of days but not beyond 5 days. Since dry shampoo doesn’t take dirt off your hair completely, the dirt tends to compound. So, it is necessary to wash them off properly and in due time to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

It’s Your Turn

Black people can use dry shampoo because it does not tamper with their curly/natural hair. It rather improves the texture and appearance of their hair. However, it is necessary to take all that has been said into consideration.

Based on your newly gained knowledge, how eager are you to start using dry shampoo?

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