How to Crochet Dreadlocks Extensions: 7 Easy Steps!

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How to Crochet Dreadlocks Extensions

Whether you want to lengthen your short dreadlock or start a new one, you might be wondering how to do it without going through the locking process. If you have dreadlocks extensions, that’s possible!

Although dreadlocks are not the easiest style to do on your hair, the end result is worth the patience and hours. In this article, I’ll explain how to crochet your dreadlock extension installation experience as easy as possible.

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How to make crochet dreadlocks extensions: Points

  • Separate a section of the human hair. 
  • Stretch out the section of hair. 
  • Insert your crochet hook. 
  • Begin crocheting. 
  • Repeat the previous step, up and down the dreadlock,
  • Blunt the end.
  • Repeat all of the above steps for each loc. 

What Are dreadlock Extensions? 

Crochet Dreadlocks

Let me explain what dreadlock extensions are before we get into the instructions for doing them. 

Dreadlock extensions are permanent dreadlocks created by weaving human hair together. In contrast to faux locs, which may look artificial, these dreadlocks closely resemble natural dreadlocks. The new growth in your hair is either retwisted or interlocked as it grows. 

In contrast, faux dreadlocks resemble dreadlock extensions.  A faux dreadlock is a protective style that uses either synthetic or human hair to mimic the look of dreadlocks. It is not recommended to leave faux locs in your hair permanently; they should be removed within a few months. 

Now let’s look at dreadlock extensions in detail

Best crochet dreadlock extension

Faux Locs Crochet Hair Goddess Locs Crochet Hair

Faux Locs Crochet Hair Goddess Locs Crochet Hair

  • Material: Curly faux goddess locs crochet hair with wavy ends, 100% synthetic fiber,locs crochet braids synthetic braiding hair for black women.
  • Style: Goddess faux locs crochet hair braids.this faux Locs is a thicker texture style with wavy comb-through ends that are silky to touch, and lightweight to wear.
  • Advantage:1.Hand-crafted for a beautiful look ,2. Pre-Looped crochet hair, Easy to install 3. easy to maintain, lightweight , that is effortlessly graceful, yet stand-out.
  • Size :24inch,Color: naturel color ,dark bronde ,light bronde weight:95g/pack,12strands/pack ,Package: 6packs/lot,72 locs per pack,Just one pack is enough for a full install
  • Features:Highly textured roots and loose wavy ends,Hold long time with good care. Perfect For party, gathering, vacation and daily use. Wear it, you will get many compliments.
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36 Inch New Soft Locs Crochet Hair

36 Inch New Soft Locs Crochet Hair

  • Hair Material : 36 Inch New Goddess Locs Crochet Hair Faux Locs Crochet Braids made with quality Low Temperature Fiber Synthetic Hair Extensions.
  • Package : 4 Pack 36 Inch Super Long Goddess Locs, 18 Strands/Pack, Weight: 170 g/pack, Due to the length and weight of the hair, we recommend customers use 3-4 Packs to make a full hairstyle.
  • Advantages :Curly Wavy Faux Locs Crochet Braids is super soft,100% Hand-Made, length no need to be extended,light and weight,not easy to separate,suitable for any occasion and season,last long time.
  • Easy To Install :Our Gypsy locs goddess faux locs crochet braids hair is Prelooped&Pretwisted,so it is very easy to install,saving money and time.Just try it, you are the irreplaceable fashion icon.
  • STYLEL :36 inch New Faux Locs Crochet Hair Extended Soft Goddess Locs Dreadlocs Synthetic Hair Extend Pre Looped Natural Soft Locs Braiding Hair for Women.
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Short Faux Locs Crochet Hair

Short Faux Locs Crochet Hair

  • Faux Locs Material: High Quality Kanekalon Synthetic Fiber. Perfect for you to increase your natural beauty.
  • Advantage: Hand-Made, Natural Shining and bending, Light and Soft, Quick and Easy to Crochet, Comfortable wear. The hair end is not easy to separate, lasting long. The Faux Locs crochet hair match your own hair for a natural look, adding African glamour to you. The synthetic fiber can hold your dreadlocks well, won't fade or tangle easily.
  • Package include:6 packs, 20roots/pack. 6 pieces of crochet Faux Locs are usually enough for a full head.
  • Length: 12 inch. We directly measure the length of the Faux Locs hair when it is curly.
  • Color note: Please trust us that you will receive the goods in the correct color. Recently a friendly customer told us that the color label on the product packaging was wrong, but the color of the product was correct (#99J). After investigation, it was found that our packing staff accidentally posted the wrong one. We are very sorry. Please don't worry, the actual color of the product is correct.
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Faux Locs Crochet Braid Hair

Faux Locs Crochet Braid Hair

  • A unique design just for you, Queen. Elevate your look with our lightweight 24” pre-looped Boho Queen Locs.
  • Textured at the roots and wavy at the ends for an elegant natural look.
  • Designed to bring out the queen in all of us in under 2 hours, with a simple crochet install.
  • Length - 24" with 16" layers included
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5 Packs 36 Inch Butterfly Locs Crochet Hair

5 Packs 36 Inch Butterfly Locs Crochet Hair

  • Hair Material: Butterfly Locs Crochet Hair Synthetic Fiber Hair, 2021 all the fashion elements center on this butterfly locs crochet hair, you are the irreplaceable fashion icon, so buy it.
  • Hair Features: Handmade braiding Butterfly Locs Crochet Hair, we are professionally and specially weave the hair end and it is not easy to fall apart, so long-last, install it directly, save more time&money, easy to air dry naturally and no tangled.
  • Easy Install & Save Time: These Short Butterfly Locs Crochet Hair Are Already Twisted, Individually Pre-looped, You Can Use It As Crochet Directly, Save Much More Time.
  • Hair Information: 5 Packs 36 inch; 175g/pack, short Butterfly Locs Crochet Hair, 12 strands/pc, 60 strands 6Packs.
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Faux Locs Crochet Braid

Faux Locs Crochet Braid

  • A unique design just for you, Queen. Elevate your look with our lightweight 24” pre-looped Bohemian Locs.
  • Textured at the roots and wavy at the ends for an elegant natural look.
  • Designed to bring out the queen in all of us in under 2 hours, with a simple crochet install.
  • Length - 24" with 16" layers included
  • Colour: Our Natural color is designed to mimic the colors that appear in real locs. This color is a subtle blend of natural black and natural brown tones.
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Eliza Wavy Gypsy Locs Ombre Crochet Hair

Eliza Wavy Gypsy Locs Ombre Crochet Hair

  • Gypsy Locs Crochet Hair Material: 100% quality kanekalon sythetic fiber. Hair is even, oily, light and elastic
  • Gypsy Locs Crochet Hair Features: Very great quality. Very light on your head, No Smell,Not rough, Not easy to separate, easy to work with install, suitable for daily wear. Hold long time with good care.
  • Gypsy Locs Crochet Hair Style: gypsy locs goddess faux locs crochet hair African can wear it for party, Halloween, cosplay, daily use and any time you like to show your charm.
  • Gypsy Locs Crochet Hair Size: 18 inch length, Weight: 70g(0.154lbs)/pack. Color: 1B. Strands: 18 Strands/pack, 8packs/lot (144 strands/lot). 6-8 packs make a full head. the useful and beautiful hair making set will be sent freely.
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14 Inch Goddess Faux locs Crochet Hair

14 Inch Goddess Faux locs Crochet Hair

  • ❤Faux Locs Crochet Hair:New style,Goddess locs crochet hair can show your new fashion. Pre looped crochet hair braids,soft locs braiding hair extensions.
  • ❤Soft Locs Crochet Hair:100% low temperature fiber synthetic faux locs crochet Hair,hand made,very soft near nature hair. ❤Package: 6 packs/lot faux locs crochet braids,20strands/pack,total 120 strands,can full one head
  • ❤Faux locs Feature:Faux locs crochet hair is natural texture, No smell, No tangle, Light and Tight, Not easy shedding. Pre looped, Easy to install. Soft and fluffy, Bouncy, Itch free, Suit for women, man and children.
  • ❤Easy to install:faux locs hair Individually Pre-looped,so it is super easy to install. Especially for beginners wanted to do hair braids by their own, Which will save much more time and money to make the hairstyle.
  • ❤Soft Faux Locs Hair Style:soft locs crochet braids,gypsy faux lcos crochet hair,goddess locs hair,wavy locs hair,wavy dreadlocks,crochet braids for black women and man,African Roots,butterfly locs
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How to crochet dreadlock extensions: Step-by-Step Guideline

As mentioned, dreadlock extensions take several hours and can be stressful.

However, with thorough step-by-step guidelines, you’ll be able to prepare your natural hair, make your own dreadlock extensions, and DIY.

Obtaining dreadlock extensions is the first step to doing dreadlock extensions. Crochet tools are used to make human hair extensions for dreadlocks.

If Buying handmade crocheted dreadlock extensions is a good alternative to making your own. offers some of the best-handcrafted dreadlock extensions on the market. 

There is a wide range of lengths, colours, and prices available. You can choose from a range of 8-inch dreadlock extensions, 10-inch colourful dreadlock extensions or loose-ended goddess dreadlock extensions 

If Make your own loc extensions if you want to save some money rather than purchase handmade loc extensions. Practising and dedicating yourself can help you become an expert.  

Let’s get started!

Crochet Dreadlocks 1

Gather Your Supplies

To crochet dreadlock extensions, you will need 100% Afro kinky bulk human hair – 3 to 4 packs for a full head of dreadlocks and a dreadlock crochet hook.

The size hook you’ll need is directly related to the size of your preferred dreadlocks. To crochet your hair, use a US size 000 (1.5 mm) crochet hook. Because this is the smallest crochet hook available, it is ideal for crocheting hair. If you can’t find it, go to the next accessible size, such as a US size 00 (1.75 mm) or 0 (2.0 mm).

Depending on your preferences, you can use a single, double, or triple hook tool.

Crochet the dreadlock using 100% Human Hair

Follow the below steps to crochet the loose human hair into a dreadlock. 

1. Separate a section of the human hair. 

The thicker your dreadlocks will be, the larger the section of hair you use. Your dreadlock should be proportional to the size of your intended natural dreadlock.

2. Stretch out the section of hair. 

To stretch out the hair, pull it vertically from both ends. This will get the hair ready for the next step.

3. Insert your crochet hook. 

Starting midway down the section of hair, insert your hook into the section of hair. 

4. Begin crocheting. 

With your forefinger, middle finger, and thumb, grasp the hair. Push the hook in and draw it out several times. Stop crocheting, turn the hair around, and enter the needle at a new angle. Continue to crochet. You’ll soon notice that your hair is starting to lock.

5. Repeat the previous step. 

Repeat the process up and down the dreadlock without going all the way to either end. At both ends, leave at least 3 inches of hair free.

6. Blunt the end. 

Twist the hair between your fingers and fold it down on one end of the dreadlock. Crochet the dreadlock end from various angles to create a blunted finish. 

7. Repeat all of the above steps for each loc. 

How to install dreadlock extensions on your natural hair

To get the best possible results, you’ll need to prepare your natural hair. Below is a step-by-step guide.

Get all the materials you need

Crochet Dreadlocks 2

Save yourself some time and frustration and gather your materials beforehand. You’ll need the following supplies: 

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Scissors
  • Rat tail comb
  • Wide toothed comb
  • Clips or ponytail holders
  • Hair Oil 
  • Locking cream (optional)

1. Cleanse Your Hair Thoroughly

Make sure your hair is clean before installing dreadlock extensions. To clear any buildup or debris from your hair, use a clarifying shampoo.

Remember that any accumulation in your hair will eventually end up in your dreadlock, so starting with clean hair is not only necessary but also advantageous.

2. Condition Your Hair 

Condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner to replenish moisture lost throughout your shampooing procedure. Select a conditioner that is hydrating and supports healthy hair.

Detangle your hair now to reduce pain during the separation procedure. To make locking simpler, leave your hair moist after conditioning.

3. Separate and Twist Your Hair 

Section and twist your natural hair to prepare it for dreadlock implantation. This allows you to lay out your dreadlock splitting system and keep the parts separate until it’s time to attach the dreadlock extensions.

4. Choose Your Parting System

There are numerous separate systems to become conversant with. Some parting systems are discussed below.

1. Square parts 

The square parting system is the most popular dreadlock parting method. Simply divide your hair into square sections.

People appreciate this splitting procedure because it is simple, but some dislike it since it exposes a lot of scalps.

2. Crescent parts 

Crescent parts are created by making c-shaped parts all over the head. This parting system is preferred by those who want their dreadlock to frame their face. They are also easy to do. 

4. Diamond parts 

Diamond components are a little more difficult to part, yet they are favoured due to their complexity and lack of scalp. Diamond part creation is difficult, and it is not recommended for DIY.

5. Random parts

You are not required to use a certain separation system if you do not wish to. If neatness is not important to you, you can part your hair randomly with your fingers.

Regardless of the separating strategy you use, make sure to carefully twist your hair after parting each portion. You won’t have to go back and part your hair a second time this way.

Attach the Loc Extensions

Now that your hair has been parted and twisted, you’re ready to attach your loc extensions! Follow the guidelines below to attach loc extensions.

  • Place the loc extension at the base of one of your sections of natural hair. 
  • With a crochet hook, begin to crochet the loose extension hair to your natural hair.  Make sure not to crochet too close to the scalp, as this can cause scalp irritation. You should, however, leave at least a half-inch of hair unlocked. 
  • Grip your natural hair and the extension hair with your forefinger, middle finger, and thumb. 
  • Insert and pull out the crochet hook repeatedly.
  • Often, stop crocheting, turn the hair, and crochet from a different angle.
  • Stop crocheting when the hair feels locked and secure. 
  • Repeat the above steps to attach the rest of the dreadlock. 

Twist the Roots of the dreadlock

When you’ve completed attaching all of the dreadlocks, you’ll notice some frizz at the roots. If you want, you can twist your hair roots to make them look neater. Spray the roots of your dreadlocks with water, then apply oil or a locking gel if desired, and then twist your dreadlocks until they are flat against your scalp.

Make sure that all of the dreadlocks are twisted in the same direction, but not too tightly. This is essential in order to avoid headaches and hair loss.

If you’d like to see a visual demonstration of the dreadlock extension attachment process, watch this YouTube video.

How to maintain dreadlock Extension

Crochet Dreadlocks 3

Dreadlock extensions require weekly upkeep to keep them appearing nice and clean. You should wash your dreadlocks and scalp once a month or every few weeks, retwist new growth, and oil your scalp to keep your dreadlocks moist.

You may feel the need to oil your scalp or spray your hair in between maintenance sessions. You can do these things, but most importantly, try to leave your hair alone so that new growth can lock in.

Pros and Cons of dreadlocks Extensions

Dreadlock extensions, like any other style, have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Read on to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of dreadlock extensions. 


1. You can crochet dreadlocks whenever

Natural dreadlocks take several months to mature, however dreadlocks extensions provide completely mature dreadlocks right away. Dreadlock extensions allow you to skip the various stages of dreadlock growth.

2. Less untangle worries 

You must be careful with your hair when you have natural dreadlocks, especially in the beginning. You can wash and style your hair immediately after installing dreadlock extensions without the risk of disentanglement.


1. Expensive

A complete head of dreadlock extensions should cost at least a few hundred dollars. This figure does not include the expense of having them professionally placed if you use a loctician.

2. Stressful to install 

Crocheting dreadlocks has a high learning curve. Some people give up on producing or inserting dreadlock extensions since it takes time to perfect the crocheting method.

This disadvantage may be seen positively by some. Dreadlock extensions eliminate all of the locking steps of natural dreadlocks, preventing you from experiencing your dreadlock adventure. 

3. Risk of losing dreadlock. 

If your dreadlock extensions are not firmly connected, the extensions may come out at inconvenient moments. You can reduce this risk by taking your time during installation and periodically inspecting your dreadlock for security. 

Dos and Don’ts of dreadlock Extensions

Crochet Dreadlocks 4

Dreadlock extensions are not the most explicit style. This is why we’d like to share some dos and don’ts with you to deliver the best results.


  • Look for high-quality dreadlock extensions. Not every dreadlock extension shop makes high-quality extensions.
  • Allow more time than you think you’ll need to create and install your dreadlock extensions. It could take you anything from hours to days to finish your dreadlock extensions.
  • If required, seek the advice of a professional. Though it’s wonderful to save money and pamper yourself, dreadlock extensions are a long-term commitment that should be done correctly the first time.


  • Don’t put the lock extensions too close to your scalp. This can be aggravating and prevent you from twisting your roots.
  • Attaching thick extensions to small portions of hair might cause thinning roots.
  • Keep your lock extensions at a manageable length. Extremely long extensions might put undue strain on your roots.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many dreadlocks do I need for a full head?

For thick traditional dreadlocks, you should aim to create 20 to 50 total dreadlocks. The fewer dreadlocks you have, the thicker your dreadlocks will be.

Can you crochet synthetic dreads?

Masterfully done with multiple rounds of tying, knotting, crocheting, and sealing. Made with love and attention to detail. Today, synthetic dreadlocks are the most convenient way to diversify your look without harming your hair.

How long do crochet dreads take to mature?

If you’ve been on top of the maintenance, your dreads may feel locked and quite mature already at 3-4 months. Many people find that all but maybe a few of their dreads feel tight and they no longer need dread wax after the third month.

How often should you crochet dreads?

On average, you should crochet dreadlocks every 4 – 6 weeks to maintain a tidy look. However, some people may prefer the look that comes with having some hair growth and may, therefore, prefer to wait a little longer between dreadlock maintenance periods.

How long do dreadlocks extensions last?

Extensions can last 1-3 years, depending on the type of hair used and if they are cared for properly. Synthetic extensions can be removed completely from the natural locks when desired. Human hair extensions are a more “permanent” extension as they are crocheted securely into your natural dreadlocks.

How much do permanent dreadlock extensions cost?

Pricing often takes into consideration a range of variables, including type, quality, length, amount, thickness, colour, etc. There’s no easy way to answer this question, but you should generally be expecting to pay around $300-800 for dreadlock extensions and a separate cost of $300-600 for the installation.

Do dreadlock extensions damage your hair?

Dreadlock extensions can be damaging to your hair only if you decide to comb them out of your hair after they’re installed. Dreadlock extensions are typically no more damaging to your hair than normal dreadlocks.

Can you wash dreadlock extensions?

The good news is that you can treat them almost just like your normal hair — you can wear them up, wear them down, and you can wash them. You do not need to wash the dreadlocks themselves when you shower/wash your hair, but rather simply focus on the scalp.

Now it’s your turn…

Crocheting dreadlocks extensions can be daunting, but seeing your dreads after is worth it. While you can use synthetic to crochet dreadlock extensions, it’s advisable to use human hair so your extensions don’t look different from your natural locks. 

I have discussed the step-by-step process of how to crochet dreadlocks extensions. You can use the steps to crochet your dreads, unlock natural hair or even do it for someone else.

For a more professional look, get in touch with a loctician to take care of your dreadlocks. 

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