Braids & Hues: 55 Eye-Catching Box Braids with Vibrant Colors

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Box Braids with Vibrant Colors

Box braids are a timeless hairstyle, offering a blend of elegance, versatility, and protection for various hair types. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some vibrant and striking box braid styles adorned with an array of captivating colors, showcasing how hues can elevate this classic look to new heights.

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55 Box Braids with Vibrant Colors

1. Neon Rainbow Box Braids

Show off your colorful side with neon rainbow box braids! Whether you go for the whole rainbow or pick a few bright colors, these braids will definitely grab attention and make you stand out.

2. Electric Blue Ombre Box Braids

Add an exciting vibe by using blue ombre box braids. These braids have a mix of electric blue colors. It’s a bold and fancy choice that makes a strong contrast with different skin colors, making it really stand out.

3. Fire Red Box Braids With Blonde Highlights

Make a statement with fiery red box braids accented by blonde highlights. This striking combination displays confidence and intensity, perfect for those seeking an edgy and daring look.

4. Purple Passion Box Braids

Get a royal feel with fancy purple box braids. You can go for a deep, rich purple or a softer lavender shade. These braids give off a classy and elegant vibe, and they match well with lots of different outfits.

5. Pastel Pink Box Braids

Soft pink box braids give off a gentle, romantic vibe, giving you a stylish and feminine look. Their light pink color adds a touch of elegance, making them great for many different styles. 

6. Turquoise and Green Ombre Box Braids

Create a natural look with stunning turquoise and green ombre box braids. This mix of colors brings a peaceful and fresh feel, making it a perfect choice for summer or any time of the year.

7. Sunset Ombré Box Braids

Sunset Ombré box braids combine vibrant hues inspired by the stunning colors of a sunset with a gradient that transitions from warm tones like fiery oranges and yellows. The style radiates a dynamic, eye-catching vibe, perfect for those seeking a bold and striking look.

8. Vibrant Yellow Box Braids

Brighten your look with vibrant yellow box braids that bring an infectious sense of joy and lively energy. This bold choice adds a playful and radiant touch to any style, giving off a sunny and cheerful vibe that’s hard to resist.

9. Multi Colored Box Braids With Geometric Patterns

Let your creativity flow by mixing many bright colors in detailed geometric patterns. These braids are like art pieces, giving you a unique and eye-catching style that shows off your personality.

10. Earthy Tones Box Braids

For a more grounded yet still vibrant look, consider earthy tones such as terracotta, olive green, and mustard yellow. These hues offer a sophisticated, nature-inspired aesthetic suitable for various occasions.

11. Bold Orange Box Braids

Stand out confidently by adorning your box braids with a bold and striking shade of orange. This vibrant color choice adds a touch of fierceness and warmth to your look, perfect for making a statement.

12. Royal Blue and Silver Box Braids

Step up your style game with a fancy mix of royal blue and silver box braids. These braids blend deep blue shades with shiny silver highlights, giving you a classy and sophisticated look.

13. Lengthy Black And Rainbow Box Braids

Adorn the crown of your head with these lengthy braids with a touch of your choice colors at the back. 

14. Medium Black And Purple Mix Box Braids

For extra facial volume and beauty, you should try on this hairstyle. More so, its color is a modest choice if you want a bright but warm color.

15. All Gray Back Length Box Braids

Gray-colored extensions are not only for complementing other colors. As you can see, the gray extension looks good on its own.  Try out this unique color for different box braid lengths and sizes.

16. Brown Knotless Box Braids

This earthy brown extension adds every beauty needed for the hairstyle to shine. It is also a natural color that blends well with natural hair for a perfect combo. 

17. Mini Pinky Box Braids With Curly Ends

Who says only kids wear pink? Well, adults now wear pink for a playful and free-spirited look, and it fits so well. 

18. Triple Colored Box Braids

Mixing subtle and bright tones has never looked better! It’s usually a dare to use more than two to three colors, but it takes skill to mix the right colors.  Black, red, and white is a perfect combo anytime.

19. All Blue Hue Medium Box Braids

Step out all bright and beautiful with this creative mix of blue on box braids. The use of a unique color makes you stand out confidently. 

20. Burgundy Full Box Braids With Gold Rings

Are you too shy to flaunt a red extension? Here’s mild burgundy yet colorful. What’s more? These gold rings complement the color, making it pop. It’s a sure try for any evening event. 

21. Gray Bohemian Box Braids

The gray color isn’t for grannies anymore, as both young and old go for its unique and timeless shade. 

22. Pop Red Curly Box Braids

You can never go unnoticed wearing this box braid style, as it adds volume and glow to your facial appearance. 

23. Lengthy Bob Box Braids

Away with the regular neck length bob and in with this, which goes beyond the shoulders. This lengthy box braid is preferable as you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of moving it away from your neck. 

24. Triple Tones Box Braids With Curls

Here’s a creative mix of three colors! Can your hairstylist beat this? You may want to test your stylist’s creativity with this style. But it isn’t a big deal if you are careful when adding a new color. 

25. Brown Box Braids With Loose Curls

A significant feature that makes this braid style stand out is that it gives the look of curly human hair from a distance. The excessive loose curls enable that natural hair look. It befits evening parties and hangouts with friends. It can also be restyled for an evening event. 

26. Half Up Cornrows And Individual Curly Box Braids

Here’s a mesh of cornrows, braids, and curls, all adding up to create a simple yet flashy outlook.

27. Double Knot Rainbow Box Braids

If you can handle it all bright and popping, then here is what you are looking for. This hairstyle screams boldness and confidence. You wear this when you want to make a bold statement wherever you are. 

28. Gold Box Braids With Bohemian Curls

To achieve the bohemian curly look, you can either use the regular hair extension or the specific extension for bohemian curls. Whichever you use is fine, but most people prefer the bohemian extension because of its shine and long-lasting curls. 

29. Shades of Brown Bob Box Braids

What a stylish and mild combo this is. The beauty lies in the fact that both colors aren’t so bright, but they complement perfectly. 

30. Deep Purple Mini Box Braids With Beads as The End

There are different ways to blend two or more colors in a hairstyle. One of the ways is with accessories like beads, rings, clips, cowries, etc. In this style, a lighter shade of purple complements the darker purple used for the braids. 

30. Deep Purple Mini Box Braids With Beads as The End


31. Pepper Red Bob Box Braids With Silver Accessories

This red-colored extension fits perfectly on light-complexioned ladies and even more on brown skin. What’s more, it looks good on everyone and it before every occasion.

32. Boho Bob Box Braids

This bob style shows another way to blend two or more colors, which is with curls. The beautiful thing about this style is how it adds volume to the hairstyle.

33. Sea Green Box Braids

Here’s another colorful yet natural shade to try out this season. You can even dye the root of your hair to suit the extension.

34.  Multi Colored Bob Box Braids

This color blend has got to be the height of it, but you’d agree with me that it’s too much but beautiful! With this hairstyle, you will constantly wear a bright and beautiful look. 

35. Half Fulani Gray Braids And Individual Box Braids

For a simple and stylish twist to your box braids, a frontal Fulani weave is the perfect twist for your desired look. 

36. Jumbo Rainbow Box Braids

These sizeable, colorful box braids magnify your facial look, making you stand out no matter what you wear.

37. Blue, Purple, And Black Bob Box Braids

The asymmetric cut of this style, the boho curls, and the color combination all make this style one that can’t be ignored. 

38. Barbie Box Braids

This hairstyle is recommended for both girls and women. You can even plait all the braids with the ball endings using the rings to segment them.

39. Half Up And Down Multiple Color Box Braids 

Here is another creative mix of bright shades of blue and pink, all wrapped in a frontal updo and weaves at the end. What’s more? You can undo the updo for different styles of your choice. 

39. Half Up And Down Multiple Color Box Braids

40. Dark Hues Classy Box Braids

Here is a mixture of dark shades of purple, black, and blue with bright shades of yellow, red, and white at the ends of the braids. This hairstyle stands out by maintaining a simple but classy look. 

41. Long Pink Mini Box Braids

This trendy mini box braids style is the perfect hairstyle for casual outings, festivals, and even for your everyday look. 

42. Red And Bold Box Braids

Wearing a box braids style featuring red extensions in jumbo sizes correctly defines your facial appearance, giving you an edgy and 

43. Black, Pink, And White Box Braids

These classy box braids done in these colors are an expressive and sophisticated style. Going for this bold and stylish hairstyle will keep heads turning wherever you go. 

44. Gold And Blue Box Braids

Gold glows. Blue is beautiful. Together, they create an eye-catching look that will not fade until you take it off.

45. Black And Ombre Blend Box Braids

This butt-length, handmix ombre blend makes you hungry for a new hair look. The triangular cuts add to its creativity, giving you something new and unique. 

46. Jumbo Box Braids With Rainbow Strands

The addition of a few strands of Rainbow braids, golden rings, and threads, brightens up this hairstyle for a fashion show or wedding. 

47. Black And Red Box Braids With Accessories 

The red and black combo is perfect for a sharp and mild hairstyle. The idea of additional accessories complements the two color combination thereby making it stand out even more. 

48. Waist Length Unicorn Blend Box Braids

Unicorn blends are majorly used sparingly to brighten up hairstyles, but you can join the team going the extra mile to use it as the only extension. 

49. Sunrise And Pecan Tan Box Braids

Here is a perfect blend of darker to brighter color shades. The great thing about blending colors this way is that it takes all the drama that accompanies bright colors away from your face down to the back. 

50. Multi Colored Updo Box Braids

This hairstyle has got it all! The shine, the glow, and the neatness. What’s more, the updo makes the face smaller, giving a more youthful look. 

51. Black and Brown Ombre Goddess Box Braid

Embrace your style, embrace your beauty, and rock these braids for a look that’s nothing short of fabulous

52. Highlight Jumbo Box Braids 

Here is another box braid hairstyle where we take all the drama away from your face down to the tip making for a perfect highlight to the hairstyle.

53. Lengthy Multi Hue Box Braids

For a versatile, bold, and vibrant look, this protective hairstyle curbs damage to your hair while the multiple color shades make for a trendy and elegant appearance. Its length also enables you to try out different style options for every occasion. 

54. Black And White Box Braids

What’s there not to love about this center part box braids with black and white shades on both sides? This combo is another unique way to use two colors for a more aesthetic appearance. 

55. Shiny Orange And Grey Jumbo Box Braids With Rings

This contemporary hairstyle in this color combo isn’t just visually appealing, but a top fashionable style that will fit with different clothes and occasions.


Box braids are not going out of fashion anytime soon as it is an all-time trend. But then, box braids seem to be on the bright and beautiful this season with different color combinations you never thought possible. 

With these 55 style ideas we’ve shared, you will have no difficulty finding that which suits your style and personality. Also, feel free to try on something different like combining more brighter colors and hues. 

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