Medium-Large Box Braids Magic: 30+ Trendy Hairstyles to Inspire You

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medium large box braids

Medium-Large Box Braids – a stylish and practical choice. The hairstyle involve dividing hair into square or rectangular sections before weaving in synthetic or natural hair extensions.

The term “box” refers to the neat and geometric appearance of each braid. These braids come in various sizes, but the medium to large range offers a perfect balance between a bold, statement look and practicality.

So come with me to see in how many ways you can enjoy medium-large box braids.

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30+ Medium-large Box Braids

1. Curly-Ended Medium-Large Box Braids

Do you love styling your hair multiple ways? Check this out! These gorgeous medium-long box braids are for you. With hairs curl at the ends, they will give you a different look.

2. Half-Tied Medium-Large Box Braids

Do you want to look a little different from other girls making box braids? Get your hair braided, gather the braids, and pin them on the top of the head from the midpoint.

3. Knotless Medium-Large Braids

If you’re a lover of long hair and braids, make this super simple hairstyle. Braid your full length hair and do not make any knots.

4. Golden-Braid Medium-Large Ring Braids

These gorgeous box braids with golden braid rings are perfect to cater to your party look needs. Are you going to a party and want to quickly fix your braids? Add golden rings, and elevate the look.

5. Medium-Large Box-Braids with Yellow Ribbon

Are you tired of making the same box braids everyday? Don’t worry! Have a look at this cute hairstyle. A few locks of hair braided with yellow ribbon are a complete game-changer.

6.  Thigh-Length Medium-Large Box Braids 

If you have really long hair, then this style is for you. Braid your entire hair even from the ends of the scalp, and make these beautiful braids that reach thighs in length.

7. Knee-Length Yellow Tips Medium-Large Box Braids

With the beautiful touch of yellow at the end, braid your long hair into this hairstyle, and upgrade your look for the day.

8. Knotless Purple Ribbon Medium-Large Box Braids

For all the purple lovers, make this hairstyle just with a purple ribbon. Are you not a fan of braids with knots? Keep the tips of the braids open, and braid a few hair with purple ribbon. Your perfect hairstyle will be ready.

9. Grey-Black Medium-Large Box Braids

Are you an admirer of both grace and style? Get yourself the desired look with these grey-hued medium-large box braids.

10. Harley-Quinn Inspired Medium-Large Box Braids

Have you watched and loved suicide squad? If you’re a fan of Harley Quinn, check this hairstyle that’s the perfect version of her look in box braids.

11. Full-Look Knotless Medium-Large Box Braids

This hairstyle is for those who want to flaunt their beautiful hair in full form. Get your hair braided without any knots, and get a fuller look.

12. Copper-Colored Medium-Large Box Braids

To all the fans of bright metallic colours, this hairstyle is a must for you. Get your hair braided with ravishing copper colour, and rock the loo.

13. Creamy Medium-Large Box Braids

This hairstyle is a perfect blend of subtly astonishing and simplicity. Keep the top of the head black, and braid the lower hair with a beautiful creamy yellow colour, and gracefully carry the look.

14. Chocolate-Coloured Medium-Large Box Braids

Are you bored of typical black hair? Have this perfect look with chocolate-coloured hair braided adorned with golden ribbon. These braids are a must-have for a festive look for the season.

15. Medium-Large Box Braids with Brown Locks

Add rust-brown locks to your hair, and braid them to look as decent as you want. This shade is not as heavy as chocolate brown, and not lighter as to be near camel hair. Have a perfect brown-day with these box braids.

16. Medium-Large Box Braids with Red and Yellow Locks

Have you made box braids but it looks a little bit boring? This hairstyle will solve your problem with red and yellow colours added to the one or two braids.

17. Yellow Beads-Ended Knotless Medium-Large Box Braids

For elevating and everyday box braids, this hairstyle is a perfect find. Add beads to the ends of braids, and have an appealing aspect to ordinary box braids.

18. Pink and Blonde Medium-Large Box Braids 

To all the people who get excited by getting their hands on colours, these largely pink with here and there blonde colour added box braids should be their absolute favourite hairdo.

19. Golden Magic Medium-Large Box Braids

Get yourself the shine with the addition of golden ribbon in your box braids. The creamish golden in front two braids will totally change your appearance. 

20. Subtle Brown-Hued Medium-Large Box Braids

For the lovers of chocolate brown, add the hue of brown in your Medium-Large Box Braids. Do you love to shine under the sun? It’s a perfect look for that. 

21. Maroon Medium-Large Box Braids

The vibrant maroon braided in thick locks of hair can make anyone stand out with the luscious look. Do you want bright yet not-so-prominent toned hair? It’s the perfect option for you to have.

22. All-Natural Medium-Large Box Braids 

Do you love your natural hair colour, and want to style them up differently? Get your hair done in a simple yet elegant box-braided style.

23. Gold-Touched Medium-Large Box Braids

Does your heart want a touch of glam in your hair game? Well! This hairstyle should be your go-to one with golden rings added in the braids.

24. Pink Gradient Medium-Large Box Braids 

Are you one of those who go crazy for pink? Get this hairstyle done with all shades of pink making a colour gradient in braids.

25. Blue in Black Medium-Large Box Braids

If you wanna slay on a part night, get your hair braided in blue from one side to the other side of the head.

26. Chilli with Gold Medium-Large Box Braids

Do you get bored with mundane colours used every now and then? Add some zest to your hair with these unique red ribbons in your braid. Moreover, adding golden rings will bring sizzle to already hot braids.

27. Fiery Medium-Large Box Braids

The rockstar in you will be very pleased when you will braid your hair in this beautiful hot red colour. Without thinking further, go to the salon and get this done.

28. Small & Basic Box Braids 

Is your liking inclined towards simple things? If you want to depict this in your hairstyling, get these delicate small box braids.

29. Chartreuse Medium-Large Box Braids 

Here’s a perfect hairstyle with fruity essence for the fruit lovers. It gives the vibe of guava with the colour, and also no one will have this shade in their braids. 

30. Earthy Notes Medium-Large Box Braids

This hairstyle screams of style and humbleness with the earthy brown braided with black hair. The golden ribbon wrapped around braid vows for your style game.

31. Serene Medium-Large Box Braids 

The symbol of peace, white colour, ending the knotless braids is a sight of peace to see. Do you want to show your peaceful personality through your hairstyle? Get this one without the delay.

32. Glass Ending Medium-Large Box Braids 

Do you like glass beads? If yes, braid your hair with tips ending with a series of glass beads and have a chick hairstyle to flaunt. 

Now, It’s Your Turn!

And there you have it. Imagine waking up with your hair already looking fabulous – that’s the magic of these braids. They’re like your personal time-saving hair genie. Which one you are going to try? They are waiting for you with open arms!

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