Long Wick Dreads: Effortless Style with Lengthy Lock Look

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Long Wick Dreads Effortless Style with Lengthy Lock Look

Long-wick dreads are a fun and unique take on traditional dreadlocks. These dreads have long, thin extensions or “wicks” that hang off the end, making them different and eye-catching.

You can style the wicks in many different ways, such as braiding them, adding beads, twisting them, knotting them, or tucking them into the dreads for a fresh look. The versatility of long-wick dreads is what makes them so special! You can change up your style whenever you want to.

Long Wick Dreads

In fact, many people who have tried this hairstyle have reported that it has positively impacted their lives. They love the added length and movement that the wicks bring and the ability to switch up their look whenever they please. long-wick dreads are especially popular among black women, who appreciate this hairstyle’s versatility and expressiveness.

 In this article, I will discuss the major characteristics, tips, and tricks for maintenance, styling options, and much more for a better understanding of these long-wick dreads.

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The Characteristics of Long Wick Dreads

The Characteristics of Long Wick Dreads

Long-wick dreads are a distinct and trendy hairstyle that is gaining popularity among those who want to stand out and express their individuality. In 2018, African studies showed that these dreadlocks also speak for or symbolize certain social norms and cultural ideas.

These dreads feature long, thin extensions or wicks hanging from the ends, creating a playful and unique appearance. The wicks can range from a few inches to several feet in length and can be styled in various ways, such as braided, curled, or left loose, allowing you to get creative with your look.

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There are multiple methods to create long-wick dreads, including backcombing, twisting, and crochet. With so many variations of long-wick dreads available, creating a hairstyle that truly reflects your personality and style is possible. You can opt for multiple wicks of varying lengths, add bright colors, or even braid your wicks for a unique look.

While maintaining long wick dreads can be challenging, as the wicks are prone to tangling and knotting, it is worth the effort if you are looking for a unique and eye-catching hairstyle. Creating long wick dreads can take longer than regular dreads, as they require more time and patience to make, but the result is well worth the investment.

Long-wick dreads are an excellent choice if you want to make a statement with your hair. With their playful appearance and the opportunity to get creative with styling, this hairstyle is perfect for those who wish to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd.

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How To Achieve The Long Wick Dreads

How To Achieve The Long Wick Dreads

If you want to achieve long wick dreads, it’s best to start with hair that is at least 4-6 inches long and has a bit of texture, such as curly or kinky hair. 

The following steps can be used as a general guide. These are definitely effective since I’ve tried these myself: 

1. Clean And Section The Hair: 

Start by washing the hair and dividing it into small, evenly-sized sections.

2. Create The Dreadlocks: 

Several methods for creating dreadlocks include backcombing, twisting, and crochet. Choose the way that best suits your hair type and desired look.

3. Attach The Wicks: 

Once the dreadlocks are formed, attach the wicks to the ends. This can be done using a knotting technique or sewing the wicks onto the ends of the dreadlocks.

4. Style The Wicks: 

Once you’ve attached them, style them as desired. You can even braid them, add beads, or simply leave them loose.

To maintain the long wick dreads, you must keep the wicks tangle-free and well-conditioned. Believe me, I didn’t condition my wicks, and their texture got very terrible. 

Here are some tips for you so that your locs remain healthy, tangle-free, and manageable.

  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the wicks regularly.
  • Use a lightweight oil or leave-in conditioner to moisturize the wicks.
  • Avoid sleeping on the wicks, as this can cause tangling.
  • Re-attach the wicks if they become loose.

It’s also important to keep the rest of the dreadlocks well-maintained by washing and conditioning regularly and avoiding tight hairstyles that can cause breakage. With proper care, long wick dreads can be a unique and long-lasting hairstyle for you.

The Benefits Of Long Wick Dreads

The Benefits Of Long Wick Dreads

Long wick dreads offer several benefits, as in you’re killing multiple birds with just a single stone, including:

1. Added Length And Movement: 

The wicks add length and movement to your dreads, giving them a fun and playful appearance.

2. Versatility 

Long wick dreads can be styled in various ways, allowing for a change in look without you having to start over with a completely new hairstyle.

3. Easy Maintenance: 

Unlike other hairstyles that require you to trim regularly, long-wick dreads only require maintenance at the wicks, which can be trimmed to keep them in shape.

4. Unique Appearance: 

Long-wick dreads can surely offer you a unique and eye-catching look that sets your dreads apart from regular dreadlocks.

5. Cultural Representation: 

For some of you, having long wick dreads might be a way of embracing and representing your culture and heritage.

Overall, long wick dreads can offer a fun and versatile option if you want to add creativity to your hair. With proper care, they can even be considered long-lasting and unique hairstyles with appropriate care. 

Techniques & Tips for Maintenance

Techniques Tips for Maintenance

To keep your long wick dreads looking good, here’s what you need to do:

1. Regularly Detangle

Use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle the wicks, so they don’t get knotted. Wooden combs are a great option, as they also avoid static in your hair.

2. Moisturize

Keep the wicks well-conditioned with a lightweight oil or leave-in conditioner.

3. Avoid Tight Styles

Don’t put your hair in tight styles, as it can cause breakage.

4. Trim The Wicks

Cut the wicks to keep them in shape and prevent tangles. 

5. Re-attach Loose Wicks 

If the wicks come loose, re-attach them as soon as possible.

6. Loosen Up Knots

If the dreadlocks get matted, use a wide-tooth comb or crochet hook to gently loosen them up.

7. Wash Wisely 

Wash your hair regularly, but not too much, to keep the dreadlocks and wicks healthy.

By following those above simple tips I’ve given above, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of long-wick dreads and keep them looking amazing too!

Styling Options

Styling Options

With long wick dreads, you can switch your look whenever you want! 

Here are some popular options:

  • Braids: Braid your wicks for a fun and fresh look.
  • Beads: Add some beads to the ends of your wicks for a cool touch.
  • Twists: Twist the wicks for a more relaxed vibe.
  • Knots: Knot your wicks for a unique style.
  • Accessorize: Dress up your hair with accessories like scarves, hats, or headbands.
  • Updos: Pull your wicks into an updo for a more formal occasion.
  • Hide and tuck: Tuck the wicks into the dreadlocks for a different look.

With long wicks, the sky’s the limit when it comes to styling. So, try out different looks to see what fits you best!

Long Wick Dreads in the Community

Long Wick Dreads in the Community

Long-wick dreads are a cool and trendy hairstyle that’s becoming more and more popular, especially among the dreadlock and black communities. If you’re looking for a change and want to show off your individuality, this hairstyle is perfect for you!

Many people who have tried long-wick dreads have said they have positively impacted their lives. They love the extra length and movement the wicks give them and the ability to switch up their look whenever they want. That makes long-wick dreads a really versatile and dynamic choice.

Long-wick dreads are especially popular among black women. They love how versatile this hairstyle is and how they can change their look whenever they feel like it. For many black women, long-wick dreads allow them to express themselves in a way they may never have been able to do with regular dreadlocks.

In short, if you want to make a statement with your hair, long-wick dreads are a great choice! They’re unique and stylish and have made many people’s lives better. Whether you want a fun and playful look or a more sophisticated style, long-wick dreads offer a versatile option that will suit your needs and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are long wick dreads?

Long wick dreads are a style of dreadlocks where the hair is tightly coiled into thin, cylindrical shapes, resembling a wick.

How are long wick dreads different from traditional dreadlocks?

Long wick dreads are typically thinner and longer than traditional dreadlocks, with a more uniform shape. They also often started using a crochet hook or interlocking technique, rather than just letting the hair naturally mat together.

How do you care for long wick dreads?

To care for long wick dreads, it’s important to keep them clean and moisturized. This can be achieved by washing with a residue-free shampoo and using natural oils or specialized dreadlock products to maintain moisture. Regular retwisting and maintenance can also help prevent them from unraveling or becoming too loose.

How long can you keep long wick dreads in?

Long wick dreads can be kept in for several years with proper maintenance and care. However, some people may choose to remove them sooner due to personal preference or lifestyle changes.

Can anyone get long wick dreads?

Long wick dreads can be achieved on any hair texture, but they may require more maintenance and upkeep for certain hair types. It’s important to consult with a professional stylist or do research before starting the process of getting long wick dreads.

Are long wick dreads a permanent hairstyle?

Long wick dreads can be considered a semi-permanent hairstyle, as they can be removed or undone with time and effort. However, they are a commitment and require ongoing maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Can you wear long wick dreads in different styles?

Yes, long wick dreads can be styled in a variety of ways, from wearing them down to pulling them up in a ponytail or bun. Some people also choose to accessorize their dreads with beads or wraps for a unique look.

How do you remove long wick dreads?

Removing long wick dreads can be a time-consuming and potentially damaging process. It’s important to consult with a professional stylist or do thorough research before attempting to remove them at home.

How much does it cost to get long wick dreads?

The cost of getting long wick dreads can vary depending on the stylist or salon, as well as the length and thickness of the hair. It’s important to research and compare prices before making a decision.

Are there any cultural or spiritual significance to wearing long wick dreads?

While dreadlocks have historically been associated with various cultures and spiritual practices, the significance of long wick dreads may vary depending on the individual. Some people may choose to wear them as a symbol of their personal

Enjoy the Look! Now It’s Your Turn.

So, take a moment to imagine having longer, more eye-catching dreadlocks that you can style in so many different ways. You can braid the wicks, add colorful beads, twist them, knot them, or tuck them into your dreads for a completely new look. The possibilities are truly endless! And the best part? You can switch up your style whenever you feel like it, allowing you to express yourself and show off your unique sense of style.

In conclusion, long-wick dreads are the answer if you’re searching for a new way to stand out and show the world your individuality! So why not give them a try? I promise you won’t regret it. And once you have your new wicks, don’t be shy to share your journey with me! I would absolutely love to hear all about it. Whether it’s the process of getting them, the fun of styling them, or just how you feel about your new look, I’m all ears!

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