Why Are Black People So Lazy: True Or False! What You Wish You Knew! 

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why do black People So Lazy

It’s easy to throw around the “black people are lazy” tag when you’re not in their shoes. Considering the many things black people have gone through and their various setbacks, it’s unfair to associate laziness with black people.

 In academia, health, media, politics, science, the environment, or technology, black people all over the world work hard.

While there are bad nuts in every group, it’s dishonest to stereotype everyone. Black people are not lazy.

However, It’s pertinent to debate whether or not this assertion is accurate. This article will provide you with all the information you require regarding this query, whether black people are lazy or not – basically everything you wish you knew.

Why People Think Blacks Are Lazy

When you look at the economic gap between black people and other ethnic groups, you may assume black people are lazy. You may as well prematurely conclude poor people are lazy, illogically.

Donald Trump, in an interview, explicitly stated that laziness is a trait in blacks. While it may be true that most blacks are poor, It’s important for you to analyze the circumstances that have led to the situation rather than attributing it to laziness. 

It’s also important for you to understand that just because a few black people you’ve encountered are lazy doesn’t mean that all black people are lazy. Black people, in an actual sense, work really hard; however, some circumstances may have extended their successful journey. 

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Factors Influencing the Notion Black People Are Lazy

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We’ll go on to discuss whether blacks are lazy or not;

1. Post-racial System

Social analysts argue after the abolition of the slave trade, racist propaganda spread the notion black people were lazy and unreliable. These groups claim black people take advantage of the benefits presented to them. 

Some also argue that the issue of racism continues to persist and is embedded in US systems. According to statistics, there is a 50% likelihood that job applicants with white-sounding names will get the job, contrary to black applicants,  even though they have the same qualifications. 

The racial wage gap keeps expanding every day with little improvement. Black people still earn less than their white colleagues. This is evident in 2019 statistics that indicated that the typical black worker earned 24.4% less per hour than the typical white worker.

2. Unemployment Conditions

According to statistics, black men have the highest unemployment rates of any race or gender group and the lowest labor force participation. Some researchers carried out an experiment to measure racial discrimination in the labor market. 

The result reveals there’s indeed significant discrimination against African-Americans during job recruitment.

Statistics also show that more African Americans are constantly searching for work; however, their white counterparts are mostly chosen for job interviews over them.

3. Racial privilege

There are several debates about racial privileges. The phenomenon explains the unearned benefits and advantages you may receive solely because of your racial background.

If a white group of people receives special care due to race, contrary to black people, it sends the wrong assumption that black people are not trying hard enough.

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Dangers of The ‘Black People are Lazy’ Stereotype

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The notion that black people are lazy poses serious dangers to them. Some of these dangers are discussed below:

Sidelined for Employment Opportunities

It’s possible that black people could be sidelined for employment opportunities, unlike other groups, due to negative stereotypes about black people. 

Black people are less likely to be given the chance to demonstrate their abilities due to negative stereotypes such as “black people are lazy”.

Stalls Economic Progress

It’s unfortunate that black people are still behind when it comes to economic wealth. Due to missed opportunities, black people have a wider wealth gap compared to other races. 

A report by Brookings indicates black Americans now live in much lower income levels than white Americans due to centuries of discrimination and exploitation. The average white household is 10 times wealthier than the average black household.  

Lowers Self-Esteem

If you surround yourself with negative words constantly, your mind accepts them as truth, even if they are not. 

According to studies, these word patterns cause the brain to release unfavorable hormones and neurotransmitters. Thus, if black people often hear they’re lazy, they could believe it in due time. This results in low self-esteem and an inability to produce results.

What Should Blacks Do?

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As a black person, you do have the responsibility to learn to unlearn unfortunate stereotypes such as “black people are lazy”. Below are some ways you can prove this stereotype wrong:

1. Tell Your Stories

The proliferation of the digital era has made it easier to tell and publicize your stories in ways that would’ve been impossible before. 

As a black person making a difference in your world through hard work, career, advocacy, charity, or the environment, make it a habit to periodically talk about your journey using social media. 

Twitter is a great way to create a thread about your activities while utilizing LinkedIn to emphasize your journey into the professional world.

2. Self Development

Society values educated people, and black people also need to strive hard to improve on what they already know. This way, you would be flexible enough to adjust to situations or new roles.

You can also take advantage of scholarships available to further your studies. The more black people strive to better themselves, the more the stereotype begins to fade away.

3. Talk About Exemplary Black Leaders

It is also very important for black people to remember black personalities who made a significant impact in the world regardless of the challenges they faced. 

The likes of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Kwame Nkrumah, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Maya Angelou, Haile Selassie, Harriet Tubman, and Barack Obama among others.

By acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of these remarkable individuals, black people can draw inspiration and motivation to overcome any obstacles they may encounter. 

Your Turn…

A single opinion must not be used to define an entire identity. Saying “Black people are lazy” is wrong and shouldn’t be encouraged.

These stereotypes prevent you from seeing the real issues that need attention. With that said, it’s worth emphasizing black people are hardworking people with notable achievements across the globe. Hence, the notion that “black people are lazy” is false. 

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