Thick Locs: Unlock the Secret to Perfectly Thick Locs Today!

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Thick Locs Unlock the Secret to Perfectly Thick Locs Today!

Do you keep locs but you’ve been looking for ways to attain those thick locs you so admire in others? Well, search no more! Here are quick ways to achieve it: consume foods that have enough vitamins and minerals, which helps to improve the texture. 

Also to the best of your ability, keep your locs from direct sunlight, as it causes hair damage and deters your locs from getting thick locs. But that’s not all, a careful read through the articles will insight you on how to maintain thick locs. Let’s dive in!

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Take care of your Locs

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Tips for Unlocking a Perfectly Thick Locs

Having thick locs makes your hair look healthy, and attractive, plus the beautiful thing is that it doesn’t cost a fortune to get your locs to that point. Here are a few tips to help you achieve your desired thick locs.

Prevent 2

1. Give Your Hair Some Space

Locs keepers have been taught incorrectly to always shampoo and condition their hair, including rolling. Locs keepers who have been wrongly taught believe that shampooing and conditioning their locs help them grow better, unfortunately, that’s false. 

The truth is, it is erroneous and unnecessary to keep your locs busy so often. As much as you might want to keep your locs neat at all times, exposing them to treatment frequently weakens the hair and thins the locs. 

Sharmel on Thick Locs

2. Consistently Applying Oil and Cream:

These are not necessary for thick loc formation, it rather hinders your limbs from breathing in fresh air. As a result, your locs tend to resist the necessary nutrients needed for healthy growth.

This eventually dries up your locs due to a lack of necessary nutrients.

3. Frequent Relocking:

Relocking your locs within short intervals hinders them from getting thick. You should only relock or retwist your hair every 2 months or more, but not less. Anything aside, this will only endanger the strength of your locs and their thickness potential.

4. Eat Healthily

It would surprise you to know that your diet can affect the thickness of your locs, as well as the general healthiness of your hair. Unfortunately, we don’t pay close attention to this aspect, probably because we think our diet is only meant for our body.

But then, our hair takes the final portion of every food we eat. So, when we don’t incorporate some kind of meals into our diet chances are that some essential nutrients may be lacking in your hair.

Food nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins, are much needed for good-looking and shiny locs. Here is a list of foods you should consume regularly for healthy hair growth.

Milk: A good source of protein, calcium, and vitamin D. These nutrients aid in hair growth and strengthen it. For healthy-looking, thick locs, incorporate enough milk into your daily routine.

Spinach: Packed with a lot of nutrients, spinach is very essential for your hair growth journey. Nutrients like vitamins A and C and iron are needed for the growth of new cells that lead to full, thick locs.

5. Keep Locs Hydrated

A moisturized and hydrated loc is necessary for thicker locs. While washing your hair within sparse intervals is good, there are times when you might only need to sprinkle water to keep it hydrated. Also, ensure to wash soap remnants off, after giving your locs a good wash. 

Use these tips to keep your locs hydrated.

  • Condition the Locs: Use both leave-in and light hair conditioning to hydrate your locs. Conditioning your locs helps to keep them from breakage that leads to hair loss and thinning of the locs.
  • Hair Oil and Hair Food: These keep the hair from drying out. Hair oils also prevents dry scalp and keeps the hair hydrated, resulting in thicker locs.

6. Combine Locs 

Placing two smaller and thinner locs next to each other and twisting them into one thicker loc is one way to thicken your locs. This method is easier and faster to achieve.

However, you should be careful with the frequency and manner in which you tighten your locs. This is because they tend to break if locs are not carefully twisted, which will invariably lead to hair loss. 

You can achieve this by doing the following:

  • Use a Crochet pin: Use a crochet pin to combine two or more tiny strands of your hair to make a thick lock. You might need to visit a salon to get beautiful locs
  • Twist Together: Twist the locs together if they have the same size from the root to the tip.

7. Apply Quality Hair Products

The kind of hair products you apply to your locs determines if they will thicken or break. Applying shampoos and treatments formulated with harmful chemicals to locs is not advisable. Pay attention to the kind of hair products you apply to your locs and ensure that you use only moisturizer.

Why’s My Locs Thinning?

Locs keepers often experience dread thinning, but then wonder why? If you happen to have  thin locs here are the possible causes of it.

thin locs

1. Tight Twists

Making tight twists or styling your locs into a tight bun is very harmful to your locs. It often results in breakage since you strain the hair follicles and edges.

2. Hair Infection

Different hair types are susceptible to infection, and locs are no exception. Infection of the hair can result from any means like dandruff or psoriasis. Adequate hair care such as has been mentioned above  will be needed to prevent infectious diseases that can enhance locs thinning

3. Chronic Stress Issues

Hair thinning and hair loss can be affected by stress in extreme cases. Conditions associated with stressful events may include menopause, childbirth, or excessive weight loss. But don’t get worried, the good thing here is usually temporary, with time and proper care, your locs will bounce back to a beautiful state.

Preventing Future Thinning

As the saying goes, “when you know the problem, you can find the solution.” The same can be said for thinning locs. Since you now know the reasons behind the unhealthy locs, here is how to prevent it :


Resist the temptation of styling your locs in ways that have damaging effects. Once you notice a particular style is pulling your front edges try to unpack or restyle it, regardless of how beautiful the style might be.

Braid loosely.  If you’ll need to braid your locs, then make loose braids instead. It will prevent your hair from thinning and help you maintain thick locks.

Protect your locs from direct sunlight with a silk hair bonnet. Direct sunlight dehydrates the hair and leaves it susceptible to breakage. Protecting your hair from direct sunlight helps retain moisture so the locs can thicken.

Rejuvenate your dread by giving it a thorough wash at least once every two weeks. Practice complete hygiene with your locs. Your locs would be washed at least once every three weeks to help retain moisture and maintain thickness.

Simple & Quick Styles for Thick Locs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What makes your locs thicker?

Thick locs are mainly determined by genetics and hair texture. However, taking proper care of your hair and scalp by eating a balanced diet, using natural products, and avoiding heat styling can help promote healthy hair growth and thicker locs.

2. What other names are thick locs called?

Thick locs are also referred to as “fat locs,” “big locs,” or “chunky locs.”

3. Are thick dreads good?

Thick dreads can be a great option for those who want a fuller, more voluminous look. However, they can also be heavier and take longer to dry, so it’s important to consider your lifestyle and hair type before committing to them.

4. Do thick dreads lock faster?

Thick dreads may take longer to form and lock than thinner dreads, as they require more time for the hair to fully compress and form knots. However, the process can be expedited by using techniques like backcombing and palm rolling.

5. Do locs get thinner over time?

It’s natural for locs to thin slightly over time as they mature, especially at the ends. However, proper maintenance and regular trimming can help prevent excessive thinning and breakage.

6. What size locs are best?

The size of your locs depends on personal preference and hair texture. Smaller locs create a more intricate, defined look, while larger locs offer a more natural, bohemian vibe.

7. How thick should your locs be?

The thickness of your locs should be based on your hair texture and personal preference. Thicker hair may require larger locs, while finer hair can handle smaller locs.

8. How many locs make a full head?

The number of locs needed for a full head depends on the size of the locs and the thickness of the hair. Generally, 80-100 locs are needed for small to medium-sized locs, while 50-60 locs are sufficient for larger locs.

9. Do locs get thicker or thinner?

Locs can become slightly thicker or thinner over time as they mature and lock. However, proper maintenance and regular trimming can help maintain the size and shape of your locs.

It’s your turn to Unlock your Thick locs

To maintain perfectly thick locs you’ll need to keep your locs moisturized, eat a healthy diet, give the hair some space, and apply quality hair products as well. So what will be your first step towards achieving your thick loc?

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