Braids and Baubles: 34 Gorgeous Box Braids with Beads Inspiration

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Box Braids with Beads

Braids, with their timeless charm, have long been a symbol of cultural expression. Now, imagine infusing these classic braids with a touch of beads and other accessaries. It’s a cool idea!

So, let’s check out how we can combine different box braids style with beads and baubles. Definitely, it will create so many chic styles!

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34 Gorgeous Box Braids with Beads Inspiration

1. Earthy Notes Box Braids with Beads

These beautiful light brown box braids remind you of mother Earth. Meanwhile, the glass beads at the end are all that you need for style.

2. Slaying Box Braids with Beads

Do you wanna be the one who slays at every party? Braid your hair in these gorgeous blonde braids sealed at the end with subtle golden beads.

3. Watery Beads Box Braids

With the blue-shaded beads, making up for the knots at the end in the braids, you can pull off a water-goddess look at any occasion. 

4. Fancy Box Braids with Beads

Do you find simple hairstyles boring? If yes, then get these beautiful patterned braids, braided with pink colour in some hair ending at clear hair beads 

4. Fancy Box Braids with Beads


5. Beads and Buns Box Braids with beads

Do you have a knack for carrying some elegant hairstyle? Adorn your hair with these beautiful dark and light brown beads by adding them at the ends. To look cooler, make buns out of your braids just like this picture.

6. Red Splash Box Braids with Beads

The ultimate banger of hairstyles is here for you. Braid your hair with red colour, and add red beads at the end. Your perfect rockstar look is ready.

7. Bead Lover’s Box Braids

Do you want to look stylish and sweet? Get this hairstyle with chunky beads at the end of simple box braids to make them more appealing! Carry it with grace.

8. Velvet Red Box Braids with beads

For a smooth look, these box braids with a velvety texture is a fine choice? Are you not a fan of lavish hairstyles? Get clear beads in your braids instead of bulky accessories.

9. Perfect-Balance Box Braids with Beads

With a hint of colour in the braids, three coloured beads at the end, and fine box braids, this hairstyle is representative of your perfectly balanced personality. Do you want to show it through a hairstyle? If so, style your hair this way.

10. Jumbo Box Braids with Beads

Do you not like hairstyles that don’t depict the exact length of your hair? For women with beautiful long hair, this hairstyle is a good choice. Braid your hair all the way till ends, and add light brown beads at the tips. 

11. Triangle Box Braids with Beads

For an incredible look, braid your hair in triangular-patterned box braids with beads. The added red colour to some braids will bring out the style in the hairstyle.

12. Flamboyant Box Braids with Beads

Do you want to go all colourful with your look? Match your hairstyle with that look by adding bright yellow beads in your box braids just like this one.

13. Blue-Showered Box Braids with Beads

For all the lovers of pure blue, we have selected the perfect hairstyle for you. Braid your hair in vibrant blue colour with perky beads ending the braids.

14. Red and Black Box Braids with Crystal Beads

Do you wanna flaunt your real hair, but also want a new colour? Get these beautiful braids turning red midway, and ending at crystal beads.

15. Open-and-Tied Box Braids with Beads

You will love these braids if you like both tied and free hairstyles. Braid your hair, tie them in buns, and keep the braids free mid of the head. The beautiful bulky beads with splashing colours are making the hairstyle more ravishing.

16. Goddess’ Style Box Braids with Beads

Are you an admirer of mythologies? If that’s the case, get this hairstyle with a fine bun at the top of the head that looks just like ones that ancient goddesses have.

17. Coco Box Braids with Beads

Do you like chocolate? Well who doesn’t! The same colour in this hairstyle is making the box braids so captivating with the beautiful beads at the ends making a statement.

18. Peekaboo Box Braids with Beads

Do you like to surprise people with your hairstyles? Get this cute hairstyle with butterfly-shaped accessories and beads at the end of the box braids. Also, a hint of lavender makes it super adorable. 

19.  Fairy Beads Box Braids with Beads

Did you use to read fairytale stories of fairies and their magic dust? These pink beads give the vibes of all those stories with their beautiful shades. Tie your hair like this and add these beads to achieve this look.

20. Graceful Brown Box Braids

A simple hairstyle can add so much grace to your personality. These brown box braids with silver baubles are one such example. Want a classic look? Go for it!

21. Cleopatra Style Box Braids with Beads 

Just look at these box braids and tell us about whom it reminds you of? Cleopatra! With beautiful beads crowing the head full of box braids, it has the essence of that beauty.

22. Blue Dream Box Braids with Beads 

Golden baubles and box braids with different shades of blue spread midway of the braids is the look that can be called a style-statement.

23. Cheeky Box Braids 

Are you bold and beautiful? Want to have a hairstyle that says it about you? Get these cheeky yet basic box braids for that.

24. Garden Vibes Box Braids

Do you love nature in all its purity? These gorgeous box braids with adorable butterfly baubles in your hair are a perfect choice to cater to the nature-loving side of yours.

25. Golden Ribbon Box Braids

Golden is the symbol of royalty, and even its touch can elevate the class just like the golden ribbon is doing in this hairstyle. A blend of golden and brown is giving this hairstyle a glamorous touch.

25. Golden Ribbon Box Braids


26. Elegant Box Braids

Do you not like to add other colours to your hair? Keep your natural shiny black colour in box braids, and have the most attractive elegant hairstyle.

27. Bob-Cut Maroon Box Braids

Have you chopped off your hair, but want a perfectly stylist hairstyle? Try this one with maroon box braids falling till your shoulders. The beautiful golden trinkets add to the extra beauty of this hairstyle.

28. Brown Statement Box Braids

For all the lovers of brown, this hairstyle should be at the top of their favourite ones. These simple box braids with silver adornments can give you a classy look, that too in all brown.

29. Yellow-Tailed Box Braids

Do you love to put beads in your braids? These square box braids ending with a series of yellow beads should be your go-to for everyday.

30. Pink Beads Box Braids 

The beautifully done box braids shaped into a bun with all of them ending in bright pink beads gives you a pleasant look.

31. Bob Knotless Box Braids with Beads

Do you not want to be part of the crowd? For standing out, make this beautiful hairstyle with the bob bun made at the top of head with white scrunchie. 

32. Mid-Back Sand Box Braids with Beads

A slaying look that reminds you of the sand with beautiful light brown braids and crystal white beads at the end!

33. Inspirational Beads in Box Braids

Are you a lover of exotic beads? Make this hairstyle with a variety of perky beads that will outshine everyone.

34. Crystal-Tailed Box Braids with Beads 

The gorgeous trail of crystal clear beads at the end of tails is such a style-elevating addition to a mundane hairstyle. Try out these amazing box braids!

Now, It’s Your Turn!

So, whether you’re a trendsetter or someone seeking a fresh twist on a classic look, the fusion of braids and beads offers a number of possibilities. Let your imagination run wild, experiment with colors, shapes, and textures – because, in the end, it’s not just about the braids; it’s about the radiant confidence. 

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