Braids for Your Mini-Me: 37 Fun and Stylish Box Braids for Kids

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box braids for kids

Box braids for your mini me are not just about hairstyles—it’s a celebration of confidence and culture. 

Box braids are a type of protective hairstyle where hair is divided into small, square-shaped sections and braided. For little girls, this means cute, low-maintenance styles that can last for weeks.These braids also make daily hair care routines easier for parents.

In this article we wil explore box braids for kids. So, let’s appreciate how this simple hairstyle carries the power to instill connection to heritage from an early age.

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37 Stylish Box Braids for Kids

1. Bead-Ended Box Braids

Do you want to maintain the cuteness of your younger one with a blend of unique style? If yes, these bead-ended stylish box braids should be your go-to option.

2. Yellow String Box Braids

Does your kid make uninterested faces at the sound of plain box braids? Don’t worry then! You can upgrade your styling game by braiding their hair with a yellow string or thread, and add a little colour to box braids.

3. Box Braids with Mono Pink String

Pink, the favourite colour of the kids! You can add a pink string in the braids, and you will see how the face of your kid will lighten up. Pink looks adorable and super-chick at the same time while braided in the hair.

4. Barbie Box Braids

If your kid is a super fan of barbie, then this box braid is a have to make. You can add pink extensions and golden metallic leaves in the braids, and make your girl feel like a princess.

5. Cute-Patterned Box Braids

Is your kid bored with the same hairstyle? Worry not! We’ve got you covered with these cute-patterned box braids that leave a beautiful pattern at the top of the head.

6. Cheeky Box Braids

Add a little charm, beauty, and style to the hair by adding blonde colour in the braids. The blue and yellow string braided in the hair are that eye-catching point.

7.Two-toned box braids

Does your kid have a knack for colourful style? If yes, then you should definitely go for these two-toned blue and pink box braids.

8. Box Braids with Perky Green

Green just makes everything attractive. It would do the same thing in the braids. Just look at this charming green box braid, adding style to the whole hairstyle.

 9. Icy Blue Box Braids

Did your kid watch the movie frozen? Make them watch, braid their hair with ice blue, and make them fall in love with these icy blue box braids.

10. Royal Box Braids

Purple is the colour of royalty, and you should make your kid feel like one with these purple box braids. Make this hairstyle, tell about the history of purple colour, and look how it will bring a smile to their faces.

11. Pink-Tinged Box Braids

This hairstyle is a perfect example of how a little touch of a colour can make a simple hairstyle so alluring. Is pink the colour of your child? If yes, then definitely, this one’s for you.

12. Bubblegum Box Braids

Doesn’t this bright tea pink remind you of a sweet bubblegum? It’s so catchy to both adults and kids. Make this hairstyle and upgrade the style game of your kid.

13. Tricolor Box Braids

Wanna experiment a little with all your favourite colours? Get your hands on pink, blue, and yellow strings and make these tricolour box braids.

14. All Pink Hues Box Braids

Get the right shades of the pink and make these beautiful multi-hued pink box braids. Your kid will love it, and it’s always a style of success.

15. Go Blue Box Braids

Are you a lover of blue? Who isn’t! This hairstyle exudes suppleness just like the colour blue.

16.  Vibrant Pink Box Braids

Are you bred of sober colours and styles? The right hairstyle with bright pink colour is right here for you. Add a little vibrancy to the hair of your girl.

16.  Vibrant Pink Box Braids


17. Color Lover’s Box Braids

A dazzle of all your kids’s favourite colours in a single hairstyle can make them happy like none other thing. Entangle these multicolor threads in the braids and make them standout.

18. Soothing Lavender Box Braids

Who doesn’t love the soothing calm both the lavender and its colour brings? Add the same to the hairstyle and make a sight to see for the eyes watching.

19. Pinky Curl Box Braids

Is your girl a glam queen? If yes, then combine both pink and a curled tuft in a single hairstyle, and make an award-winning hairdo just like this one here.

20. Ideal-Patterned Box Braids

If you’re looking for a standout hairstyle, this unique box braid is the one for you. Cornrows on one side with colours, and let the other ones be free on your other side. Voilà! Your Ideal-Patterned Box Braids are ready to flaunt.

21. Pink-Purple Combo Box Braids

Can there be a hairstyle that can fulfil all your fairytale fantasies? Yes! This Pink-Purple Combo Box Braids hairstyle is the perfect fit for your kid with a dreamy imagination.

22. Red Velvet Box Braids

Nothing like a wine red colour can help your kid make a style statement about themselves. Got a party to go to? Make this hairstyle, and make it speak for yourself.

23. Rocking Blue Box Braids

If your kid has a rock music lover’s soul, and wants to make it obvious through the hairstyle, then go for this one. A solid rock blue colour in the braids makes it such an alluring website.

24. Icy-tipped Box Braids

A beautiful purple colour ending with an icy tinge of blue is giving these box braids an exotic touch. Wanna take a leap in your hairstyling game? Give it a go!

25. Pink Undertone Box Braids

Do you want to use pink but don’t want it to scream? We’ve got a right pick for you with pink not so obvious in the hair, but showing itself at the tips.

26. Creamy Pink Box Braids

If you want to mix the vibrancy of pink and the sophistication of white in a single hairstyle, then this one is the perfect blend for you. Mix pink with the splash of off-white in between, and you have the perfect pastel hairstyle.

27. Dreamy Imagination Box Braids

The beautiful colours of pink with a dash of purple splashed with the brown hair and styled in box braids will cater to your kid’s requirement of their imaginative, fanciful hairstyle.

28. Love for Neon Box Braids

Is your kid attracted towards the neon symbols that scream all fanciness? Get these neon green box braids and make your kid fall in love with it.

29. Rainbow Box Braids

Does your kid have a fondness for all beautiful colours that make a rainbow? Choose a few of their favourites, and get the hair braided in those, your kid will not want to let go of this hairstyle.

30. Bold Colours Box Braids

It’s another great choice for kids who love the blends of bold colours. Is the occasion joyous or celebratory? Pick this hairstyle to share the vibe.

31. Pastel-Coloured Box Braids

For kids with a cool temperament, this hairstyle is a perfect choice, making a statement of grace and decency.

32. Box Braids Buns

Does your kid feel tired of the same box braids falling around the face? If yes, then make these cute buns with the purple box braids, and rock the new look.

33. Top Bun and Falling Box Braids

Wanna look more cool and chick? Make the top bun and braid your kid’s hair into purple box braids falling on your shoulder.

34. Sister Goals Box Braids

Is it difficult to satisfy your girls with unique hairstyles? Make the same box of braids in different colours. Add golden metallic rings to elevate the styling game and make both of them happy.

35. Basic Ribbon Braided Box Braids

Don’t you have much time to invest in styling your kid’s hair? Save the time and style them up by adding blue and pink ribbons while braiding them.

36. Purplish Box Braids

The hairstyle that shows the love for purple colour can be none other than this one. A perfect gradient of darkish to lighter hues!

37. Go-Simple Box Braids

Don’t you have much time on hands? If you want a simple yet elegant hairstyle, your pick should be this simpler box braid. It’s that hairstyle that doesn’t require much effort, yet effortlessly makes a style statement for itself!

Now, It’s Your Turn!

These simple yet stunning hairstyles effortlessly put elegance and cuteness to your little one. Picture the joy in their eyes as they flaunt their chic box braids. Beyond the aesthetics, these braids offer parents the gift of hassle-free mornings and kids the excitement of vibrant, playful styles. Tell me which one is your favorite?

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