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This is a review of and why you should patronize their African ancestry DNA testing services.

African ancestry is an African ancestry DNA testing company that uniquely helps expand the way people view themselves and Africa.

The company is black-owned, founded in 2003, and currently the world’s leader in tracing maternal and paternal lineages of African descent having helped more than 1,000,000 people re-connect with the roots of their family tree.

As the largest and most wide-ranging database in the industry, it has analyzed over 30,000 indigenous African DNA samples. With this database, it has the ability to determine specific countries and specific ethnic groups of origin with an unrivaled level of detail, accuracy, and confidence in its customers.

The black-owned company is determined and committed to providing a unique service to the black community by working daily to improve the cultural, emotional, physical, spiritual, and economic well-being of people across the African Diaspora.

Why you should take your DNA ancestry test with African ancestry

1. Privacy

African Ancestry is the only genetic ancestry company that puts your identity, safety, and privacy first. According to the company, it destroys 100% of your DNA samples. When your DNA sample is submitted to the lab, no personal information is provided. It is only identified by a barcode maintained by African Ancestry.

In addition, it ethically does not sell or share your genetic information nor does it provide your data to law enforcement. Once your DNA sequence has been analyzed, all generic material including additional cheek swabs is destroyed at the lab.

2. Specific African country and tribe results

Unlike other companies, uses the largest database of African genetic sequences to pinpoint your ancestral roots, providing and specifying your exact region, from 500-to 2,000 years ago with a simple cheek swab.

For example, if your paternal ancestry comes from the Akan ethnic group in Ghana, African ancestry is able to scientifically give you this information or if your maternal ancestry hails from the Bamileke People of Cameroon, you’ll have your results pinpointing this information.

If you opt for the Family Package, it comes with both test kits, six personalized Certificates of Ancestry, and six countries of origin tees. You will also receive T-shirts that reflect your choice of country of ancestry, if available. Otherwise, the package will include “African Ancestry” Tees.

Choosing your t-shirt comes after receiving your results, you will receive a form to select your t-shirt countries and sizes, and certificate names.

3. Largest database of African genetic sequences

African Ancestry has worked with historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, and other geneticists to compile the largest and most comprehensive database of African lineages.

It has over 33,000 Lineages Across 35 African Countries, creating meaningful connections to Africa and transformative experiences for the black community in the diaspora searching for a deeper sense of identity.

Unlike other ancestry DNA testing kits that only provide a percentage breakdown of your origin, provide a specific country of origin or tribe on a single lineage.

4. Black-owned business

In 2003, Dr. Gina Paige and Dr. Rick Kittles co-founded African Ancestry, Inc. ( and in doing so, pioneered a new way of tracing African lineages using genetics, and a new marketplace for people of African descent looking to more accurately and reliably trace their roots.

African ancestry has worked and revealed the roots of the world’s leading icons and entities including Oprah Winfrey, John Legend, Chadwick Boseman, Spike Lee, Condoleezza Rice, and The King Family.

The company has the black community at heart and is the only ancestry DNA testing company that exclusively serves the black community.

The DNA testing process

1. Buy and Activate Your Test Kit

African ancestry has three main test kits available. You can choose from our MatriClan, to trace your maternal ancestry, available to both genders, or choose from PatriClan, to trace your paternal ancestry, available to only males.

Lastly, you can choose from Family Package test kits to trace your ancestry, also available to both genders.

Whichever lit you choose, your kit will arrive within 10 business days. Priority shipping is available too. Remember to activate your kit via your private online portal on the website, visible to only you.

2. Collect Your DNA Sample

Secondly, swab your inner cheek to collect your DNA sample and drop it back in the mail to AfricanAncestry using the postage-paid return envelope. It’s quick, easy, and painless, and you can track the status of your test kit online.

3. Get Your Results

With your DNA sample, the company will extract your DNA and analyze it against the world’s largest database of African DNA to determine your ancestry. This process takes approximately 8-12 weeks. Once your results are ready, you can access them through your account on the website.

4. Explore Your Ancestry

Now that you know where you’re from, you can study the people and the country, travel, adopt a new name, or incorporate new traditions into your family. Then, you can engage other family members to take an African Ancestry test and learn about more of your roots.

5. Expand Your Community

The company uniquely offers services beyond DNA testing.  The African Ancestry experience truly begins once you receive your results. It Connects you with other African Ancestry Family Members in their exclusive Facebook Online Community, sharing resources and information with others who have taken our test.

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The Products

1. MatriClan Test kIt

The MatriClan test kit offers by AfricanAncestry help you discover your maternal ancestry roots with mtDNA.

This at-home test reveals the specific roots of your mother’s maternal line up to 2,000 years ago. For female and male test takers, your MatriClan Test kit includes everything you need to submit your cheek swab.

Finding your maternal ancestry DNA helps transform the way you view yourself and Africa with the simplicity, security, and care Black people deserve.

African ancestry is a credible testing company because ninety-two percent (92%) of the people who take this test receive an African result. There is an 8% chance that your result will not be African.

Your results are received digitally, comprising both the country and ethnic group of origin.  

The MatriClan package comes at a price of $299.

2. PatriClan Test Kit

Only biological males can take the PatriClan, however, Women who want to trace their paternal lineage must use DNA from a male relative on their paternal line.

The PatriClan Test will reveal the African country of origin and ethnic group (tribe) that you share paternal ancestry with during the past 500 – 2,000 years.

Like other test kits offered, your test kits include everything you need to submit your sample, track its progress online, digital results, and complete destruction of your DNA.

Your PatriClan Experience includes:       

  • Official digital results from the Y chromosome that men inherit exclusively from their fathers
  • Digital Certificate of Ancestry with specific ancestral country and tribe 
  • E-book African Ancestry Guide to African History and Cultures
  • Membership in the exclusive African Ancestry Online Community on Facebook
  • Newly found sense of pride, place, and belonging
  • Gateway to exploring the traditions, practices, values, and beliefs of your paternal ancestor group
  • Eligibility to participate in African Ancestry Family Reunions

The PatriClan test package comes at a price of $299.

*Family Celebration Package

The Family Package allows you and the family to trace your maternal AND paternal roots from 500-to 2,000 years ago with a simple cheek swab. 

Note that only biological men can take the PatriClan test, however, a woman wanting to trace their paternal lineage must use DNA from a male relative on their paternal line. 

The package includes:

  • One MatriClan Test Kit – $299 value
  • One PatriClan Test Kit – $299 value
  • Six additional personalized certificates – $75 value
  • Four African Ancestry t-shirts – $120 value

The Family celebration package comes at a price of $729.

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The science behind African ancestry

African ancestry traces your lineage by analyzing the mitochondrial DNA or Y chromosome depending on which text kit you choose.

Your mitochondrial DNA or Y chromosome is then passed from generation to generation tracing your single lineage as far back as 500 to 2,000 years.

Using a single cheek swab, extract your DNA sequence, represented by letters such as A, B, or Z.

It then looks closely for unique mutations present in your sequence, which are delivered in your results.

Consequently, it compares your results with their database of African lineages to determine your country and tribe.

Other DNA Ancestry Test Alternatives

1. 23andMe

Alternative to African ancestry, 23andMe also offers ancestry DNA testing; Autosomal, Y-DNA, and mtDNA.

 As one of the best ancestry DNA testing companies, 23andMe provides accurate reports, a large genetics database, and in-depth health DNA results, covering over 31 African regions.

23andMe does, unfortunately, use your DNA and has the jurisdiction to sell it on. However, you have a choice to decide if your information should be used by providing consent when signing up for the tests.

2. MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage DNA is one of our preferred suppliers for African ancestry DNA test kit packs as it provides users with a full breakdown of their ethnic past that is split up into percentages. 

Additionally, it has the ability to find relatives that a customer’s family had lost touch with over six generations. The test kits are suitable for men and women alike and they also test on both the maternal side and paternal line.

Although personal information provided to MyHeritageDNA is never sold, be aware that the company does record your data and keep it on file for a length of time. As such, you can ask the company to delete your file.

3. is also one of the best DNA Tests for African American people. It is available to people of all ages, colors, and backgrounds. It offers autosomal analysis and a Family Tree Option, which is only available with a subscription.

The company, based on its terms and conditions, does have the right to sell or use your DNA. is a good choice for African Americans because of all the regions it shows. 

The company not only does reserve the right to share your data with research facilities and institutions, but it can also share that data with law enforcement.

4. Before you go

Remember that African ancestry is the best ancestry testing company for black Americans. The company offers three types of scientific analysis; MatriClan DNA testing, PatriClan DNA Testing, and the Family Celebration Package.

Although the price is higher compared to other companies, the value it provides is worth it. You’re also assured of your privacy as all samples are destroyed after your results are sent to you.

You also have the opportunity to know the specific African region and ethnicity your ancestors hail from. Even more warming, you’re exposed to a like-minded community who have questions about their ancestry, just like you.

Now, it’s your turn!

If you have questions, like any other black American out there, you’re not alone. Take that bold step and get your DNA test from today.

You’re assured of your results within 8-12 weeks. Once your results are ready, you can access them through your account online.

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