Winter Fashion Quirks: Why Do White People Wear Shorts During Winter?

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Good race relations are built upon people being allowed to ask what they think are silly questions – and getting some genuine honest answers. That being the case, let’s take a closer look at the phenomenon of white people inexplicably wearing shorts even during the coldness of wintertime

One of the most ridiculous sights you will ever behold if you move to countries like Scotland, Ireland, England, the US – or to countries even further north – is the sight of men and women who expose their pasty, weather-beaten under-shanks in shorts, long, long after the winter has arrived. White people wear shorts in winter – and few other races can understand why. 

Why White People Wear Shorts During Winter

So what is the reason? 

Well, the most obvious truth is that it comes from a strange White cocktail mix of stubbornness and laziness. 

Bear with us. Let’s explain it this way, if a white person has a pair of shorts that they like, and they find that they can comfortably wear them on a mild day in September, the chances are that they’re going to be too stubborn and lazy to change out of them for the next six, seven, eight weeks. They’ll do this even if a cold snap comes in and threatens to freeze off their bal- Sorry, we’ll not say more than that – but you get the picture. 

Society and Culture


There’s another dimension to this – a social and cultural one. Many men in today’s society often feel an overwhelming need to prove their masculinity or show off how tough and enduring they are. This can be said to go double for many white men, especially those who’ve led relatively privileged or comfortable lifestyles.

Look at Norway, a country which has one of the whitest populations and highest GDPs in the world – that doesn’t stop many of this Scandi country’s population from needing to prove themselves by dressing up as Vikings and jumping into freezing cold lakes. (No slight against Viking Guy, who is truly a wonder to behold!) 

The point is that the more comfortable we are in society – the more we might feel the need to challenge ourselves physically and mentally. In a more simplistic way of putting it for the purposes of this article, the more white we are – the more we might feel the need to wear shorts. 

But hey, it lets everyone else admire our pasty, goose-pimpled legs! 

Is it healthier to wear shorts in the winter? 

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This question really depends on two things: where you live and how much you trust your own intelligence. If you live in, say, the Russian city of Yakutsk – where winter temperatures are on average −4 °F – and you don’t trust your own intelligence, then I’m going to go right ahead and say it: Do NOT wear shorts outside in winter!!

But as to the question of whether it’s considered healthy to sometimes feel the chill around your legs during the winter time, the answer is: maybe, kind of, possibly. It is true that exposing yourself to the cold can help with issues like blood pressure and stress relief, which is why wild swimming has taken off in a big way across the Western World. However, there’s obviously a limit to the amount of ‘coldness’ that one person should expose themselves to. If a white person is walking around Manhattan in shorts during a big winter freeze with the intention of “getting healthy”, we’re afraid that the only thing they’re likely to “get”…is hypothermia.  

Benefits of Wearing Shorts in Winter

Wearing shorts in winter, despite seeming counterintuitive, can offer several benefits, particularly in specific contexts or for certain individuals:

1. Comfort and Preference

Some people find shorts more comfortable than pants, especially if they tend to feel overheated easily. In milder winter climates, shorts can provide enough warmth while offering comfort and freedom of movement.

2. Indoor Environments

In heated indoor environments, wearing shorts can help regulate body temperature, preventing overheating.

3. Physical Activity

During exercise or sports activities, shorts can be preferable even in colder weather. They provide greater ease of movement and can be more comfortable during high-intensity workouts, where body heat is quickly generated.

4. Vitamin D Exposure

Wearing shorts allows more skin exposure to sunlight, which can aid in Vitamin D synthesis. This is particularly beneficial during the shorter daylight hours of winter.

5. Acclimatization

Some people wear shorts in winter as a way to acclimatize their bodies to colder temperatures, potentially building a higher tolerance to cold over time.

6. Fashion and Personal Expression

For some, wearing shorts in winter is a fashion statement or a form of personal expression, demonstrating individuality and confidence in their style choices.

7. Medical Reasons

Certain medical conditions or skin irritations might be aggravated by long pants, making shorts a more comfortable option.

8. Practicality in Certain Professions

Workers in certain industries, like fitness trainers or lifeguards in indoor pools, might find shorts more practical for their job, regardless of the season.

It’s important to note that while there are benefits to wearing shorts in winter, it’s also crucial to dress appropriately for the weather to avoid risks like hypothermia, especially in extremely cold conditions.

Before you go…

As we wrap up our intriguing exploration of why some white people choose to wear shorts during the chilly winter months, we can’t help but marvel at the diverse and sometimes surprising ways in which cultural habits manifest. But this is just one piece of the puzzle in understanding the complexities of cultural behaviors.

We’re eager to hear from you – do you don shorts in the winter? Is it a fashion statement, a comfort choice, or something else entirely? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Your insights add valuable depth to our discussion.

And there’s more to uncover in the realm of cultural practices. Next on our list is another curious topic:

Stay tuned to dive into this discussion, where we’ll unravel the reasons behind this particular habit. Whether it’s about comfort, cleanliness, or something else, we’re excited to explore these cultural nuances together. So, keep your curiosity piqued, and let’s continue this fascinating journey into understanding different lifestyle choices. Join us, and let’s keep the conversation going!

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