Braids for Dudes: 55 Handsome Cornrow Hairstyles for Guys

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conrow for guys

Cornrows are everlasting and are the go-to protective option for men and women for ages! Cornrows were formerly a cultural symbol for various African tribes. Fast forward to this day, it now functions as a protective style for ladies and a trendy fashion statement for guys. 

The fascinating thing about cornrows is that they come in different styles for different hair types and cuts for guys. There are certain cornrow styles that are specially for guys. 

In this article, we will reveal eye-catching cornrow styles for guys. Even if it is your first time trying cornrows as a guy, there are easy styles for you to start with. 

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55 Handsome Cornrow Hairstyles for Guys

1. Fishbone Cornrows

Here Is a creative cornrow style replicating the bones of a fish. Fishbone cornrows are perfect for any hair length, as the weaves are short. 

2. Hat Cornrows With Zig Zag Parting

To achieve this style, your hair should be at least 4-8 inches long. Plaiting this style on a shorter hair length may not be so good. 

3. Cross Fulani Medium Cornrows

Cross Fulani cornrows involve weaving cornrows individually and then crossing them for the Fulani weave effect. It can be painful when it’s held too firmly. 

4. Middle All Back Stitch Cornrows

Most guys have scanty hair, which determines the number and sizes of cornrows that will be plaited. Guys with all hair densities can make this style, but it looks better on those with fuller hair.

5. Big And Small Stitch Cornrows

This is the cornrow style you wear when you’re tired of doing the regular. It’s simple but quite creative and eye-catching. 

6. Big And Small All Back Cornrow

Here is a combination of big and small cornrows, which are neat and well-parted. For this style, the smaller weaves help to hold in hair to keep the bigger ones intact.

7. Half Zig Zag Cornrows

How creative would you want your cornrows? How about these Half zig zag cornrows? I bet they are what you’re looking for. Zig-zag cornrows are most suitable for broadening your facial dimension. 

7. Center Part Crown Cornrow

Center-part crown cornrows are weaves styled only on the crown of the head. This style is perfect on round-cut hair. 

8. Side Heart Weave Cornrow

The side heart weave is just a creative way of complimenting the all back, which is the prominent style. But to pull off this style, you should save up enough hair by the sides. 

9. Large Pop Smoke Cornrows

Large pop smoke cornrows fit better on guys with full, thick hair. Full and thick hair makes it easy to part the hair neatly for this fabulous look. 

10. Full Stitch Crown Cornrows

Behold this lovely stitch crown braids! Here, the extensions are neatly tucked in, making for a natural look. 

11. Freestyle Updo Cornrow

Many guys don’t maintain long hair, and this style requires long hair. But then, with the help of extensions such as Kinky, you can achieve this look with 4 to 6 inches of hair length. 

12. Creative High Top Cornrow

Here is another hairstyle for the crown of your man’s head for that handsome look. This style is perfected with a clean-cut roundabout. 

13. Zig Zag Hat Cornrows

Zig zag hat cornrow is plaited by weaving the hair from the top down to the edges of the hair. It’s a protective style that can be worn for 2-3 weeks maximum. 

14. Halo Cornrows

Halo cornrows are double cornrows plaited on the two sides of the head. Depending on the thickness of the hair, the halo cornrows can be thick or thin. 

15. Zig Zag Cornrow Updo 

Here is another fabulous way to wear zig zag weaves – in an updo! Zig zag cornrow updo is plaited from the round edges of the head to the middle and then wrapped in a bun. It must not necessarily be in a bun, but for convenience, it is a popular preference. 

16. Cascading Cornrows

This cornrow style is also called ascending cornrows. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in the creative way it is parted. This hairstyle needs no redo for any occasion as it is already made to suit all occasions. 

17. Simple Cornrow Updo

This is a regular updo cornrow style requiring not much expertise. Anyone who knows how to braid can put this up in no time. 

18. Side Pointed Cornrows

What a beautiful sight this is! So classy and exquisite. Most suitable for evening events on suits and all. 

19. All Back Heart And Stitch Cornrows

Here, we have the heart weave in the middle, which adds a dramatic look to the cornrows. 

20. Zig Zag Parted Cornrows

Here is a creative and intricate cornrow pattern that gives a striking and edgy look and adds flair to the traditional hairstyle. To achieve this look, the hair is first parted in this pattern before it is plaited. 

21. Simple High Top Cornrow

Here is another way to wear a crown cornrow. This style combines simplicity and readiness, requiring little or no maintenance and wrestling. If it’s tightly plaited, you can wear it for 2- 4 weeks, depending on the size. 

22. Medium Snake And Mini Cornrows

There is a little drama in this hairstyle, and it is super creative. The straight weaves by the sides of the curly weaves look like the pathway for the snakes. Overall, this is a worthy try. 

23. Side Bow Weaves And Freestyle Cornrows

When we think we’ve got it all with the snake and heart weaves, here’s another cornrow freestyle, the triple bow side weaves. It screams hair artistry at its best, and we love it. 

24. Jumbo Criss-Cross Cornrows

Male folks aren’t like the women who can spend forever in the salon for a hairstyle. The male folks prefer easy and quick hairstyles, and this hairstyle below is just it. Depending on the speed of the hairstylist, it can take 1 to 2 hours to get it done. 

25. Heart Cornrow And Box Plaits With Beads

This cornrow style exudes an artistic and playful look. If you are an artistic person, this hairstyle is most suitable to express yourself. 

26. Bold Zig Zag Parted Braids With Water Beads

This intricate style is carefully plaited to give this eye-grabbing look. The addition of beads at the tips functions as an accessory to brighten the style. 

27. Triangular Cut Cornrows

This cornrow style is plaited in a unique geometric pattern with curves and pointed edges, making for a striking look. To achieve this look, your hair has to be 7 – 9 inches long. 

28. Fulani Freestyle Cornrows

Fulani freestyle cornrows draw inspiration from the Fulani tradition, which features various braid patterns in a particular hairstyle. 

29. Multiple Fishbone Cornrows

Multiple fishbone cornrows are long-lasting and can be worn on every hair length as they are first plaited as short weaves before joining a cornrow. 

30. Big And Small Hat Cornrow

Here we go again with hat cornrows but in a different and fuller look with the combination of big and small weaves. 

31. Four-in-One High Top Cornrows

Are you looking for a classy style that won’t keep you in the salon forever? Then, our four-in-one high-top cornrows are a viable option. It will only require touch-ups for maintenance.

32. Four-in-One All Back Cornrows

This style is most suitable for guys with full hair and no cuts on the edges. 5 to 8 inches of hair length is also another requirement to rock this style perfectly. 

33. High Top Heart Cornrows

This high-top heart cornrow features only heart cornrows, creating and revealing skillful hair artistry. 

33. High Top Heart Cornrows

  1. Curly Freestyle Jumbo Cornrows

This hairstyle screams, “Look good or leave it!” You can never look wrong wearing these freestyle jumbo cornrows. 

35. Simple HighTop Mini Hat Cornrows

Are you looking for simple cornrow ideas for your little boy that will be long-lasting and require low maintenance? Then you should consider this style! You can pull it off without extensions, requiring no maintenance until you want to remove it.

36. Box Plaits in Cornrow Style

Here is another way to show off your man’s creativity and attention to detail, like his hair. Although you may have to spend 4 -5 hours or more depending on the speed of your stylist, you can rest assured that it will be worth it. 

37. Barrel Twist Cornrows

Barrel twist cornrows are a fusion of two braiding techniques, which are cornrows and twists with invisible locs.

38. Zig Zag All Back Cornrows

Your full hair has finally found purpose with this cornrow style because the zig-zag all-back style looks its best on full and thick hair. 

38. Zig Zag All Back Cornrows


39. Two-Steps All Back Cornrows With Natural Hair

Here is another hair for my guys who dislike extensions. You can still pull off a good-looking hairstyle with just your natural hair, and here’s one. 

40. Twin Criss Cross High Top Cornrow

This double crisscross cornrows gives off masculinity and strength in a creative way. I bet no guy will refuse this hair suggestion. 

41. Undercut Loose Cornrows With Frontal Individual Braids 

What other way can you adorn your crown, if not with an undercut loose cornrow? It’s easy to braid, and it is braided loosely, which makes it an excellent option for guys with fragile scalps. 

42. Simple Mini All-Back Cornrows

For guys with broad faces, mini and tiny weaves are the best fit. With the help of your stylist, you can try various mini cornrow styles.

43. Classy High Top All Back Cornrows

This hairstyle stands out in every way! From the intricate and neatly cut parting to the color blend of grey and brown, you will want to get to the salon immediately. 

44. Center Part Simple Cornrows

Here’s another fashionable way to wear your natural hair in cornrows and not bother about restyling for two to four weeks. The tiny braid patterns keep the hair from unraveling, making it a super protective style.

45. Half Up Half Down Fulani Cornrows With Beads

Beads, aside from functioning as a kind of accessory for beautifying hair, it is also used to secure the tips of plaited hair for it to last longer. 

46. Jumbo All Back Sunset Cornrows

These neatly braided cornrows extending to the back of the head give a distinct look. This combination of artistry and cultural flair gives the hairstyle a sophisticated edge, which is the preference for most men.

47. Double HighTop Heart Cornrows

Here is the hairstyle that makes you give your stylist an extra for his charges. At a close look, you can see that this is a carefully braided work of art. Once it’s done, you will only need to brush up once a week. 

48. Hat Cornrow With Mini Cross Weaves

Here is another hairstyle that requires a skillful stylist because of the detailed partings and braiding. This style is highly recommended if you are always busy. It needs no maintenance to stay good. 

49. All Back Cornrows And Cross Weaves

Instead of the regular all-back cornrow, you can spice things up by adding these mini crossweaves in between.

  1. Mini And Maxi High Top Cornrows

To multiply the number of cornrows on the crown of the head, you may want to combine small and large weaves for this enthralling look. 

51. Side Part Mini Cornrows

Here are small, tightly braided cornrows arranged along a carefully defined side part. This style creates a structured and well-groomed look which would benefit multiple occasions, from formal to casual.

52. Multiple High Top Hat Cornrow

What a creative piece this is! It looks just like the silhouette of a stylish hat. So much simplicity and style in one hairstyle. 

53. Freestyle High Top Cornrows With Rings

This is another cornrow style that seamlessly blends tradition with a touch of urban sophistication. The rings pop up the hairstyle for a classy appearance. 

54. Large Cornrows With Long Braids

Lengthy cornrows are attractive on guys. I bet any guy will look finer on lengthy cornrows, especially those with oval faces. 

55. Hat Cornrows With Green Colored Ends

For a more artificial look, here is the cornrow style with an added green extension. It’s colorful and will be suitable for students or any entertainment show. 


Are Cornrows Good For Men?

Cornrows look great on male folks, too. All that is required is the right hair length and texture, and you can wear any cornrow style you choose.

What Cornrow Braids Look Best on Men?

The cornrow style that looks best for any man is anyone that fits his face and haircut. For instance,  guys on a round cut would look great on crown cornrows, while guys on a low cut should go for regular cornrows. 

What Hair Type is Best For Cornrows?

For finer and long-lasting cornrows, the wavy and curly hair types are the best. Wavy and curly hair types can remain intact for a long time compared to the straight shape, which unravels quickly. 

There you have it…

With these styles we’ve shared, you can help your brother, husband, or any man in your life wear better cornrows. Most guys are too lazy to find cornrow styles and can stay stuck on a particular style for ages.

Well, that ends as our cornrow gallery provides several style ideas to last you for a whole year!

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