Faith Ojigbo

Hair Care


SEO copywriter specializing in content tailored for black people and black hairstyles. Certified in SEO and Inbound Marketing from HubSpot Academy. Featured in NetWerk for articles on career development, productivity, and goal setting, and published thought pieces on Medium.


As an SEO copywriter, I believe in the power of connecting with people on a human level through effective copy. My unique perspective is rooted in the idea that every piece of content should serve a purpose, whether it's to educate, inspire, persuade, or entertain. I aim to create content that not only informs but also resonates, motivates, and drives action. My philosophy is to be a conduit between ideas and the hearts and minds of the readers, fostering trust and engagement through the written word. In addition to my writing, I enjoy art & crafts, watching educational and inspirational clips, baking, and sharing my Christian beliefs. I'm embarking on a new venture by starting a Christian and lifestyle blog, where I will continue to inspire and connect with my audience.


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics from UNIZIK. Certifications in SEO and Inbound Marketing from HubSpot Academy. ## Publications - NetWerk: 7 Ways to Future-Proof Your Career - NetWerk: 10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity in the Workplace - NetWerk: 5 Ways to Set SMART Goals and Achieve Them - Medium: Mid-year Reflection - Unleashing Personal Growth Through My Writing Journey

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