How Do You Wrap a Headwrap or Turban with Dreads

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How Do You Wrap a Headwrap or Turban with Dreads

In wrapping your dreads with a headwrap or turban, the first consideration is the length and thickness of your dreadlocks. This is going to influence the size of the turban you’ll use. For example, if you have short love, you may need to use more than one head wrap to give it that full look.

Headwraps and turbans are handy for styling your dreads anytime. If you’re naturally creative, you can use them to express different vibes and feels as they also come in varieties of styles and colors. Beyond the looks, wrapping the locks can also prevent dirt and debris from entering the sebum, keeping your hair neat and attractive.

Generally speaking, wrapping your dreads with headwraps and turbans isn’t such a big deal, and this article will guide you step by step in achieving your desired look.

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How to Wrap a Headwrap or Turban with Dreads

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  • Maintain your locks by tying them or using a dreadlocks band or cap to secure them.
  • Take the headwrap or turban and fold it around to the top of the hair. The folded portion should rest on your forehead.
  • Place the cloth on your forehead and ensure that both ends are even. Then press down the cloth on your head. You can arrange it to look fine and smooth.
  • Cross the two ends at the back of your head, then pull and wrap the cloth while tucking both sides.

Preparing Your Dreadlock Before The Turban Wrap

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1. Dry your dreads

Do not wrap your dreads when it is wet. Doing so can cause your dread to rot, smell or give you moldy hair.

2. Tie up the dreads

Tying up your dreadlocks will ensure no locks stick out of your wrapped hair. For long dreads, you can let the dreadlock end to fall or arrange locks round and scattered a little. You can also dread a band or cap to secure your locks.

3. Choose the right cloth length

The cloth length will depend on the length of your hair and the style you want.  Most people use a yard of cloth for their turban or head wrap. The material you use for your headwrap depends on the weather. You can use a silk material when it’s hot and a soft cotton material when it’s cool or cold.

Types of Wrapping Style

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The wrap style depends on how you want your turban wrap to look. There are several ways to wrap your dreads, below are three styles you should try out:

1. The half-headlock wrap

The half lock is perfect for long headlocks but also looks suitable for short locks. Before placing the turban, you should arrange the locks separately on top of your head. Put the turban over the locks to cover the whole area.

Take one piece of the turban on one hand and the other piece and cross over the hair but leave a part at the front of the hair. Tuck the remaining pieces in the turban.

For the half-lock wrap, you can tilt the hair back to the side or curl the hair around to give your desired look. Do not tie the turban or wrap it too tight. You do not want those tensions on your edges.

2. The Nefertiti Style

To create this style, you need two wrap scarves. You can use a base cap or put your hair in a ponytail or a high bun pattern. The wrap should have a short and a long end. Place the short end at the front of your head and roll a little to the back for it to hold, then roll the long end over to the top of your hair.

Take another wrap and put it over your head. The wrap should also have a long and short end. Take the short end and roll it to the back, just the first pattern. Take the long end and roll it over to the top.

Manipulate the top and side of the turban to give you that desired look. You can tuck the remaining pieces into the turban.

3. The bow tie wrap

The bow tie wrap suits perfectly for both short and long locks. You can arrange the locks upwards or backward, depending on your preferred style. Place the wrap evenly behind your head and tie a knot.

Ensure that you shift the knot to the left or right side of your head, so the bow is on either side. Create a bow by taking a chunk of material in the right hand to the left side. Relax the left part on the small chunk to create a hole.

Take a small chunk from the left side through the hole created to form the bow. Expand the bow on either side and tuck the remaining pieces into the head wrap. Now you have a beautiful headwrap!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I wrap my dreadlocks before sleeping?

While this is optional, you should wrap your dreadlocks before sleeping. Wrapping your dreadlocks can prevent the hair from picking dirt and fuzz from the bed. The headwrap can protect the sebum, also called the scalp, and keep it healthy.
But when you wrap your dreadlocks at night, ensure that the head wrap is loose so your locks can move freely when you sleep. Moreover, Your wrapped locks can further help with the lock.

How do I tie a turban with a scarf?

Use a square scarf to tie a turban. The scarf material should be soft and silky. Fold the scarf to form a large triangle.
Place the center of the scarf on the back of your head and take the edges to the front. Tie the scarf into a knot on the top of your head and tuck in the tip of the formed triangle. Bring both sides of the scarf to the back of your head and tie another knot.
Tuck the remaining sides neatly under the scarf and adjust any loose or rough sides to give you that smooth look.

How do I Prevent Dreadlock Damage from Wrapping?

Wrapping your locks with a non-silk scarf can suck the moisture out of your hair. And without oil on the scalp, your hair becomes dry and brittle. Before wrapping, try to braid or arrange your dread, especially the edges.
Use a scarf that fits the weather in your environment. You can tie the scarf tight but not too tight to relieve tension. Go easy on those edges.

It’s Your Turn

Wrapping dreadlocks is a popular trend in society. Following these tips will help you maintain your long or short dreadlocks. So, what dreadlocks wrap style do you think will best suit your appearance and personality?

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