Dreads with Mohawk: What you Wish you Knew! [6 Top Tips & Tricks]

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Dreads with Mohawk

Let’s begin with a quick description. A mohawk hairstyle entails shaving off both sides of your hair while leaving a narrow strip of hair extending from the forefront to the back of your neck. The same pattern is usually employed when styling dreads, hence the name Mohawk’s dreads. 

Dreads with Mohawk

You probably have seen a few Mohawk dreadlock styles around but not be able to identify them by name. Or maybe you are thinking of changing your hairstyle to a Mohawk dread style, and you want to learn more about it.

Then, you are on the right track. This article will help you with useful tips on how to choose and maintain dreads with Mohawks. Let’s go on.

Brief History of Dreads with Mohawk 

History records that the Mohawk hairstyle is originally linked to the people of Mohawk also known as the Kanien’kehá:ka (translated as the “People of the Flint” ). The Mohawk people who are Northern American Indians spoken Iroquois languages since they were part of the Iroquois Confederacy

It is said that the Mohawk style was carved out for the Mohawk warriors. This warrior kept their community safe from the neighboring Algonquian-speaking nation who constantly warred against them.

Mohawk Styles 6

If we are to go by modern history, we would say the Mohawk style became popular because the airplane fighters of World War II chose Mohawk as their signature hairstyle.

Based on the radical appearance of Mohawk styles, it is perceived as a savage hairdo and is usually not deemed a gentleman’s style. However, this stereotypic mindset has gradually paved the way for an open-minded society.

More so, there has been an influx of appealing Mohawks styles for dreadlock keepers. With this variety, you can choose an appealing Mohawk style that best suits your face and personality.

Types of Mohawk Styles for Dreadlocks

In recent times, lots of Mohawks’ styles for dreads have been introduced. It might not take you so much time to select one that will suit you out of the many. So, here are a few Mohawk dread styles. 

1. Long Mohawk Dreads – Viking Style

Mohawk Styles

2. Twist Curl Mohawk Dread

Mohawk Styles 2

3. Spiky Mohawk Dread

Mohawk Styles 1

4. Punk Mohawk Dread

Mohawk Styles 3

5. Twist Cornrow Mohawk Dread

Mohawk Styles 4

Tips & Tricks to Maintain Dreads with Mohawk

Maintaining Mohawk dreads is no different from maintaining any other dread style. So here we have a few products we suggest you avoid and helpful tips to keep your dreads neat and attractive. Here they are;

1. Avoid using regular black hair gels 

While black hair gels might be used to make and maintain braids, particularly to keep the hair bonded together, it is not advisable for dreads. 

This is because consistent usage of most black gel products deposits product buildup in your hair which isn’t healthy for your scalp especially when you intend to be on dreads for months. However, there are special gel products that are deadlock friendly.

2. Avoid Waxy Hair Products

For those who are so careful about their facial looks, it is normal to pay close attention to your front edge, leading you to want to use waxy products like edge control. 

Well here is the thing, products containing wax agents aren’t good for your dreads. Just like black gels, waxy products such as the popular edge control also leave behind their fair share of product build-up.

3. Say No, to Shea Butter

Indeed, shea butter is highly recommended for skin maintenance and even for your natural hair. However, your dreadlocks do not need shea butter.

You don’t need to ask why, you already guessed the reason. Yes, it is still because of the hair-damaging product buildup. Now, don’t get me wrong. This is not to say that product buildup should not be seen anyway in your hair. 

Product buildup will settle in over time, so long as you use a hair product on your hair. However, using hair products like black gel, and such that contain wax, and a high percentage of shea butter would leave large portions of product buildup on the surface of your dreads.

Now, imagine seeing a chunk of black or white substance on the edges of your dreads or even on the locs. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to go on a date with that?

4. Use Sulfate free shampoo & conditioner

It is important to wash your dreads once in a while to keep your scalp clean. So, when getting a shampoo and conditioner, be careful to get one that is sulfate free.

While washing your dreads, if you happen to watch it yourself, take time to scrub your scalp to help watch off every residual product buildup. This will also make it easy for you to take off the dread when you want to. 

5. Try Apple Cider Vinegar detoxification

You rarely get to hear this, but it is recommended to detoxify your locks as well as your scalp to keep your hair healthy for longer periods. 

You could do this once per year yourself, or in a good hair salon. After this, dry up your deadlock properly to avoid stenchy odors and damping smells. On a more general note, you should dry your hair properly after bathing.

6. Wrap your hair before sleeping

You probably might have woken up one morning, only to see some particles on your dreads or hair. Well, those little things are called “lint”. 

Lint mostly comes from dust, fabric particles, or oily substances. To avoid seeing lint on your dreads in the morning, always cover your hair before going to bed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Pull off a Mohawk?

The trick to pulling off a Mohawk is to choose a Mohawk style or cut that matches your hair type, facial shape, and lifestyle. People generally take Mohawks to be a daring deadlock style to try out, but then mohawk hairstyles are versatile in modern times.

Do beards go with the Mohawks?

 If done properly, beards look excellent with practically any haircut, including Mohawk dreads. Growing a beard to complement your mohawk cut will give a sharp contrast to the incredibly short sides and will also assist in accommodating the length at the top.

It’s Your Turn

Dreads with Mohawk has gained societal acceptance in recent times. Following the tips recommended for you will help you maintain any Mohawk style you decide to pick. So, what Mohawk dread style do you think will best suit your face and personality?

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