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Welcome to Blacklightonline – a beacon for unity and empowerment born in a time of revolutionary change. Back in 1979, the gay movement was gaining momentum, fuelled by the spirit of Stonewall.

As the fight for equal rights intensified, Black Gay men and Lesbians found themselves in a unique position – merging the burgeoning gay political thought with their deeply rooted Black identity. As the inaugural National Gay March on Washington pulsated through the streets, the first Black Gay political groups were taking shape, giving rise to a new generation of resolute Black Gay activists.

Amid this remarkable fusion of social, cultural, and political dynamism, the concept of Blacklight came to life. In August of 1979, the inaugural issue of Blacklight, the first Black Gay publication in the nation’s capital, graced Washington, D.C., thanks to our founding editor, Sidney Brinkley. 

From 1979 through 1986, Blacklight diligently documented the inception of the Black Gay political movement, while also serving as a testament to the devastating dawn of the AIDS epidemic.

Since 2001, Blacklight has found a new home online, continuing our dedication to the Black Gay community. With the rich legacy of our print publications digitally archived, we persist in illuminating the stories and struggles of our community, propelling our fight for equality forward. 

So, join us at BlacksHome now, where we are committed to shining a light on the Black Gay experience, because these stories matter, and their voices deserve to be heard.

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