Why are Black People so Loud: Deciphering the Black “Energy”: Why We’re Louder!

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Why are Black People so Loud Deciphering the Black Energy Why We're Louder!

Several people have wondered and asked the question, “Why are black people so loud?

Well, the reason is not far-fetched! Das to say racism left a large crack in the wall, giving way for others to see blacks as loud, annoying, and inconsiderate. 

All these accusations are because we are humans who cope with every situation and pretend like it’s fine. But the moment we see other people, our attitudes and mannerism change from those of composed and organized young people. Even the language and voice tempo change.

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Black People so Loud

When referring to loudness and vocals, everyone can’t have the same vocals. While some have relatively smaller vocal cords, some have smaller lungs that restrict airflow. Wanting to know more about factors that determine vocals and how to improve vocals? Read on!

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The Science of Sound

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Sound is generally any vibration that can travel through the air. And as it travels, the waves move in sync with it and also get transported via air or water. Sound waves can’t be transported without a medium. 

Since a wave always moves with a medium, the energy that moves along with the transported wave per time through the medium is known as intensity. It measures the energy that moves along with sound and waves in a split second. 

These sounds are meaningless to humans until they pass through the outer ears and down to the inner ear to be amplified. However, the eardrum picks up the sounds through vibration, processes them, and sends them to the cochlea, where the nerves send them to the brain for processing.

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Factors That Contribute to Loudness

Sounds travel far, which makes it seem like black people are loud when they talk since they usually apply energy while talking. But several factors contribute to their loudness aside from energy.

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1. Physical Factors

As you speak and utter words from the mouth, the lungs receive and release air while allowing the chest wall to apply air pressure. Once the chest wall releases the pressure, it leaves the rib cage to generate sufficient air before the chest wall engages again. 

Therefore, when the lungs only utter low tones at the beginning, raising the voice could be a little difficult. But if the lungs pick a high tone, it will be easier to remain on that vocal.

2. Psychological Factors

Personality traits are a strong determinant of your vocals and pitch. However, some blacks aren’t comfortable with their vocals, which is an inborn trait otherwise known as hereditary.

Some people inherited loud vocals from their past generations. They particularly can’t help it unless they are intentional. While others took small vocals from their past generation likewise.

In addition, when you’re all happy and excited, the tendency to speak loudly is very high compared to when you are emotionally down.

3. Environmental Factors

Speaking of environmental factors deterring your vocals from being audible, factors such as noise pollution from big machines can hinder others from hearing you speak. 

An instance is a jobber at a brick factory. Such an industry uses noisy machines to produce bricks; chances are that such a person would always speak audibly. This may be a result of living in a noisy environment for a long time and becoming accustomed to the lifestyle.

Biological Differences

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A survey was conducted on eighty men. This survey was to detect the relationship between the men’s physique and the depth of their voices. After the survey was completed, the result read a relationship between physical features and the loudness of their voices.

a. The Size and Shape of the Vocal

People with heavy body mass tend to have low vocals. Tall people have a lower voice as a result of their long necks.

b. Lungs Capacity and Breathing Techniques

The size of the lungs in every human is different per person. Some people are naturally blessed with large lungs and so are loud talkers. Whereas some possess small lungs giving them a low-tone voice.

c. Differences in Hormone Level and Neurotransmitter

The transformation of a boy child into an adult will affect the sound of his voice. I.e., as our hormones change at every stage of our lives, it affects the quality of our voice. 

Personality Traits and Emotions 

Personality traits, or the kind of person we choose to be, affect our vocals. Some people are naturally outspoken, while others learn to be outspoken. Whichever way, the level of your confidence can alter the texture of your voice.

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1. Extroversion and Introversion

Introverted people find it difficult to focus on tasks, and even the slightest sound can distract them, while extroverted people are the opposite. Since introverts dislike noise, using a loud voice may be something they don’t wish to do. 

2. Assertiveness and Confidence

Being confident and assertive are great communication skills. The two features show that you respect yourself regardless. These features can help you develop a loud voice. 

3. Anxiety and Stress

During stressful periods, the muscle that controls your emotions becomes tender and weakened.

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How to Adjust Your Vocal Loudness

Adjusting your vocals depends on your confidence level, compartment level, knowing what you want to communicate, and serenity.

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Below is what to do to adjust your vocal volume.

1. Speak Louder Than Your Voice

Are you preparing for public speaking or a presentation that requires you to speak louder? Alright, here is a tip for you!

You’ve gotten too much confidence from your normal loudness, which has made speaking louder seem so strange. Well, since you need people to listen to your presentation without asking “what is that?” for the umpteenth time, do this.

Always speak louder than your normal volume; don’t feel shy about this, and do it repeatedly till you get used to it. When you feel you are being loud, go extra loud. It will help you stay consistently loud during your public speaking.

2. Stay Far From People and Speak

Staying in close range with people when having a conversation will only limit you to speaking in hushed and mumbling tones. This is often not too good for your public speaking development. 

Move farther away from people when conversing with them, it will enable you to force out your voice thereby building your confidence for public gatherings.

3. Sit Upright and Reposition

Most people find it difficult to speak loudly because they don’t have good posture. Nice, straight, and upright posture positively affects your vocal loudness.

For those who have bad posture or a hunched back, chances are that your bent posture will deter you from coming all out. To fully harness your vocals, ensure you’re standing or sitting upright while you speak out louder than you would normally do.

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Your Turn…

The loudness of your vocals is determined by factors such as physical ones like the size of your lungs and vocal cords, as well as hormone changes. 

In psychological terms, factors like your type of person, the level of your confidence, and your anxiety will determine if your voice comes out clear and loud. 

Lastly, environmental factors like noise pollution and cultural and social norms are the main determinants of the quality of your voice. 

Building your vocals is beneficial to strengthening your confidence level, whether at a social gathering, in a public place, or a noisy environment.

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